Bringing Magic Back

edited April 2018 in Just for Fun Contests
Not the catchiest of titles but I a have been having a ton of fun trying to make under-powered cards relevant somehow. I don't even know if what I have come up with even does it. Let me give one example:


As you can see here, the targeted under-powered card is 'Rod of Ruin'. This one was easy compared to my favorite card of all time: Elven Fortress.

Elven Fortress is one of the most under-powered cards of all time. I didn't know this growing up and I loved the art work:

They had three kinds of art for this card but it was the redwood art that I loved and I remain a fan of to this day. Tho I have tried, I haven't figured out a good way to make Elven Fortress a usable card even when making up cards.

This is my second time ever making these kind of contests but I will try to make it leggitish:

1: Choose a *bad card* that you like.
2: Your card buffs the *bad card* to make it much better
3: Three entries only (just trying to make this seem like a real contest lol)
4: I will give a cut off date six months from now with judging um done judging on 10/30/2018

This is just for fun, but you will win a short story about your card written by me. Roughly 10 pages.
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