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  • But my shadow's the only one that walks beside me.
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  • @TenebrisNemo Sorry if this is a bit pedantic of me, but I just realised Lobbernot has a converted mana cost of 0, and the contest says 1-3. Also, I would just like to know seeing as I missed this contest when the next one is. I am not being impatient, just wondering!
  • @Jonteman93 Unless the shadows are waiting for their friend's matches.
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    ( @shadow123 & @Everybody_else - Yeah. Sorry about my absence, once again. This time the reason was that I got some new games with friends, and we've played them together these past few days. But worry not, I have not forgotten about this little tournament!

    @AxNoodle - Correct. Actually I had no problems with Lobberknot having 0 mana, and I think it was fine for everyone else as well. The rules say that CMC had to be 1-3 because I didn't expect anyone to create a champion with 0 CMC.

    I am not sure when the next tournament starts. We will only know for sure when this one ends, but I'm afraid to say that it will still take a while before we have the 17th champion. )
  • I mean I've been playing god of war, far cry 5, Detroit become human, and many more, I hardly have time for anything anymore. Let alone running a whole tournament. Congratulations on having the ability to do this at all.
  • @TenebrisNemo No worries, this is a lot to maintain.
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    ( @Bobman111 & @shadow123 - Thank you. I will hold Sylva's, Nya's, and other champions' matches as soon as possible.

    Meanwhile you could interact with other characters or the world around Eternstor with your champions. There has been a lot of sparring, but most of your champions are living beings, who also require time to relax. It would be interesting to know things about their personalities, motives, plans, schemes, and/or traits outside their training days. )
  • ( @TenebrisNemo: I'll write a piece where Vir interacts with someone. But, till then he walks aloooooooone...)
  • While in the belly of the beast, Mariko had an epiphany...


    Trying to be a hero for others only works if you can first be a hero to yourself.

    image image

    ...And so she set out on her path back home, vanquished but not conquered, her destiny unfolding before her.
  • ( @Corwinnn: Mariiiiiko waaaalks aloooooooooooooone...)
  • ( @Corwinnn: I blame @TenebrisNemo for getting it stuck in my head )
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    Tai was tired from training and sparring. She wanted to relax. Tai quickly opened her window and stared down from her windowsill. There were people and other beings roaming around. Tai sighed.

    I'm bored, why not cause some mischief?

    Tai took out her flute, this time not to slash at someone, not to stuff powder in it, but just play a song. Tai played a faerie sleeping song. As the music touched people's ears, they became drowsy. The whole plaza was quiet, still, and relaxing.

    Tai fluttered down to the courtyard and sat in her favorite part. It was shady with beams of sunlight trickling through the forest canopy. As the whole city was quiet, Tai fell asleep as well.
  • ( @shadow123 - Putting the whole population of a busy port town to sleep during the day is more catastrophic than it may seem at first. And currently your champions are not powerful enough to influence an entire city. Let's pretend that Tai put nearby passers-by to sleep. )
  • ( @TenebrisNemo: as someone who's living on an island right now, I have to agree with you. )
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    @tenebrisnemo I changed it to plaza, so a small area. Thanks for the feedback! I won't be putting the city to sleep anytime soon!
  • Tai woke up and looked at the shadows. Three hours and twelve minutes had passed. The plaza, courtyard, tavern, and her friends were already awake.

    "Funny trick," Nya said to Tai sarcastically.

    "How did you know?"

    "You've done it to me before." Nya responded, "So, do you want to train?"

    "Not now," Tai said, "I feel like relaxing for a few days."

    Tai hurried back to her room and opened a small cabinet. Inside, there was a small wooden box. Tai whispered something and the lid slowly opened. There were two gems and a small sheet of paper. These were mysteries that had Tai wound up. She unfolded the sheet of paper and stared at it. It was still blank.

    "I'll never be able to solve this." Tai sighed.

    The sheet of paper suddenly slipped from her hand and fell on top of the gems. Tai looked at the paper again.

    It read:


    Tai's mind was racing. The? Where? Cavila?
  • As Tai's thoughts were all jumbled right now. She put the box away and went out for a stroll in the city. She found herself in a different plaza and she saw a blue cloak in one of the buildings. Tai went into the shop and waited for a table.

    "And what being might you be?" A lady asked.

    "Faerie," Tai said.

    "Oh! I've never seen one before except for a silver one fifteen years ago." the Lady said back, "My name's Ashala. what might your name be?"

    "Tai." the Faerie said.

    "Ah! I should have known. From the tournament, eh? that battle against Jazhara must have been a struggle.'

    "Yes," Tai said, "It was, but I was strong enough."

    "Come this way," the lady said.

    Tai glanced at the cloaked man and walked off.

    "This room is in honor of Cavila." the lady said while leading Tai to her table.

    Sadly, Tai wasn't listening. The cloaked man came into the room again. Tai tried not to think of him and ordered her food.

    "I'll take a croissant."

    The food was delicious. Tai needed to come back here some day. Tai stared out the window. The blue cloaked man was already across the street. She paid and left in a hurry.

    Tai finally caught up to the cloaked man and she then caught a look of his face. It was Vir. So much for the suspicions.

    "Vir!" Tai called out, "Where are you going?"

    (@KalamMekhar your turn.)
  • Nya sat in her room staring down at konus who lay by her feet sleeping. Maybe I should return to my people to make sure everything is okay. No. Not now, maybe after my first battle. She stood up and walked outside, the cool refreshing breeze blowing through the busy town. While walking she saw a couple familiar faces. The mysterious man was not one of them. She walked to the center square where she saw a bench. When she sat down she happened to glance over to the flower store. That gave her an idea. She began to move her hands and vines began to grow around the center fountain, making a gazebo. After it was complete she grew flowers on the vines. People stopped to admire the beautiful gazebo. She made more benches out of vines around the fountain and people began to sit down around it. The air was filled with the sweet smell of flowers. She left the gazebo and began to walk to the forest to get some personal time to contact her advisors in ravnica.
  • Eternstor seems to be sleeping anyway
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    Eleventh Match - Preparations

    Nya and Sylva woke up in their rooms before any other contestants during the morning after the tenth match. The young girls dressed up, took their equipment, and walked out from their rooms down the hallway and the stairs, which led to the tavern's dining hall. They woke up early, so they expected to meet Sir Killian at the front door, who usually came to wake everyone up during that time of the morning. But instead they saw a tournament guardsman walking to their direction right outside the tavern. He was bringing them a message.

    "Unexpected business have caused the tournament hosts to go to Salaxum. Your match will be held once they return."

    They did not know for sure why Gaspar, Eetu, Killian, Acyros, and Philibert had gone to the tournament's third arena. The contestants were advised to not go near the deserted town as long as the hosts are there.

    It has been many days since then. Nya, Sylva, and other contestants have awaited the hosts' return in Eternstor each day. They've trained for upcoming matches, gathered knowledge, and acquired new items which may prove useful in battles.

    Yet another morning sun rose in the ocean horizon. Contestants woke up within the tavern's guest rooms as usual. When many of them were eating breakfast within the dining hall, a familiar knight marched in. Sylva abandoned her warm soup on the table and ran to greet the returned tournament host.

    "Sir Killian! You're finally here!"

    The others turned their heads to look at the smiling knight, who waved at them. "That's right. It took longer than expected, but we can finally resume the games."

    "But," Sylva said while being slightly nervous. "What did you do in the deserted town? Will my match be held there?"

    Sir Killian nodded. His smile faded away as he knelt down to look Sylva straight into her eyes.

    "The eleventh match will be held in the ruins of Salaxum, that is correct. But I will explain to you what took us so long once we get there."

    Before anyone could say anything else, Sir Killian stood up and was heading to the door. "There is no time to lose. You and Nya should prepare yourselves. And I need to meet the city's mayor."

    And so, Sir Killian left the tavern in a hurry, and Sylva was standing still while clutching her dagger.

    ( @pakashara & @Bobman111 )

    After mere seconds, the dwarf's announcement was heard in the streets of Eternstor once again. "The match between Sylva the repairer and Nya of the Selesnya will be held at the deserted town in two hours!"
  • Eleventh Match - Beginning

    The midday sun could not be seen through the thick cover of grey clouds. Winds howled within the forest as Sir Killian, Nya, Konus, and Sylva walked along the dilapidated road that led to the deserted town. Both tournament contestants had a bad feeling about the upcoming match. Nya wanted to break the silence, so she turned her head to look at the tall knight.

    "Sir Killian, why did you and the other hosts go to the deserted town for a few days?"

    He glanced at Nya, who looked like an elf when she arrived to Eternstor for the first time. "Do you remember what happened during the match between Kift and Mettir?"

    "Yes. A shade attacked at the end of it."

    "The people of Eternstor haven't seen shades after the time when Salaxum was lost. Those were dark times. Darkness loomed in every corner of the land, ready to consume the light of those who would wander in shadows. Only the paladins of the kingdom's capital brought an end to it by 'purifying' this land during their pilgrimages. However, it is believed that the shades conquered Salaxum at the end of those times, and vanished into the town's nights forevermore."

    Sylva joined the conversation. "What do you mean by that?"

    "That the shades do not wander in Salaxum except during the nights. As long as the sun shines upon the deserted town, shades do not materialize within the streets."

    "The tormented shade was within the dark stone building, where Kift and Mettir fell," Konus said. "It protected the monster from the sun."

    "And judging by the weather..." Nya said as she glanced to the dark grey sky. "... The sun may not protect us when we are fighting on the streets and a shade decides to join the battle when it sees us from within a building."

    "That's why we traveled to the town for a few days and made sure it won't happen. We placed protective runes of Terdea around every building of the town. They prevent shades from going outside the buildings, and nothing more. They have no effect on living beings like us."

    Tiny raindrops began to fall from the sky when the foursome arrived to the central plaza of the deserted town. The other hosts and the tournament staff were on their usual positions. Civilians and some contestants were looking for a place to sit on the wooden stands. Sir Killian turned his head to look at Sylva and Nya.

    "Remember; fight as you like during the match, but do not enter any of the buildings. If one of you might fall into one, leave immediately... before the ancient shades find you."

    Both contestants nodded their heads, then they walked to their positions at the edge of the plaza. Konus, who was still in his wolf form, walked to sit on the ground next to a large guard at the corner of the healers' white tent. Sir Killian walked onto the podium, turned to look at the people who've arrived to watch the match, and began his usual speech which ended with the known saying.

    "... 'Our heroes will never die as long as we have faith in them!'"

    Almost every person on the wooden stands repeated the same saying. Then Sir Killian raised his right hand at Sylva's direction.

    "A carpenter girl who has a dream to become a captain of a skyship; Sylva Vran!"

    People cheered and clapped for the young, human contender. When the applause was over, Sir Killian raised his left hand at Nya's direction.

    "A human warrior, who is a future guild leader; Nya, Born of the Leaves!"

    The audience performed another thunderous ovation for the other contestant. After that, Sir Killian turned to look at both contestants and raised his both hands towards them.

    "Let the eleventh match begin!"
  • Oh man I'm on the edge of my seat! @Bobman111 Good luck!
  • @pakashara best of luck to you as well
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