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    I believe that these stories will take speed after they have left Lisakdonia.
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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 16: The last day, part 2

    The audience turned silent and as the conductor moved to a rather an orchestra beneath the scene. The orchestra began to play a calm song as the curtains began to move aside. The scene was empty except for one middle aged woman wearing a gold and red dress of magnificent standard a slightly younger man who wore a royal black costume. They stood towards the audience at a slight angle with both wearing a cape slightly outwards. The man’s cape bore the emblem of Friyena while the woman’s cape bore Lisakdonia’s coat of arms. They both bowed slightly towards the audience and then towards each other to reveal the capes better. The man then walked back in unison with three drum sounds as he rose out his left arm while moving his right arm forward. On the third step he began to sing with an opera’s stature and tone. “Tir karvusol tenor tir caerhan kavidia!”
    The woman moves forward towards the man with three steps as another set of three drum sounds. “Av lys erien! Lys vida tir caerhan!

    After the first song was over the man moved out of stage as some staff members removed a screen at the back revealing a wall with a painted coast. The woman moved back closer to the wall as a ship looking model was being seemingly pushed out onto the scene. On the ship stood a couple of performers in old classic soldier armor and a princess performer. On the ship were banners of Akdonia. The orchestra began playing a calm song again. Then pirate performers attacked the ship and the music turned quicker with the singer singing faster as well. Soldier after soldier fell to the pirates until another ship with Lisienan soldiers came onto the scene. The music and song now became more hopeful as the newly arrived soldiers began to fight the pirates and finally win. Some of the captains began to raise their hands as they noticed the princess but a prince among them helped her up instead and led her onto his ship.

    The curtains began to cover up once again with the princess in the arms of the prince. After a minute or so the next song began and curtains opened up now revealing the interior of a castle. An old man was speaking with his son that was played by the male singer from earlier. The son was not happy. He swung his arm in anger before the king as he began to sing that he was disappointed in his father. He then left the scene. A few moments later the king was attacked by some covered up men and dragged out of the scene. Soon after a bed was being pushed onto the scene in which the king lied. The princess, now pregnant and the prince talked to the dying king while the son stood in a dark corner. The princess left the scene crying when the king dropped dead. The prince kissed the prince on his forehead before the son came in singing threatening while facing the prince. A group of soldiers came after and took away the prince. The son ended his line by ordering the soldiers to have the prince executed for murder.

    In the next scene and song the princess was crying over her bed and the son was there singing and pretending to care for her before he led her away. Outside of scene the woman screamed of pain. The scene thereafter the princess was lying in a bed stained with blood with nurses helping her. The son was singing as he entered the scene that the crown would soon be his. The nurses took out a baby looking doll from the bed between the princess’ legs. The son apologized to his sister before he walked out of scene with a smile. The nurses then later took out another doll now to the sound of a crying baby. The scene ended and in the next scene the son was sitting on a throne and about to be crowned. The son was singing in pleasure on his throne surrounded by his followers but he then became interrupted by another male singer. Onto the scene came a bunch of soldiers and a singing captain that told about the newly born child and the princess’ order to have the son executed.

    The next songs represented other historic moments of Lisakdonia. One song began not with any of the opera singers but another female singer that had a more gentle voice. She was dressed as a princess and was sitting in a garden smelling the flowers. Then multiple people began to shout from outside the scene and the princess decided to hide. The female opera singer appeared beside her and took over the singing. The male singer then appeared dressed as Sir Pavyel followed by performers playing the royal family. The singer led the family to a door but they were unable to open it. Soldiers began to surround the royal family and two guards. Then by order they executed them as the female singer was singing beside them. The male singer looked through the bodies and noticed that the princess was not there. He cried out in song and anger. Find the princess or we will have failed. The soldiers moved out of the scene and he followed soon after. The princess was sitting in her hiding place unknowing about what had happened. Then an unknown soldier appeared at the scene. He was looking for something and then he found her. He tried to take her with him but she refused. After a little while he managed to persuade her and they fled out of the scene to the singer’s song.

    In the next scene the location was a completely different. The soldier was sitting before the princess trying to offer his loyalty and service but she refused. The soldier tried to convince her but she was adamant in her fear and sadness over losing her family. The soldier gave up and walked away to a shrine further away. He sat down and prayed. After some time the female singer appeared now dressed like Friyena. She sang to the soldier who remained on his knees. She then took out a sword and gave it to him. He accepted the sword and she disappeared. The soldier now knighted took down a banner with Friyena’s symbol from the wall and went outside the scene. The following scene illustrated him fighting soldiers and hiring new knights that followed him like a wildfire. The last scene he appeared towards a large amount of soldiers. He raised the sword in his hands and it began to glow. It was slightly obvious that the large flame was mainly caused by some oil since it did not last very long and had a green root at the blade. More than half of the soldiers turned side. After the battle Reynold’s performer met and dueled Sir Payvel’s. A battle which he won.

    The next song was about the Margeficus’ attack upon Crastine. The dragon was represented with a large wooden model that spewed flames. The dragon defeated many soldiers and knights until the second commander sacrificed his life to give time for the civilians. Soon after the female singer appeared again as Friyena. She sung towards the dragon with spear in her hand. The dragon responded with the voice of both male singers. The dragon seemed to be impossible to beat until the female singer took up a half spear and sang out while holding it high. White lightning appeared and she threw the spear at the dragon that crumbled and disappeared behind the scene.
    The following song represented Lalden being attacked by Stelladora. As Lalden began to lose, an army of Lisakdonia appeared to the sound of cheers from the audience and pushed the Stelladorans back. The song continued with how the Lisakdonians win battle after battle with the Stelladorans before reaching Grailline and Zeislanta were they demand the longed for peace. The performers cheered in victory as the curtains closed and the orchestra began playing a slow and somewhat scary song before the curtains moved aside again.
  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 16: The last day, part 3

    When the curtains was being moved aside for the next song the wall in the back reveal a night sky but with a black sun. The song was now much colder and scarier. The female and male singers were standing on the scene now singing with fear as figures began to move around them. The figures were performers covered in black cloths that behaved like mindless monsters. A couple of soldiers appeared and managed to defend the singers from the monsters but many of the soldiers fell before they managed to retreat. The scenes revealed the difficulty that the soldiers had to defeat the monsters. The knights appeared as heroes as they slayed monster after monster but not without problems. The music became faster and faster together with the singing. Then the music and song stopped and a new large black clothed figure appeared on scene to the whispers “Septhis”.

    The many knights attacked Septhis but they were easily defeated. The music began very mildly as well as the singers. Then the music and singers raiser their volumes as white light covered the scene and Friyena’s performer appeared. She fought against Septhis but she appeared to lose so the knights that had retreated charged again towards Septhis, fighting together with Friyena. After a tough fight, Friyena thrust her spear through Septhis. Septhis fell and the other monster ran away to the cheers of the knights.

    The curtains began to cover the scene again before it revealed the next scene were the sun was back at the background. All of the performers now stood on scene. The singers began to sing with the music followed by the others. They sang a celebrating song named. “Lys avien non Miviniar”. Dawn of Miviniar, the day of freedom, safety, hope and all that is good. The day when the evil Septhis has perished and the world can live in peace without fear of the abyssal monsters anymore. Antonio poked Basil slightly. “That is what we fight for.” After the song and music had ended the performers and the orchestra stood up and bowed to the audience’s applauds. When the applauds ended the girl that had played princess Julia walked to the front of the scene.

    Without any music she began to sing “Ren alvus.”. The other singers began to sing with her after the first piece and so did many of the knights in the audience with more and more following until almost everyone was singing. After the song both the performers and the audience bowed before they left the opera and went outside of the auditorium. Out in the lobby before the closed door stood the receptionist and some other staff pointing everyone in a direction to a now opened door at the side. The door led to a short hallway that led into a large ball room. One side of the room was occupied with large long dining tables. The other part was an empty dance floor just in front of an empty scene that would soon be occupied with the musical instruments from the opera.
    While staff members carried in the instruments the guests were offered to sit down at the tables.

    Men to the left and women to the right. The eight did not have any trouble finding a place since they already had made partners. Since of the 800 or so knights, only around 200 were female. So most knights got to sit down with some daughter, sister or other female relative to some noble or higher ranked knight. “Lucky those guys. The noble daughters have rather soft hands compared to the knight girls” Magnus pointed out as he looked from Helen’s gloves over across the tables. “Soft hands? Look who speaks. If I recall correctly you was the coward that decided to leave your position in Migeran.” Helen said with a snide tone as she double checked her gloves. “I did not. I moved to get to a greater opportunity. It’s not a coward’s act if it leads to a greater opportunity.”. Magnus tried to sound proud and experienced as he tried to defend his own skin.

    “You keep saying that is if it would become a famous quote that people will follow in the future. If you want it to be famous then you better follow it yourself first Magnus.”

    Magnus sneered over the tables as he saw master Gorbeniac raising up from his chair “Oh it’s time for the toast. He said as he grabbed his glass.
    Master Gorbeniac hit his glass with the fork to get everyone’s attention. He began to make a joke that only the older knights and nobles seemed to understand as they chuckled to it.

    “My friends. I would like to wish you welcome but I don’t own the place so let me thank our dear queen Yiadelle for arranging this wonderful event. Now this is the last night most of you spend here in Crastine before you leave tomorrow for Lalden but know this. Even when everything turns dark and even if it feels hopeless, you are fighting for a good cause. You are fighting for peace and those that cannot fight for themselves. You will be the heroes when this turns to a tale that the children of Lalden tell each other at the campfire. But now I’m getting thirsty and hungry so everyone. Let’s enjoy this evening as if it was the last. For Lisakdonia, the queen and our goddess Friyena. Cheers! ” Almost everyone raised their glasses “For Lisakdonia, the queen and goddess Friyena!”

    An hour later. Janet was now sitting beside Basil, Antonio, Aelia, Alice and Rowan looking out on the dance floor where Magnus and Helen were dancing among a hundred other couples. Aelia was looking rather eager where she was sitting until she stood up and almost dragged Antonio from the chair. “Come now! Let’s show these east coasters how you dance in the west.” Both Basil and Janet laughed as it was quite obvious that Antonio was not a good dancer. Basil looked at Janet and opened his hand to her. She grabbed it with a smile and they went out on the dance floor. The got a good location and stopped. Basil put his left hand at Janet’s lower back and took her hand with his right. Janet instead took Basil’s right hand and put on her upper back before she put her right arm around his shoulder and her left hand beneath his arm. Janet began swinging with Basil slightly to the rhythm of the music. The swinging turned to rotations of their upper bodies before Basil took a short right step slightly back followed by the left and then forward again. He then moved his right leg forward beside Janet while pushing her with his right shoulder and pulling her with his left hand as he took a slight back right step with his left foot.

    “Basil you never told me you could dance.
    “I used to dance when I was young at the town festivals north of our home.
    “With Lily?” Basil did not answer but he nodded slightly. Janet pulled Basil tighter to her. She rested her head on his shoulder. Basil got Janet’s blonde hair in his face but he did not really mind. He let his chin rest on her head. Her hair smelled good and relaxing. Antonio shouted something but Basil did not listen. He wanted this moment in peace. He could feel Janet’s breath at his shoulder. Gentle and relax breathing. Antonio seemed to joyfully laugh before he walked away. The world around them became irrelevant almost nonexistent for Basil. He let his body move as his mind relaxed as it had not done in years. He did not know if time went faster or slower than usual. It felt strange to be so close to someone. It felt as if Janet was so close that she was inside him, a part of him. He did not really know what to feel or think but he knew that he wanted this moment to last. Her breath on his shoulder. Her hair under his nose. Her heartbeat close to his.
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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 16: The last day, part 4/4

    The evening was closing in towards midnight and the guest had begun to leave the event after giving their thanks to the staff. Alice, Rowan, Magnus and Helen had already left a while before. Antonio and Aelia were cracking jokes from their home as the group walked out of the opera house and down the street that was lit up by the white moon. Janet laughed with joy to their jokes as she had her left arm crossed with smiling Basil. The walk to the order’s barracks were not much longer than fifteen minutes but Janet and Basil instead decided to walk down to the harbor one last time. They wished Antonio and Aelia good night and then walked separated ways.

    Even though it was very late the harbor was not silent. A couple of ships were docked. Sailors and some soldiers were busy carrying all kinds of goods up on them. Boxes, barrels, some animals such as horses and much more. Aside from the that activity the harbor was very calm and silent. In the distance the Frejdan light house was burning and the structures of the islands could be seen from the lights. Basil and Janet sat down to watch out over the Fredjan sea that reflected the light from the moon like a silver pillar on its surface. Janet leaned onto Basil resting her head on his shoulder.

    “Tomorrow might be the last time we see Crastine and Lisakdonia, our home. This might be the last time we can sit here together.
    “It might be, yes.”
    ”I don’t want it to be that way. Basil. Let’s make a promise.”
    “A promise?”
    “Yes. Let’s make a promise that whatever happens in Lalden and Stelladora that we both make it out ok. That we both return to Crastine so that we can sit here together again.”
    Basil looked at Janet and out onto the sea. He then opened his arms and embraced Janet.
    “I Promise.”

    image image image

    The sun was rising over Crastine. The doors to the order’s stable opened and Antonio and Basil stepped out with their horses packaged with bags and other necessities. Their respectively cape was lying on top of the bag on their horses, a detailed they had been ordered to do. Rowan, Alice and Magnus came after with their horses equally packaged. They met Janet, Helen and their horses at the gates before they left to walk to the docks. The streets were filled with soldiers carrying their bags on their shoulders heading towards the harbor. Through the masses they met up with Andre and Leonard who joined them. “Where is that other red haired girl?” Rowan asked. “Aelia. She is a captain so she got a little special treatment.” Magnus said before he continued to speak to Andre and Leonard.

    The harbor was crowded with soldiers, civilians and others. The civilians wanted to say good bye to their loved ones before they left, maybe forever. The water outside of the harbor was full with ships as well as on docked to the harbor. The air was filled with the voices of crying families, sailors shouting and captains giving orders. “So which ship is our ship?” Janet asked. “Aelia said she had signed us all onto Phaeton III.” said Magnus. They walked further away until someone shouted. “Eyy! Magnus. Here!” It was Aelia that shouted from on top of a ship at the edge. The group began to move towards the ship between the busy soldiers and civilians. They wished Andre and Leonard good bye and good luck before they stepped up onto the bridge to Phaeton III. They led their horses down beneath deck to their intended location before they put their packages into their respectively room where four double beds had been mounted. It might not be like home but it is far better than what the ordinary soldiers got. They spent the rest of their time on deck playing a game with the sailors that went out to trap or knock out an opponent’s painted rocks with one own.

    More knights stepped up on the ship as time passed by, all being noted in a book before they could bring down their horses, if they had any. Ships had left and docked the harbour further down during the time but Phaeton remained together with a couple of other ships. The day turned to afternoon before a loud horn sounded off from somewhere. The sailors and some knights quickly got back to work. They raised the bridge to the dock and climbing up towards the sail but not releasing them until they had drifted away a good distance from the harbour. At a good distance they lowered one sail and later the others. They sailed towards the Frejdan islands were a bunch of other ships set out before them. In the lead were the two ships, The Altina and Vireden that carried the generals and commanders of the operation.
    General Nicholas Celsus was on the Atlina together with Caerellia, Jackhel, Decius and some others. General Sylvester Solum was on the other ship together with Lucius, Kaidon, Annia, some others and also an almost unknown commander by the name of Victor Qentimus.

    Basil looked back towards Crastine that they moved further away from. It became difficult to see Crastine as most of the hundred or so ships were between them and the city as the moved between the Fredjan islands. The very top of the palace was still visible as they moved out on open sea from Frejdan a long time later. Basil and the others looked towards Crastine as it disappeared beneath the horizon just before the sun settled. Now there is only open sea for almost two weeks before they arrive in Lalden.
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    Finally. We have left Lisakdonia behind us.

    I'm writing too much...

    Wanna guess who if anyone doesn't make it back?
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    Basil will die
  • Since act 3 is starting to get rather long I will split it up (again). So The story will consist of 5 acts instead.
    The 3 act will have two more chapters.
  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 17: Liberation, part 1

    A large burning ball of many flew through the afternoon sky before it slammed into a tower of Valdune. From behind the stone walls other burning ball was thrown back towards the besieging army. The air around the walls was filled with smoke and arrows from the Stelladoran soldiers on them and Lisakdonian & Laldenien soldiers beneath them. The Lisakdonian soldiers moved forward behind large wooden shields as they shot towards the Stelladorans to give room for another group of soldiers that moved under a defensive canopy towards the gate house. There they would attach vials of liquid frost which would weaken the iron enough to be breached.

    On a safe distance from the fighting were the majority of the besieging army, the commanders and knights waiting. Basil and the others had just received a bowl of soup on which they dined around a camp fire as they watched the soldiers approaching the gate house in the distance and the siege that continued to bombard the walls. The only ones except those responsible for the siege equipment that were active regarding the siege were a number of commanders and overseers. One of the commanders that seemed to command the main attack was standing with a couple of small flags. When the canopy came close enough to the gate the commander raised a flag upon which the soldiers began shooting more aggressively towards the Stelladorans on and around the gate house to give room for a few soldiers to run out of the canopy over the broken lowering bridge and to the gate with the vials and place them before breaking them. The men ran back to the cover to let the liquid freeze the iron for a couple of minutes. After the time had passed the commander raised another flag. Now a group of eight soldiers came running out of the canopy with an Iron reinforced straight towards the gate. The frozen gate broke by the impact leaving open access towards the inner gatehouse where there was another wooden door and gate hindering their access to the city.

    It would take another two hours before the second gate had been breached and the southern walls overtaken. The inner defenses of Valdune were defeated within an hour thereafter since knowledge of the city’s sub areas was at an advantage to the besieging army’s Laldeniens. Victory had been achieved and the city was liberated. The celebrations however were kept short almost nonexistent. The soldiers that had actively besieged the city were given rest while other groups of soldiers that had earlier been resting were ordered to clean up the bodies and take care of those that had been taken prisoners. The citizens of Valdune that dared to step outside greeted the Lisakdonian army and the Laldenien, many of whom lived in the city until it was taken over. The Laldeniens together with many of the soldiers were offered to spend the night in care of the citizens. Others that were not offered this were stationed either in tents outside of the city or in the barracks or public domains within. Many of the knights were given room in the various places but generally better places.

    The sun descended beneath the hills to the west and the sky turned dark. Basil, Antonio, Magnus and Rowan walked with a large group of other soldiers and a handful other knights. The Laldenien soldiers wanted to show how they spend their free time in Lalden. Most of the Laldenien common soldiers could not speak any of the Evieran languages so they mostly waved and shouted “Cabuk! Dienme!” to those further behind. Beside their lack of skill speaking any Evieran most of the Laldenien were easily recognized for their light brown skin tone than any Lisakdonian. There was a slight significant amount of light skinned and mixed Laldenien that had descended from Lisakdonian traders or soldiers. After a short while they arrived at a building that for any foreigner appeared to be a tavern. The Laldeniens rushed in laughing and the slower Lisakdonians followed.
    The building inside had a couple of tables and couches around the walls and in the center and opposite corner was a large wooden floor that was slightly higher than the floor around it. The Lisakdonians slightly confused went and sat down at the couches while the Laldeniens stood around the wooden floor and began shouting. “Ole monjo!” repeatedly in unison.

    After a while an angry old Laldenien walked out from a door at the back. She shouted angrily at the Laldeniens who kept shouting “Ole Monjo!” with happy smiles. After a short while the old woman shook her head and said something that Basil presumed meant “ok”. The Laldeniens jumped in joy as the woman stepped back into the door. After some time a couple of young women out into the large room. Most of them had the Laldenien light brown skin tone and two had slight lighter tones. All of them wore some kind of folk dress and either held a musical instrument or had bells or similar attached to their dress. The Laldenien soldiers cheered and then they either sat down on any free couch or directly on the floor. The women clapped their hand and the soldiers followed. They then made hand gestures to the Lisakdonians to also clap their hands. The women with instruments began to play and those without began dancing before some lead singer or they all sang. They sang what Basil assumed to be Laldenien folk songs so they had no possibility to understand what they sang about but it sounded happy so they followed with the mood.

    Antonio and Magnus showed great interest in the performance or what it could be called while Rowan seemed less interested. After a while one of the women gave a gesture like “come to me” to the soldiers. The Laldenien almost jumped up onto the scene to her carrying her up in their arms. They carried her so she could stand in their hands while moving around as she made a gesture to one of them to come up to her. The soldiers around the man of interest picked him up as he did a swing beside the woman before they lowered him and rose up another soldier. This soldier moved kind of danced with the woman before he was sent down. Another woman now stepped forward and gave a gesture to the Lisakdonians. Antonio, Magnus and a couple of others jumped up from their seat quicker than Basil could comprehend. Basil, Rowan and those that were still sitting continued to clap at least but one after one of them joined the dance.

    ”Join us Basil, Rowan! This is fun!” Antonio shouted as he was raised up beside the woman while giving her a swing which her holders responded to by swinging her. Basil laughed before he stood up and ran out onto the dance floor. Rowan remained alone at his seat as he continued to clap awkwardly. Another woman stepped forward and waved to the last Lisakdonians who all stepped out to join except Rowan and two others. The woman waved to them but they just shook their heads. Then out of the crowd came Antonio, Magnus and Basil and dragged Rowan out of his seat and raised him up as they walked to the now laughing woman. The woman gave a slight kiss on Rowan’s forehead before she waved to the other two who finally joined the dance. They danced until they could not carry on any longer.

    The four guys walked to their inn where they would sleep for the night. Rowan however did not join them and instead said good night as he walked to where the girls were. He would probably sleep with Alice tonight. Basil, Antonio and Magnus chuckled over it as they went inside and up to their room that they shared with three other knights. The three were exhausted from the dance so they fell asleep almost immediately as they jumped into bed still wearing most of their armor. They only slept without what they could put on themselves alone such as helmet, grieves and gauntlets.
  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 17: Liberation, part 2

    A bolt of thunder struck far in the distance. The rain was falling heavily over them. The winged woman that sat before him held a staff of some sort in her left hand and with her right hand she reached to his heart. Her hand began to glow with a divine and powerful light that sipped into to him. The darkness within him that had destroyed him withdrew deeper within. The light that entered what was left of his body and his soul gave him strength. Strength not only to withstand the darkness but to use it, control it.

    He was still crippled and his body cracked but no longer was he in pain. Regardless of the winged woman’s power she was unable to give him back what he once had lost. Another bolt of lightning struck, closer this time. He watched on his broken hands before him. He felt the wet rain and the cold air touching his bare body. His mind except for one thought, one purpose was completely numbed by everything that just had happened and was happening. He looked upon the woman that had saved him. She was far beyond anything human and contained powers to form the very world itself. The woman struck her hand over his face and then she took out a small stone, like a gem from her staff. The stone formed within her hands to a mask. He took the mask which she reached to him. He held it in his hands as he looked on it. It seemed to be a mask of illusion. A mask to hide beneath. A fitting mask for him and what he was. Before he put it on he asked the woman. “Who are you?” Another strike of thunder burst in the distance.

    ”Everyone wake up!”

    Basil woke up together with the other six instantly. They quickly put on the equipment, their swords and shield before they ran out. “Are we being attacked!?” Magnus shouted to the soldier that had woken them up. The soldier did probably not hear him as he ran out again followed by the knights. A large number of houses were burning to the north, east but also in the south. Soldiers, both Lisakdonian and Laldenien were running in all directions. A group of Laldenien soldiers following their captain came running past the building. “Elnir alomniuhn osh arahan fa Valdune!” shouted the captain. “What is going on?” said Magnus.
    “They are trying to burn down the city! Hurry!” The captain shouted in an almost broken Evieran. The Laldeniens disappeared behind the corner. Magnus turned to Basil, Antonio and the others. “Antonio, Basil. Could you ran and see how the girls are doing. Help them if necessary. You three, follow me. We need to assist the soldiers save the city. Now go!”

    Magnus and the three knights ran off towards the north. Basil and Antonio ran south towards the girls and the southern stables. They did not run for long before they saw someone. It was a man with a torch and a pouch with what appeared to be bottles. He took out a bottle and lit it on fire before he tossed it into a building. Flames began to burst out of the windows before civilians ran out of the door. “Eyy! You! Stop! Antonio shouted in anger as they ran towards the man. The man panicked and took out another bottle which he put on fire and threw towards Basil and Antonio. Antonio grabbed the bottle and threw it back at the man. It hit him covering him in flames and seconds later the bottles exploded in an inferno. Basil and Antonio had no choice but to run around the buildings to get to the other side.

    Civilians and soldiers were running either trying to find somewhere safe to hide or trying to put the fires. Basil and Antonio ran through a road where a battle between Laldeniens and Stelladorans was held. The Laldeniens were at a great disadvantage as Stelladorans began to surround them. Basil and Antonio ran in to assist the soldiers but Stelladorans had started do appear and shoot them from top of buildings. The Laldeniens tried to escape but the Stelladorans were too many. One of the Stelladorans on the roofs were shot by an arrow and fell down. A horn sounded and a bunch of knights on horses with general Caerellia in the lead. They charged straight into the Stelladorans who broken and began to flee. Caerellia shouted orders to both the knights and the Laldeniens who began to chase down the escaping soldiers. Basil and Antonio broke free from the chaos and continued to run towards the stable.

    As they came closer they realized that the stable was on fire. The horses were panicking inside but a few people were already there trying to release them before it was too late. “Basil, Antonio! Help! It was Janet that shouted. Basil and Antonio ran and helped them release the horses. They managed to save all of them. A few had their mane burned and were running away terrified until they stopped further away. Janet held her grey horse trying to calm it down. ”Where are the others?” Antonio said to her. “I don’t know. Me, Alice, Helen and Rowan tried to run here but we got separated as a building collapsed between us. I had to continue to run when the Stelladoran soldiers appeared.” Janet said. “Then we must find them as quickly as possible! Antonio said. Basil and Janet agreed. After they had calmed their horses they mounted them and rode off towards where Janet had been separated from the others.

    As they rode through Valdune it seemed as the Lisakdonian-Laldenien forces had begun to take control over the chaotic situation somewhat. A huge number of buildings were still on fire but the number of new buildings that were set ablaze had decreased significantly. Janet was riding in the lead as the rode past the collapsed building and down another path to come around. They had to ride through some roads between burning buildings. Janet rode through a cluster of smoke and a few seconds later Basil heard her scream as if she fell. Basil and Antonio followed quickly after through the smoke but were met by flying arrows. They both managed to shield themselves but Nadja got hit by an arrow in her left back leg. Basil dropped off Nadja while Antonio rushed straight towards the Stelladoran attackers. Just moments later came some allied soldiers and helped them defeat the Stelladoran. Basil meanwhile ran to Janet who had fallen beneath her horse. The horse was bleeding heavily from two arrows in its neck and was unable to be saved. Two soldiers came and helped Janet. Janet was still conscious but she had broken her right leg and she was bleeding slightly from her mouth.

    Antonio after he had dealt with the attackers came running to them. “Antonio, Go and help the others. I take care of Janet.” Basil said and Antonio nodded after which he rode off. Basil and the soldiers helped Janet up on Nadja who even though harmed still able to carry Janet without any problems. The soldiers with Basil led Nadja to where the army’s’ doctors were. When they got to the doctor later he declined to help anyone more as they had already more patients than they could take care of. The doctor changed his mind however when he realized that the girl was a knight and ordered some servants to help her. Basil took a quick care of Nadja by cleaning her wound and putting on a bandage before he walked off to where the others were.
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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 17: Liberation, part 3/3

    The fighting was now over and the soldiers were busy trying to save those houses that had not been set aflame yet. The air was filled with ash and smoke from the many burnt down and still burning houses. But the city still stood. Basil had to ask around to find out where the others were and after a while he got an answer. They were at some fountain in the southern district. When he got there it was filled with soldiers and knights taking care of the wounded ones and others that were taking care of the dead ones. At the fountain sat Helen who cleaned a wound that Magnus had beneath his left eye. Antonio sat beside them looking down in the stone pavement. Aelia along some other captains walked around trying to get some logistics in everything. He could not see neither Alice nor Rowan anywhere. Basil walked up to the guys at the fountain. “Where is Alice and Rowan?” Antonio looked up on Basil and then he pointed towards a location behind him. Basil walked there and found Alice sitting with Rowan in her arms. She was cleaning him with a towel. When Basil came closer to them he realized. “They always said that he was a coward. That he did not belong among us knights. I did not listen to them. I knew that he was brave and he would prove it to us all one day. And he did.” Alice said as she embraced Rowan.

    “Lev’ Foralt Rowan”

    “They remained hidden within the sewers, waiting for the moment. The guards were too few and we had to pay the price. Now one thousand are dead and two thousand more are wounded and that is only counting the military. Did they know about our plans? We must move towards Grailline as soon and quick as possible. We can’t wait for the wounded ones to recover. We’ll have to leave them behind with a small healthy force. We’ll move towards Grailline tomorrow. Spread the word”

    There were many feelings among the soldiers and knights that evening. Fear, sadness, anger, fury. This was the first painful experience for many of war and its terror. Memories of the Margeficus attack returned among those that had experienced it. There were no songs or any visits to those lovely dancing girls. The guards were more than doubled this evening, Aelia among them. When the morning came the horns sounded and the army began to prepare to move out east. Basil was up extra early to visit Janet. He did not have to walk all the way as he met Janet and Nadja outdoor. She had been walking together with Nadja towards him as well. She held a crutch under her right arm and her leg and waist were bandaged.

    “I heard that you will move east today.” Janet said.
    “Yes. So I wanted to see again if this would be the last time.” Basil said.
    “Don’t say that. We made a promise that we would both return to Crastine. I have to go first and I will wait for you. I will wait for all of you.”
    Basil helped Janet sit down on a yard of grass before he sat down beside her. They looked out over the ruins of a dozen buildings.
    “Nadja was anxious to see you all nights.” Janet said.
    “Janet. I want to take Nadja. She was never bread for war. Also she is still hurt so I dare not take her in case her wound would become worse. You know Nadja almost as well as I do so I see no better solution than for you to take care of her, to take her home.” said Basil.
    “How about you then?” Janet said.
    “I believe you heard about Rowan. Since his horse Gavin is without rider I will take him.” Said Basil.
    “Yes I have. Poor Rowan, poor Alice.”


    They sat there for a couple of minutes more in silence. When another set of horns sounded in the distance Basil helped Janet up. Before they left each other Janet gave Basil a quick kiss and a deep hug. Then Basil left while Janet stood there looking towards him before he disappeared behind a corner.
    Antonio and Magnus were ready when Basil came back. He mounted the slight light brown horse Gavin who he prepared since earlier and they rode off towards the position where they would meet the others. Helen and Alice came riding will full package but Aelia who also was there had no package. “Where is your package Aelia?” Magnus asked confused. “I have been ordered to stay here as partly responsible for those that are still here. So I won’t join you to Grailline sadly. I promise you Basil that I will take good care of Janet.” She said while looking over the five and ending on Basil. Basil thanked her and they all said their good bye before they headed off towards the eastern gate.

    Large portions of the army that was now a little less than ten thousand Lisakdonian and Laldenien soldiers combined had already begun to move east. Beside the soldiers were a large number of siege equipment mainly ballistae on transport charts. Basil, Antonio and Magnus saw someone they recognised among the Laldenien. It was the captain from the day earlier named Ari. Generals rode through the ranks of the marching army giving further orders from General Nicholas. They would move east until they reached a town named Liemen and then south towards the Rosa river. It was assumed that the journey to the end of the river where they could cross it would take few days. After they had passed the river they would end up in the low populated region known as Lalden Minor.

  • I thought Basil would die.
    “Lev’ Foralt Rowan”, I guess
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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 18: Lalden Minor, part 1

    Liemen was a small trade town surrounded by huge farm lands just east of the old Lalden proper. The army stayed nearby the town for the night which gave those that wanted an opportunity to visit the town. Basil, Antonio, Magnus and Helen followed with Ari who wanted them to try something called Klasunu.
    Klasunu was made by grinding some dried pink beans that was grown in the area into a powder. The powder was then mixed with heated water and honey before it was stored aside for a couple of days. The slightly thick liquid was then mixed with milk or cream if the buyer could afford it and thereafter any desired fruit or other taste givers. The finished cream Klasunu was then served in mug with a spoon or without spoon if it was mixed with milk. The Klasunu was very sweet and left a special aftertaste in the mouth. The Klasunu was a thing also in Lisakdonia but there the price was far higher so it was almost completely limited to rich nobles, traders or high ranked military personnel.

    At the morning’s first light the army dissembled their camp and continued south. They walked passed a number of smaller Laldenien villages on the way. At most of the villages a commander or two stopped to bargain a price to provide the army with provisions since it would be more difficult to provide such necessities through most of Lalden Minor. As they walked pass the many farms and villages, more birds began to appear in the sky. Birds that usually resided around the coasts and rivers. When the army walked over one hill the Rosa River revealed itself. From the hill multiple villages and some towns could be seen at the river. One of the larger ones was just on the path downwards. A town were the army would camp for the night. To save on the provision most of the army feed on fish from the fishers from town.

    During the night Basil and Antonio woke up by a small alarm that sounded just to raise awareness. Even though there was no apparent danger Basil and Antonio stepped out of their tent to see what the reason was. A bunch of soldiers were out already crewing some of the nearby ballistae or reading themselves with bows. It became clear what the reason was as the sound of a dragon’s roar sounded from the east. And indeed far to the east in the night sky a dragon with its rider could be seen. From higher up on the hill the generals and commanders could be seen looking over the dragon as well.

    “So Eagrolyn has finally found us. Looks like the easy trip is coming to an end.” said a captain.
    “That is not an Eagrolyn dragon. It is a dragon from Ecodolon. Pure blood as well so there is no mistaking it.” said a Laldenien commander.
    “Ecodolon has no reason to have scouts here in Lalden unless Ecodolon and Eagrolyn had formed a unified army.” said General Nicholas.
    “They can’t have formed a unified force already. Beldon and the rest of Ecodolon is way too far from here to have sent an army already even if they knew about it when we landed in Hiend.” said another captain.
    “Maybe they did send and army but only their dragon riders have arrived?” said the first captain.
    “It would be stupid even for Stelladorans to split their land force and dragon force from each other. That is unless they could ensure a victory with only Ecodolon’s dragons as reinforcement.” said general Caerellia.
    ”Do they underestimate us?” said a captain.
    “Either that or they have something that we don’t know about yet. Regardless of what we shall increase the number of scouts. If they have rallied the southern and western kingdoms to force we’ll know. If the Ecodolon forces were position within Eagrolyn we’ll know. If their force is larger than expected we’ll know.” said General Nicholas.

    The dragon in the sky only circulated for a short time far away from the camp before it flew south. Most of the soldiers and others that have left their tents returned to sleep while a few were ordered to remain at their ballistae until morning. Early in the morning before the army had managed to begin dismantle the camp a dozen scouts were sent out, most of them to Lalden minor and the rest to the east and north east.
    The army continued alongside Rosa river to the east for a couple of hours. Rosa river became more narrow and even split up into multiple smaller rivers as they went. At the afternoon they finally arrived at a stone bridge that led over the river. There were two smaller bridges of wood that followed after that they had to pass through before they arrived in Lalden minor. Since the evening was approaching the army made camp before the last bridge.

    Lalden Minor was except for the area just around the rivers a rather barren landscape with forest and mostly thin layers of soil that could not sustain farming. Lalden minor was of the form of a large valley between the mountains to the east and a single large mountain surrounded by forest to the west. Only an hour or so after they had passed the bridge one of the scouts returned with a note or message. He approached Nicholas both giving him some instructions by mouth and the note. Nicholas read through the note and afterwards he looked through the area. He asked the scout something which the scout responded while pointing towards the south. Nicholas nodded and ordered everyone that had stopped to continue. Throughout the day another scouts returned. The day had not even passed afternoon before they arrived at a large hillside to the west and Nicholas gave order to set camp.

    As they set up the camp another three scouts returned to the camp with even more information. He then went and spoke with general Caerellia and the other commanders. When the camp was ready most soldiers did start any routines nor cooking or anything. They gathered outside of Nicholas’ tent and waited for him to update them what was going on. One of the commanders went inside the tent and told him that the army was waiting. The commander stepped out and walked back soon before Nicholas and Caerelllia stepped outside. Nicholas looked around on the thousands of soldiers that waited for him to say anything.

    “Brothers and sisters! Today I got words than an army of Eagrolyn is marching towards Lalden Minor. With them they have the armies of Bratia, Cellusion and Esteray together with dragon riders from Ecodolon! A force of twenty thousand men. But do not fear my friends for as they are many they are weak, non-unified and the aggressor in this war. So feast tonight! Eat, drink and sing! For after tomorrow you might not be able to anymore. For tomorrow we’ll face the Stelladorans on the battlefield! Tomorrow we make them pay for breaking the peace! Tomorrow we fight for Lisakdonia! For Lalden! For queen Yiadelle! For Friyena!”
    Nicholas shouted as he drew his sword and raised it. The soldiers, the knights and the commanders all cheered with him. For maybe the last time.
  • lev'foralt Nicholas
  • @kandra127 But Basil can't die until he has met seven gods. Or at least six if the seventh god if the god of the underworld. Or maybe five if there is a setup like Athreos and Erebos on Theros.
    @Jonteman93 Lev' Foralt Rowan. What is the ability elude as seen on Ari?
  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 18: Lalden Minor, part 2/3

    Basil sat in his tent fully armored. In his hand he held his mother’s emblem necklace. He let his thumb sweep over the silver fox as he thought back. Magnus who lied down on his bedroll stood up and put his hand on Basil’s shoulder before he stepped outside. Basil sat down for a couple of minutes longer before he stood up and stepped outside. The morning began to turn late but the sunlight had not yet reached the camp because of the eastern mountains. Antonio was making some jokes for Helen and Alice. Helen chuckled slightly while Alice did not show any emotions. To the west of the camp a 500 or so mounted soldiers rode south towards and into a large forest. To the south east the ballistae and other units had been slightly dug and reinforced with three quarter surrounding wooden pikes and soil piles. The ballistae and few catapults had also been covered in some fire resistant oil. There were at all times at least two soldiers stationed at the ballistae.

    One of the few scouts that were out returned to the camp and Nicholas. Breakfast was a little later served. Instead of the usual bean soup this time even the ordinary soldiers were served meat stew with bread and vegetables. After the breakfast everyone was given a cup of wine. During the breakfast another two dragon riders appeared at the eastern mountains. One of them landed on a cliff far while the other circulated for a moment before it returned south. The one of the cliff stayed and watched. Some shown concern over the watching dragon rider but those more experienced calmed them down. It did not take all too long before another dragon rider appeared and also landed on the mountains with a roar. Basil and the others sitting at a campfire when a horn sounded. It was Nicholas’ horn. Every soldier and knight in the camp that hadn’t grabbed their weapons and shield did so and ran out towards the designated location. Basil and the other knight and the cavalry units went and mounted their horses before they rode out to position.

    The army formation faced south east down the hills. The Lisakdonian part took formation at the south of the hill with the Laldenien taking the north eastern. The first line at the furthest down of the hill consisted of archers that had positioned wooden pikes before them with a small wooden barricade behind those. After their line was a larger line with infantry then a line with archers and a line of infantry and finally a last line of archers. The archer lines were thin at only four or five width. The infantry lines consisted of smaller lines within the lines. Each line was almost 80 soldiers long before a slight distance to the next line. At the wings of the army was the main cavalry formations. Lisakdonians to the south and Laldenien to the north. Behind the middle of the whole army stood Nicholas and his elite guards. The other commanders were spread out at their respectively division. Basil together with the others was within a subsection behind the cavalry unit.

    Now they waited. While they waited, many soldiers sang Ren Alvus mildly. More dragons appeared in from the south. Some of them circulated high in the air above the field before they landed on the mountain’s cliffs. A couple of wine pouches were sent around the soldiers to take a sip. A different horn sounded in the south followed by more horns as a marching army appeared behind the hills and cliffs a few kilometers away from the Lisakdonian Laldenien army. A 30 or so dragons followed the army in the sky above. The Stelladoran army marched and positioned themselves on the opposite side of the valley. As the army took their formation three of them rode out towards the Lisakdonian army. Nicholas rode together with two of his commander and met them in the middle. They did not speak for long but it was clear that no truce was signed as the both groups blew their horns as they returned to their armies.

    Magnus and many others in the cavalry then jumped off their horses and bowed down on the ground where he dug up a little dirt. He spread the dirt on his forehead “Levirga. I speak to you know for if I fall on his ground I wish that you take care of my body.” The others and those that had not mounted also did the same. One of the last ones to do so was Nicholas when he returned to his position. Everyone looked at him. Nicholas then put his hand on his breast and began to sing “Ren Alvus”. His army singed with him after the first piece.
    After they had finished the song Nicholas sounded the horn again. Another horn sounded from the Stelladorans and they began to march forward in a similar boxed formation. Their formations however were larger and did not have the narrow lines like the Lisakdonian Laldeniens. Their army in total was wider and longer as well and they also had cavalry at the wings. The dragons now began to roar and flew around the sky in an attempt to inflict intimidation in the Lisakdonian ranks.
  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 18: Lalden Minor, part 3/3

    One of the dragon riders flew a little too low so a commander at the archer line ordered fire. The archers released a volley towards the dragon and some hit it at the neck and one in the eye. The rider tried to escape but a ballista had already shot a chained dual bolt. The chain grabbed the dragon’s neck and swung it backwards. The dragon fell onto the field with the rider first definitely killing both.

    The other dragons flew higher as they saw what happened to the apparently young dragon rider and his dragon. A horn and shouts sounded from the Stelladoran army as the first line of archers ran forward. The commanders in the archer lines gave order to fire as towards the approaching archers. At the same time a number of dragons descended to cover them in flames. The captains in the infantry lines shouted orders and instructions. When the dragons descended the soldiers in the apparent line of danger pushed with their shield the one in front or behind to create a cap. The soldiers then lowered themselves with their shield towards the gap creating an opening for the flames to go down into the ground and thus limiting the casualties. The archers above fired at the dragons. Those dragons that stopped or slowed to redirect their flames would have been easy targets for the archers and ballistae.

    The stelladoran archers that survived the first volley from the Lisakdoniens began to fire their own arrows towards the Lisakdonien lines. The Stelladoran army had sent of their first line of infantry which was answered by the Lisakdonian’s siege units that were not busy with the dragons. The archer line and the first infantry line quickly changed place and the infantry procceded to keep the Stelladorans beneath the wooden pikes. The Stelladorans’ first line however was far longer and could reach around the Lisakdonian main force but was stopped by the cavalry at both wings. The northern part was cut off with cliffs and rocks so the soldiers could not bypass the cavalry there. The stelladoran send their own cavalry to the south where there was a slight opening between the engaged forces and the forest. Basil and the others had not yet engaged in combat but now their sub sections were ordered to meet the approaching Stelladoran cavalry. When the Stelladorans rode through the gap the remaining cavalry met them in a charge as a horn sounded in their ranks.

    Only soon after the cavalry charge was stopped, Caerellia and her force of 500 cavalry charged out of the forest straight into and around the Stelladoran cavalry. The Stelladoran cavalry broke rather quickly but a new Stelladoran cavalry force was sent forward. Caerellia quickly lined up her men and charged the approaching cavalry. The group that Basil was in was ordered to assist Caerelia’s force. Antonio was knocked off his horse as they classed with the Stelladorans once again but he managed to stand up and fight dismounted.
    Regardless of half the numbers the Lisakdonian Laldenien army did better and seemed like they would go out victorious from this battle. Infantry from the main force came to reinforce the cavalry and the Stelladoran dragon riders did not achieve any more than they lost by engaging so they remained mostly in the sky looking for any opportunities. The battle continued without changing much for almost half an hour.

    A loud sound echoed through the valley. It sounded like a roar from something huge. Most of the soldiers and the commanders as well looked around but could not see anything. A few moments later the sounds appeared and now it was clear that it came from the south. And then soon after a huge dragon, a great dragon appeared that flew straight towards them. When Nicholas noted that there was someone riding on the dragon he ordered most of the ballistae and archers to focus on the huge one. Most soldiers and many knights as well were chocked. Had the Stelladorans successfully domesticated a great dragon? As the great dragon swept in over the battlefield the other dragons attacked while the archer and ballistae tried to stop the great one. Many dragons were hit and fell but with the great one they broke through and began to burn the Lisakdonian Laldenien army. The great one spewed fire over the main force as he was constantly bombarded with arrows and bolts. Many hit him and caused bleeding wounds at wings and neck but not far enough to stop the beast.

    The cavalry under Caerellia tried no back off into the forest to avoid the dragons. Basil when trying to turn back was knocked off his horse. He fell and hit his left shoulder in a stone. His arm was in pain but he did not have time for that so he forced himself up with shield and sword in hand and began to retreat towards the forest. The pains in his left arm become worse as he ran and he began to become dizzy. As he ran a dragon descended to cover the retreating soldiers in flames. The dragon approached Basil and no one was able to stop it. Basil raised his shield but the pain in his left arm became so bad that he dropped his shield. It felt as his arm was being ripped off him while the dragon’s flames came closer. But just before the flames reached him his arm fell and he followed.
    He fell away from the flames, away from the battle, away from Lalden Minor, Away from Avelaide.

    End of act 3
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    I won't say what happens to Basil but as indicated in tournament of champions 1. There is 6 gods in Avelaide. These being: Friyena, Levirga, Keralda, Terrodus, Dacaotus and Praepotus.
    So you already know that there is either one missing god or he meets a god or something else somewhere else.

    @ShaperKyon Elude as seen in the comment section of the card is
    (This creature can't be blocked by creatures with flying.)


    I will take a pause from these story segments now for a while. Or maybe I get too eager and continue before I should. However I would like to hear if any of you have any thoughts or opinions regarding this.
  • maybe Basil will kill the last god!
  • @kandra127 Maybe, maybe not. Killing a god would require some very strong power and Basil has just recently become a "planeswalker".


    @Everyone that read these. I have for some time now been thinking about making this story into a real one. Writing into a real "book."
    I did not have much mtg-limited stuff to begin with except for the "planeswalking" that just happened which can be done different and be logical with some of the background stuff.
    I have already mentioned that I will re-edit this story heavily later so then I would be able to cut these last strings and make it a complete independent story. (with heavy inspirations.)

    What do you guys think about this? Do you think based on what you know now that the story could stand up after being edited and rewritten?

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    @Jonteman93 Yeah, I think you've got a great story here. My three pillars of story are all developed (Plot, Characters, and World). The Boy Who Met Seven Gods could definitely stand.
    @Bowler218 This contest closed on May 1 so…yeah.
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