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OLD---I have been trying to think of how to make a card that represents a 'Dungeon'.
I am entertaining the idea of Enchantment - Dungeon for type - subtype.
Here's the kicker. If you want to give this a try I want the dungeons to be able to be attacked by creatures in Bands so they would need to have a toughness.

If this is something you would like to do I would love to see what you come up with. ---OLD

NEW---Since this is under, "Just for Fun Contest" Maybe I should make this the Contest.

What is a Dungeon Card?

1. We are trying to decide what a Dungeon Card should be.
2. Entries can be examples of what you think a good Dungeon is
3. Entries will need an explanation on why you think your Dungeon card is the best fit for a MTG style play.
4. Four Entries, mine are not entries I just will leave them to help people decide.
5. I've never judged these so I don't know how one decides who wins. I worry people have multiple accounts and could do favorites by cheating....I'll announce how winners are decided upon somehow before Halloween. I might have to have winners based on favorites in the end.

I started another contest with a cut off date on 10/30/2018 so to make it easy on me I will do the same for this. Cut off date 10/30/2018.---NEW

All mine are only examples, but you can make your Dungeon anyway you think your dungeon should be.


  • I made this one, but I actually think it isn't quite right.
  • image

    I worked on this one today. I like this one better.
  • It would make a lot more sense to make the dungeon a creature type. Then add thematic abilities.

    As is, I just don't see the point of making the rules more contrived.
  • Hmm. I will make a few creature ones.
  • image
    Okay I agree. This does make more sense. Let me know if this is a good standard.
  • @Hinges
    I'd recommend removing banding. Hence you might as well just write hexproof and defender.
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    @Hinges Still can be killed by Glaring Spotlight + Murder, for example.

    Murderable dungeon, lol.
  • I want to agree very strongly with both of you. But I want to keep banding so much. The banding mechanic is awesome in my mind because it is like a party of cards have to get together to defeat a dungeon. Banding is so underused as well that even if they brought it back heavy people still might never want to use it. A card like this would make the idea of banding like a mini game with a match. It isn't practical it's just a fanboy wish.

    Anywho I re-did 7 Portals as a creature:

    For the above mentioned reasons is why I wanted to make Dungeons Enchantments at first. Enchantments with power and toughness but not a creature. That way attacking bands can take damage and then need to defeat the toughness of the dungeon to kill it.

    Another thought is to make it a land.
    Another thought is to make a new card base type all together. Type Dungeon.
    Another thought....I have to remeber... oh, maybe Dungeons can be multiple card types? Enchantments, Creatures, Lands, not just one card type. I think having it be a creature makes since along the line that there are Creature-Walls, so just being a creature might be the best fit.
  • Another thought. I wonder if it should be Shroud instead of Hexproof?
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    Here is a condensed explination of what a dungeon could be. I hope it still makes sense. I gave it shroud so .....

  • image

    Here is another concept of a Dungeon. this one for green.
  • @Hinges
    Banding may be thematic in name. But it is detrimental mechanically.

    If you want people to treat your cards seriously, you can't use a mechanic just because you want it or like the name. A perfect example of this is how I deleted our favorite planeswalker we made because of bad community feedback.
  • I don't get it. A planeswaker was deleted because of bad feed back? What was on it? I also don't follow what you mean by banding being thematic. Like these have too much of a theme?

    I was going for dungeons being something only creatures in Bands could destroy. Is this bad? I'm kinda new to all this. This is in fact my first ...um..thread I guess. Not just thread on this site, this is my first thread I have ever made. I hope I didn't do something wrong.
  • @Hinges
    I'm not trying to offend you. You didn't do anything wrong. I just wanted to make sure your mechanics had the highest chance of being popular on the site.

    I realize now that I worded my comment badly and would like to clarify better. But I'll post it in list format this time so that my writing doesn't feel oppressive.

    1) Banding is too confusing for even high level players for nearly no benefit according to WotC.
    2) I deleted a planeswalker because people felt it was off the color pie and felt their opinion mattered more.
    3) I think you could write a new rule similar to how planeswalkers work. Otherwise, the only option is to make them planeswalkers which would be weird.
  • Agreed, I think I do anyway. Thank you very much for clarifying. I do know banding has a bad rep, and rightly so. I agree with banding being a bad ability. I also agree these might need to be a card with mechanics like a planeswaker. At least I did. I was thinking about creature-wall.
    Walls are creatures, kind of strange that they are but they are. because walls are creatures I think dungeons could pull this off if dungeons were real. In my mind they wouldn't play well with cards already printed but something new for a new set of cards. That set would bring banding back and give bonus' to creatures that form a band. I had a mock token to help what banding did. I'll show it tho it is wrong. You will see, i'll post it now.


    I know this isn't how banding works. If it did this token would represent the attacking or blocking band. When damage is dealt to the band token it would be paid in bulk to creatures in the band decided by the bands owner. I think something like this could help simplify how banding worked.

    I was only thinking about all of this because it wasn't long ago they defined what it means, so if they wanted to re-define it they could. Right now it still is just as obscure as it ever was.

    Moving forward I think I will keep making dungeons as creatures unless the thread gives more feedback and more agree that they shouldn't be creatures but something else entirely. I would be okay with that. As of now I think a creature still makes the most sense. Not a majority rules kind of thing, but opinions from the fans help and I didn't even know the best fit when I started playing with the idea.

    Has anyone else ever make a dungeon card before I even started this thread?
  • I've only thought of making them as artifacts before this.
  • The season contest on traps was all new to me. I didn't know traps were real but that got my mind thinking about dungeons lol.
  • Here is one more. This would be a blue concept of a creature - dungeon.


    If I make any more I'll try an Artifact - Dungeon
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    I added more details on this contest at the top. Sorry for the sloppy start, I needed to hash out how to even do this contest.
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    You should probably start a separate contest once you determine what the rules and goals are. Then leave this as a thread to post some cards for the time being.
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    Edit: Did you make a typo with the date, it lasts for over 5 months.
  • If that's allowed? If not I didn't know contests had to be shorter.
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    It's not disallowed. It's just not popular among participants for contests specifically.
  • I hope this will be popular, but only time will tell. This is my first ever contest, so I'm not expecting much. The reason I made it wasn't necessarily for popularity but I really really liked the idea of dungeon cards and wanted to see what was thought up.
  • What if you did a land and had counters for life and allowed it to be attacked but not attack. And then it has some other abilities that it could activate, and I was thinking, it'd be hard, but make it double sided so when it would be defeated
  • Land would be a neat idea. Flipping also would be cool. Would one side show the dungeon and then the flip side show it in ruins?
  • That or like a boss.
  • LOL I was thinking of that too. I want this, but I need to make banding work. What do you think of something like this to explain banding.

  • I was actually thinking of a mechanic like this:
    Dungeon (This Land enters the battlefield with the number of Room counters listed on it. When this card is played, your opponent chooses 4 of their creatures to defeat the Dungeon. Those 4 are considered put of play until the Dungeon is defeated. Whenever a creature attacks this Dungeon, it loses one Room counter for each creature that is not blocked. When it loses all Room counters, flip it over. All creatures this Dungeon makes can attack the turn they are played)
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