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    After Pele's discussion with Jaholion she heard some talking from the top floor of the mansion that the judge was staying at, so the obvious thing to do was climb up and listen to the conversation. It was the zombie looking girl Tourach talking to the judge about some kind of cult but the thing that stood out most is the merfolk that came out after it while the judge discussed an end to Tourach.

    As she was getting back to the tavern she saw more guards than usual, she needed to warn Tourach so she wrote a note.

    There's guards surrounding you. Be careful. Gaspar is planning something. Try to get out so we can talk.


    She folded the parchment up and tried to throw it to the door hoping a breeze would push it in.
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    Jaholion: Wake up, Pele! We better do this early before the good training grounds get taken. I spent most of my time in my study, so I don't know where you can get good training. Can you tell me where we can go? It has to be non-flammable, that's important.
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    Who new a tinkerer god and Chandra Nalaar's daughter (jk) could bond over ice cream and then become friends?
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    'Another task, finished. Or is it really...'

    The particular female lich wondered while was walking at a slow pace towards the lower level of the building why didn't he just end her life immediately.

    Or was it?

    'Great. I'm now officially be marked as the evil witch in this place. And I would later be burned down while is also being tied on a large wooden stick and...'

    The lich just rolled her eyes. Her whole body was even not a true living body. A combination of dead flesh, polished and held together by a dark sorcery. A mockery of nature. There were some minor deviations here and there but of course those were could be easily overlooked as some sort of genetic deformity.

    She had it worse anyway, once upon a time, in a faraway land.

    There was also almost no feeling left in that false body of her. No pain, no fear, no remorse, no guilt... but only almost.

    She still had her soul after all. Or most of it, to be precise.

    -- || --

    "Can I ask about what your mission is?" The lich glanced at one of the guard. She noticed that the armor also had some sort of runic patterns engraved on it.

    'New toys eh? Probably a sort of protection from the magic that are running rampant against them lately.'

    The lich only smirked sarcastically. And the street was also still busy due to the high number of the people.

    "We will going to oversee you over the course of the tournament. And the rest is for the ears of us only, a.k.a. secret. Oh, and please don't try to use your magic to us, or there will be consequences."

    Stated the armored and helmeted guard with a rough voice. She could say that that one was already a seasoned one.

    'Doesn't really matter right now.' She really wanted to do the sighing, but her lack of most of the inner organs of her undead body prevented her to do it. In the end she just stared wearily at the street instead.

    Arrived at the tavern, she saw some more guards with the runic-pattern armor were stationed around it.

    "For the time being, do not leave the tavern until the judge decided so. And our agent shall provide the acceptable provisions if you needeed it. Do you understand?"

    The lich chose to just nodded at her jailer.

    Finally they arrived inside the tavern.

    "Good. Now just do whatever you're going to do." Commanded the guard, then he and his companions left her and opted to do their patrolling duty inside the tavern.

    -- || --

    Unbeknownst to her, a particular black cat with purple eyes just dropped a parchment inside of her room on her desk. Then it also promptly left.

    -- || --

    Arrived at her room, she just decided to back on her meditation again.

    An undead didn't need to do the menial things of a normal human anyway. No body odors, no sense of fatigue, nothing.

    'Dead men have nothing to lose, for nothing else matters to them.' Pondered the female lich.


    'What is that?'

    She noticed a parchment she knew she didn't have it before was lying on the table.


    She just smiled tiredly after she read its content.

    'Do I even deserve a friend after all the things I've done?'

    She only stared at the bustling city outside that illuminated by numerous lampposts due to the start of the usual night cycle.

    'How long since the last time anyone asked me such... irrelevant but... what is this feeling anyway...'

    She closed her eyes for a moment. And smiled a genuine smile.

    And she finally opted to went downstairs and searched the person who sent the parchment to her.
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    She saw Tourach coming down the stairs and ran over to her and held out her hand.

    "Hello" Tourach said shaking her hand cautiously
    "Hi, I'm Pele" She replied "There is a merfolk thing coming after you and I want to help."
    "Okay then," She said "Aren't you a little young to be helping people?"
    "I can do whatever I want." She said.
    "Okay then."
    "Oh look at the time" She said "I have to get to training, we can talk later"
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    'Well that was... clumsy, to be honest.' The female lich could only smile after the depart of the young pyromancer who was supposed to be her friend after that moment and so on.

    Still, an attempt to really befriend someone without trying to turning that person into one that was not turned into her 'follower' was made.

    But still, a sense of solemnity was still lingering inside of her.

    'Maybe one day, just maybe, I can finally feel... to be truly alive again. Such a distant hope,

    still it is a hope nevertheless.'
  • Mettir is sneaking into the armory to find a sword
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    "Okay so training" She said "I know a place"

    After a little walking through the city they ended up at a fruit shop.
    "How are we going to train here?" Jaholion said
    "The shop is just the outside." She replied

    She went into the shop and handed the owner a gold coin and the owner opened a door
    Inside was a wet stone room that seemed pretty fireproof

    "Not the nicest place but it works." She said
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    he can use this to turn peoples thoughts against them.
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    that guard imagined a tiger... I gave him a tiger!
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    "I can get you your toxins but you need to bring me something" Pele said holding a checklist
    "What do you need?" Mettir said
    "I need 2 bottles of sea foam"
  • alrighty, that should be easy
  • Ding Mettir walks down to the ocean. he hears a faint whispering from the sea. he grumbles and scoops up some sea foam.
  • @kandra127 that is way too busted for the rarity assigned
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    "Alright, this is perfect, good job. Sorry for waking you up so early, I still have transdimensional portal lag from getting here.

    First of all, I can unfortunately never give you the skill of such construction to full extent. Only ethereals and those who are destined to become ethereals after death oops that's a secret can master the art fully.

    However, I can help you create such constructs from your fire.

    Excersise number 1: Create a fire blast. But instead of letting it lash onto the walls, hold it in mid air. "

    Pele launched a fireball, but she instinctively let it slip. The second time she tried, she froze it in place, but quickly dropped it because it inflicted pain to hold it. The third time, she held it there. The pain surged through her body. But then something unexpected happened. Pele stood high, and turned that pain into strength, holy strength. She held the fireball with ease.

    "Good. You are getting much better.

    Exercise number 2: Make it take the shape of a slug , and lower it to the ground"

    Puzzled by this remark, Pele tried to change the shape of her fire. But it would not budge. She tried again, but this time, she knew what to do. She fired many small fireballs, and held them in place in the shape needed. She watched them merge, and lowered the construct to the ground. It crawled on the floor. Pele couldn't help feeling a sense of accomplishment.

    "Wonderful. Splendid! You are learning fast. Now, try making something more complex"

    Pele knew immediately what to do. With a swoop, she made the shape of a crow. Somehow, creating a replica of Constable seemed the right thing to do. It turned out marvellous. It flew around the room, both our heroes gazing in wonder. And then, nothing.

    Pele woke up in her bed, Jaholion standing at her side. He was tending a burn on her right hand.

    "Your display was wonderful, even amazing, I would say. But you got a little carried away. Don't try to hold them for more than 5 minutes. You are a pyromage, but it turns out, even pyromages can pass out from extreme heat. But well done. Your burn should heal in about 2 days.

    Say, I may be asking for too much, but since I told you my tricks, can you try to teach me yours?"

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    "What do you mean tricks?" She asked
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    Oh, just things. Like, if you could help me create a construct that can shoot fire, I will be extremely grateful.
  • Gyar and its handler head to a currently unoccupied training field in the town, the wurm surfacing in the middle of the field. The young man stays back as the wurm practices its aboveground maneuvering, coiling, uncoiling, and even lunging at imaginary foes.
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    "I can help you with that, I have something"

    She got up and picked up her bag and started digging through it. After about a minute of searching she pulled out a circular disk with a red center

    "It's some kind of chip" She said "It gives a fire aura to the machine it's in but it might need a little work because I found it on the ground"
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    Oh, well that was... convenient. Thanks for the chip! I'll make a machine with it!
  • ok @doctorfro ill fix it. i meant to make it 1UG and have it be a rare
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    "Anything else you need?"
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    No, not really. I'd just be glad to train with you for a couple of days, gotta get in good shape. Otherwise, I don't need anything.
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    ( @pjbear2005 - That was quite a coincidence, don't you think? An artificer's disk on the ground of a port town? This is a made-up world of myths and fantasy, but some sense of logic wouldn't hurt at all. It's the belt which keeps everything together.

    If your character find important things, write about it beforehand. If they try to get some information from another person, make it look like they have a solid, progressive plan to get it. Coincidences happen, but too much is too much. )


    ( There's only three days left until May 1st. The knockout competition will begin on that day. So far 27 champions have registered for the tournament. If we do not get 5 more champions until the preliminary deadline, we have to forget about 32 champion's tournament and hold a 16 champion's tournament like originally planned. )
  • @TenebrisNemo If you don't want to kick too many champions and you don't get to 32, you don't need those exact numbers for a knockout tournament. Your bracket could look like this, It does mean that not everyone would be participating in the first round.
  • ( @barchae - The number of matches each champion would fight is different. Why would some other champions be favored and allowed to come into the game later when there are fewer champions left?

    It would be fairer if all champions start from the same line. )
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    @TenebrisNemo (That pjbear guy looks like he's still a kid. Probably also less than a high-schooler. Don't be so hard on him lol. Unless if he's not a kid of course.)
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