Scramble for Africa/ Plane of Kibumara Ideas

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In my History class I'm learning about the scramble for Africa and I thought it would be cool set idea.

All I have right now is some mechanics and Ideas

Mechanics (Not all of them)
Mining: When triggered you get a Gold or Diamond token
Land Invasion: When triggered take control of opponent's land for turn
Colonization: When triggered you search your library for a card with equal or less converted mana cost as it

Something with the Congo River Basin

Mining of Gold and Diamonds
Other countries invading

If you have any ideas feel free to post them


  • Just gonna say it: Be careful with how you apply slavery, for two reasons. First off, it seems like it could be a potentially overpowered mechanic. Taking your opponents' stuff is always good. Secondly, slavery is considered a sensitive topic, especially the kind you're applying here. While historically accurate, you'll just wanna be careful.
  • Ok thanks I'll watch out for that
  • I'd just recommend not putting slavery into a set!
  • How about saying enthrallment
  • That's better, but I'd really recommend scraping the idea.

    Although, our stance on this won't change so we might not be useful.

    I think a cult is less bothersome though as that's been in MTG before.
  • Ok I can replace it with something else
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