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  • Favorited your card @Shadow29870!
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    Danke schoen lad. Also, is there a chat system here? Just incase you ever wanna chat with me or visa versa.
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    I've been coming up with an idea to keep this Daily Challenge thing going. Playing around with the idea for a while now. I think i will give it a try.

    The first person to post each day on here picks the challenge for the day, provides an example card, judges the entries the following day, and presents the prizes. Basically, whomever wants to be me, does so. Unless I beat ya to the job.
  • Hmmm. Sounds interesting. Work getting more of your free time @jpastor?
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    Nah, i still have time to do this, but not enough people jumping in.

    Tuesday, June 12, 2018
    Create a Squirrel creature card.
    Rewards: One fave for every entry you beat.
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    Question. If I made a post for yesterdays, just cause, you think I could decide on... tomorrows probably? The 14th's? As today is almost over here.
  • Also!!! Maybe (if you aren't them) maybe talk to the main runners of this site. It would help immensely if there was a daily challenge button on the cardsmith site main screen.
  • @Corwinnn thoughts on what shadow just suggested?
  • @jpastor

    Heya. Apparently I won't be here tomorrow but, I do have a suggestion for the next Challenger. 'Create a phyrexian artifact creature based on one of the 5 praetors'

    Example: image
  • Done buddy, tomorrow is yours
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    Alright. Just uh... As I said, I won't be here, so you got the judging or should someone be picked?
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    Wednesday, June 13 - Saturday, June 16
    Challenge: Create a Phyrexian artifact creature based on one of the 5 Praetors.
    Rewards: ?
    Created & Judged by: @Shadow29870
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    I just double checked and apparently I'll be gone for three days, starting tomorrow. So... I won't be here to judge, unless you make this challenge prolonged to get more entries and to give time for them to think of putting these on the main page. If I had to suggest a replacment judge, either you or sorinjace would do.

    Also, prizes... we could do default of 4 favorites of choice and one extra for each person past four beaten.
  • @Shadow29870 I am groot? :P

    I will be back with a Phyrexian for you asap. thank you so much for mentioning me. :)

    @jpastor I will post my 5 favorites to you, I can't remember if its for the daily or the mystery box challenge. *sigh*

    be back soon in a few minutes!
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    One new shiny version of the blue praetor, coming right up!

  • @sorinjace

    Of course, hehe. Also, YES! It's lovely!!! No Sheoldred, but it works.
  • @jpastor @Shadow29870
    It's an interesting concept! We've got a few things on the burner, but I know we'll give it some thought!
  • @Corwinn

    Alrighty! I know I've submitted, via email and thread, a few ideas without reply so... I understand you guys have plenty to do. Just take your time to do it well. Haste is never the way. (Cough cough red cough cough)
  • @sorinjace

    Due to lack of people, you may have won this lad. Just an fyi. :P
  • I'm sorry I haven't been playing daily challenge this week. I'll play next round.
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