Monthly Challenge (Closed)

What this is
- Each month there will be 1 random challenge, plus a themed challenge or two.
- Spotlight friendly.
- You can always spotlight a card as an entry. If a spotlighted card wins, you also win.

- Unlimited Entries
- Editing Aloud
- New cards only

- Winner gets 1 favorite for each entry he or she beat in that option + many additional random prizes.
- Each day, I will pick the best card submitted. That entrant gets a bonus prize


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    April Challenges

    Deadline is April 29th at 11:59 PM

    Option A - Create a nonbasic land that adds only type of colores mana to your mana pool. For exampleimage

    Option B - April Fools: Create a creature that transforms from something cute into something horrific. Post both cards side by side. Double prizes for this option.

  • Option A
    @destoyer153's entry:

    Option A
    @bnew07's entry:
  • image

    April Monthly Challenge - Option A
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    Updated prizes: Whenever you submit a card, you have a 50/50 shot at a mystery prize
  • image

    EDIT: modified mana ability to ensure the card wasn’t strictly better than a basic land
  • @Corwinnn my other challenges are unique and popular. My monthly challenges are not. Starting next month, can we make this discussion a recurring monthly Circuit Challenge?
  • @bnew07 wins.
    Be sure and check out the new prize setting for this challenge. Also, I will start a Ciruit Challenge for May tomorrow. Hopefully the monthly challenge will be a recurring circuit challenge from here on. If not, I will continue this contest.
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