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  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 22: The dragonless dragon rider, part 2
    Even though Zenaida had shown a gentle side of herself that evening, she continued to show disgust towards Basil long thereafter. She continued to feed him poorly to keep his energy low and have him sleeping on the ground. During multiple times occasion, she left Basil and the horse to hunt in some forest. She did however bring them both while scouting to minimize any time Basil was left alone. When he was though, Basil had tried to get loose from the rope around his arms but they tightly tied. So tight that they had almost dug into Basil’s flesh and hurt something extremely, something that Zenaida did not show any care for.

    Weeks passed by and Basil had begun to lose a lot of weight. His arms and legs were weak and he had difficulties thinking straight. The world had become colder and the days shorter. For how long would they travel and where were they heading actually? They had stopped at a river where Zeinada had walked into a forest one again. Basil waited as usual, but something was different this time. She had not come back when she used to. Basil did not think about it much but he strangely began to worry. What if she was hurt and could not make it back? He shook his head. Why did he worry? She had treated him so badly these weeks. Yet, she had kept him alive, could he survive without her? Basil banged his head onto the tree that he was tied to. What was wrong with him? He was a knight of Lisakdonia, why would he be dependent on some Stelladoran woman who likely wanted him dead anyway.

    The time passed and she did not come back. Basil had continued trying to gather his mind. He was just hungry and weak. He could not have any feelings for that woman. What if she is gone? He thought while he looked around himself and then upon his ropes. “Then I will not die here?” Basil began to move his arms against each other in an attempt to loosen up the rope. Since the knot was so tight it harmed his arms by doing so but he continued. It was no effective strategy but it was the only thing he could think up as weak as he was. Hours later and Zenaida had still not come back. Basil could barely move his arms due to exhaustion but the knot had loosened up significantly. Basil began to pull his right arm towards him and the left away. It felt like his skin would break under the rope. Small movements were made and then suddenly, his right arm flew out of the knot. He was free.

    Basil took off the rope and comforted his poor wrists. He then stood up and walked to the horse with the bags. He opened the bag with the food and drink. He ate pieces of dried meat, bread, fruit and even wine. He ate so much so fast that it felt almost as if his stomach would break. He looked into another bag and found his sword, Flame song. It was such a relief to hold it again. Basil took the horse’s rope from the horse. When he was about to mount the horse it began to jump and threw him off. Basil landed on his side with his sword in hand. The horse who was scarred ran off up the river.
    Basil, bowled stood up on his legs and took up his sword. He sighted and began to move after the horse. The horse had ran quite far and Basil was still not in condition to run so it took some time to catch up with it. The horse was eating on a grass field. Basil tried to not scare off the horse again by moving gently, until he walked over a stick that broke. The horse heard it and moved further away from Basil. Basil sighted again and moved after. The next time he came close to the horse it ran away again but this time it was not by Basil it was frightened.

    “Tikavan! A familiar voice shouted.

    Basil turned towards the voice. Zenaida came walking out from among some trees with a sword in her right hand. She seemed to have hurt her left arm and she was angry, furious as she approached him. Basil drew Flame song and held it before him with both hands.

    “I won’t be your prisoner anymore Zenaida!” he shouted towards her.

    Zenaida did not care as she continued towards Basil with her sword in hand. When she was close enough, Basil moved forward and swung his sword in a diagonal swing. He was still rather weak so Zenaida could easily dodge the strike and hit basil’s head with the hilt of her sword before he could get a second attack. Basil tried to back and go for another strike but then Zenaida struck his leg leaving a deep wound. Basil fell as he lost balance. Zenaida took her sword by the blade and struck his head with the hilt knocking him out.

    Almost two months passed since then. Snow had begun to fall transforming the land of Dormania. Basil and Zenaida had calmed down since the fight and begun speak with each other. They even learned words from each other’s language. Basil learned that words such as “Dun” meant “yes,” Esen” meant “no”, “Osfar” meant “sword” or “weapon”, “Tikavan” meant something like “fugitive” and some other words. Zenaida even took Basil with her during hunting trips, but that was probably just to keep an eye on him. Basil had much time to think. Zenaida was actually very beautiful whenever her eyes were not red of anger. She was skilled with weapon and smart. She seemed to carry loss of some sort. Basil did wish sometimes that they had not been enemies. Maybe they could have been real friends or something. They had moved through many smaller towns and villages on their way and never had they met anyone that could understand Basil. Zenaida was the only one that could even understand a few words so he had grown some sort of affection for her. But he still had his mind on Lisakdonia, to escape home, even if those thoughts were more rare these days he would be given an opportunity greater yet worse than he could ask for.
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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 22: The dragonless dragon rider, part 3/3

    One seemingly normal but cold day, they turned off the road for a little longer than normal. They headed towards a village named Fodarla, which was strange since it was not long ago that they had left the last town. What was so special about this one? It did not take long for it to be clear as they entered the walled village. Someone shouted something and soon after a large crowd of people to gather and greet Zenaida. Some people looked upon them as if someone or something was missing. This was probably her home. In the crowd was a young boy that Zenaida took up and comforted before they walked off further into the village. Basil was left at the stable with two guards. The guards spoke and pointed at Basil while they laughed about something. The larger of the guards even grabbed Basil and began dancing with him jokingly while the other laughed his feet off. They stayed in the town for the night. Basil had to sleep in a cell at the barracks. At least the two annoying guards had stopped fooling around, for a moment. They even brought him a real meal so Basil could not really think badly about the guards. Beyond the language barrier, they were probably nice people.

    The next day began cold and even more snow had fallen upon the world. The guards gave Basil some real soup before they took him to the stable where they met Zenaida. She seemed happier now, she even said “Estir” (Hello) to Basil. Basil had been allowed to ride on top of the horse together with Zenaida so she helped him up. Before they went off they were met by some of Zenaida’s family again. The mother, the sister and her sister’s son together with some others. Zenaida said farewell and they set off north.

    Dark clouds had begun to cover the sky and cold winds blew in over the mountains as if a storm was about to begin. The horse began to whimper but they continued. Something felt awfully familiar about this to Basil. A bad feeling began to grow within him, a feeling of fear and terror. Zenaida noticed something happened to Basil. She looked over her shoulder and said something. Basil just nodded and they continued. The feeling became worse and the horse whimpered more. Darker, colder. The forest moved with the wind in distress. Even Zenaida felt that something was wrong. Zenaida began to ride faster, she wanted to come out of the forest. They rode out of the forest onto a road and did not slow down until they came up on a hill. The feeling was less intense now. They breathed out. Zenaida looked back at Basil but something cached her eyes and her eyes began to open up.

    Basil looked back towards the forest and saw it. A large portion of the forest was grey, dead. Something that looked like black smoke came from far down the forest. Something huge was moving in the forest towards Fodarla. The large thing came out towards a Cliffside. An akon.
    Zenaida began to ride south but Basil dragged onto her. “No! We cannot beat that thing!”

    Zenaida threw Basil off the horse and looked at him with the angry eyes, not exactly like the usual though. She took out Basil’s sword and threw it on the ground and said “Tikavan” before she rode towards Fodarla as fast as she could. Basil took up the Flame song and looked towards Zenaida as she disappeared back into the forest. Basil looked up towards the sky and then he began to walk west. He did not stop until he looked down upon the Flame song. He stood still. He watched west and south.
  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 23: The hero of Fodarla, part 1/2

    Zenaida rode as fast as she could through the snow covered forest. She did not know what she could accomplice against such monster but what would she otherwise do? Listen to that shameful Lisakdonian? This is her home. How he froze up when it got colder, when the air got fouler. Had he faced such monster before or is he just a shameful coward? Zenaida stopped thinking as she rode out into the grey dead path. The snow had, not melted away but kind of vapored away. Everything that was left was the dead colorless plants and tree bodies. The air was foul, dark. A town bell began to ring further ahead of her. Zenaida took up her lance in her right hand. The horse began to resist but she held it on straight course towards Fodarla.

    The town appeared before her. The gate and a large portion of the wall had been breached and couple of houses had been destroyed within. Black smoke covered much of the town and behind a corner, the akon brought down another house in one strike. Soldiers and civil clothed men and women were trying to attack the monster with bows and javelins. A hopeless tactic but they wanted to defend their home as much as Zenaida. The Akon turned towards the people and cleaved one man that had come too close in half. The parts of the man flew and covered the ground in blood. Zenaida charged straight through the gate and towards the Akon. She hit it straight in the neck with a powerful strike from her lance. The akon flinched for a very short moment before it turned towards Zenaida. It attacked by taking a large bite off the horse. Zenaida was thrown of the horse who screamed it’s last short moment before it was not much more than a blood covered meat bag.

    Zenaida! Get away from it!” A guard shouted from atop one of the buildings. It was Bierik, the smaller of the guards that had messed with Basil the day before. The other guards tried continued to throw javelins and shoot arrows towards the beast but it had its focus now on Zenaida.

    image image

    She stood up and ran fast around a corner of a building but the Akon was after her. It broke through the building and two guards that had stood on the roof fell down. One fell before the Akon and was stomped to death. Zenaida continued to ran around the corners but the Akon was only slightly slowed by the buildings that it broke through. She ran out towards another part of the walls were guards were ready with bows and arrows to shoot the beast. “Aki!” a captain shouted and the guards released their arrows towards the beast. Most arrows just bounced off its thick hide. Zenaida continued to run through a market.

    A swift shadow was cast upon her and the moment later, a large impact was heard from the Akon behind her. She turned around and saw a dragon attack the Akon swiftly before flying away again. Moments later the market was covered in flames as another dragon dove in. The Akon gave out a terrifying screech that caused Zenaida to cover her ears as she looked up towards the dragon that had just passed by. “Mom!” she shouted to the rider of the dragon. The Akon turned tried to strike the dragon but missed. Just then, the other dragon swooped in and attacked the akon again by trying to scratch out its eyes. It hit one eye but missed the other. The Akon screeched even higher now, a screech that made the bones within Zenaida to shiver. The Akon turned towards Zenaida again and began to chase her and she began to run again. Her mother descended behind the dragon to attack it. Just as she came close, the Akon turned and struck towards her. Blood flew and much of it covered Zenaida. The dragon fell in high speed into a building causing the wall to break. The dragon was shacking in pain but its neck had been cut open. The mother lied beneath the dragon and tried to get out. The Akon moved in on them. “Zenaida, flee with your family” the mother shouted before the Akon struck so blood flew. “I will mom.” Zenaida said lowly before she began to run home.

    image image

    She could hear behind her as flames once again covered the streets as the other dragon moved in. The guards continued to shout orders and attack the monster. Zenaida was soon far away from the battle as she ran home. Families and soldiers were running on the streets towards the other gate to escape the town. Another dragon with its rider flew over the town towards the Akon. When she came to their home, she breached through the door. “Tenise! Elnor” She shouted. Soon after, her sister and nephew came running up from the vine cellar. “We must go. Now!” Her sister nodded and they took the most essential stuff and went outside. Elnor was shaking but he was completely quiet.

    They began to run towards the gate when the crowd began to shout. Soon after the houses on the side breached and the Akon began to attack the fleeing families. The guards tried their best to keep it away from the families but they were just slaughtered together with them. One dragon was still alive and tried to get the Akons attention without coming too close but it seemed to be very difficult. Those that survived quickly ran back towards their homes or through the alleys towards the other gate. Zenaida, Tenise and Elnor also ran towards the other gate. Tenise took up Elnor and held his eyes covered as they ran past many bodies. Thankfully, their mother’s, Elnor’s grandmother’s body was in the other direction so they could save him that vision. He probably knew either way.

    It was difficult to move fast with all the rubble in the way towards the gate from the collapsed buildings. Some people tried to walk over while others tried to walk around or even jump down from the walls. It did not take long for the akon to come back as people ran away from the southern section. Zenaida, Tenise and Elnor could no longer run to the gate or they would have been caught by the Akon, so they ran towards the barracks instead which had not been attacked yet. They ran into the barracks where Tenise, Elnor and many other civilians were led down into the cellar. Zenaida ran up to the upper level where a few captains and their leaders tried to make up some kind of strategy. Each proposal was neglected by others and it began to look completely hopeless. They had sent for reinforcement from the nearby towns but they would not arrive for at least another hour. The only one that really could deal with the Akon right now was the dragon rider Walfur and his dragon. He just had to survive for another hour while still keeping the population safe. It is no way though that the dragon will be able to remain in combat for so long.

    “Can we lead the Akon away from the town?” one said. “It won’t chase you when the town still stands if you are enough people, and we don’t have that many horses.”
    “But we have to do something.”
    “We already are, we’re surviving.”
    “We won’t for much longer.”

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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 23: The hero of Fodarla, part 2/2

    Many of the captains very close or already had broken down. The discussions were made by only a few by this point and lead nowhere. Zenaida was sitting down in a corner. She did not know what to do either. The time passed by fast or maybe slow. She did not know. Her head was spinning and she felt as she wanted to throw up. Now only two captains continued to argue. Then Zeinada felt something strange, as if one beat of her heart became much warmer. The air changed a little and her head did not spin as much. Some of the other captains looked as if they felt something similar. A screech from the Akon echoed through the town and into the barracks. Something has happened.

    Zenaida and many of the captains ran out of the building. Walfur and his dragon were flying in the northern part of the town. He descended quickly and a little later ascended again so he clearly was still fighting the Akon but he seemed more aggressive this time. Zenaida ran over the building roofs towards them. When they saw the Akon it was breaking through a small hut as it tried to attack someone. White sparks flew over the Akon’s shoulder as it was hit by a white burning blade. Just as the Akon was about to strike again, Walfur attacked the Akon’s head, scratching out the other eye. The Akon turned around trying to cut the dragon but Walfur was quickly away again. The Akon had a large white glowing wound in its face surrounded by countless black bleeding wounds.

    The man with the glowing blade ran further away behind some ruined buildings. “Basil!?” she thought. The akon screeched again as it set off towards Basil. The Akon ran straight through the ruins without any sort of self-preservation in a furious anger towards Basil. Buildings fell apart as the Akon ran after Basil in such speed that Walfur could not catch up, less help him. Zenaida was first of the captains to climb down the roof and run towards where the Akon had disappeared. She ran through the rubble and blood covered streets. When she came around a corner, she saw Basil lie down beneath some planks. Blood was dripping from his nose and mouth and his left arm was covered in blood and looked very damaged. She froze as she looked at the Akon before Basil. White flames were violently burning through the black hide around the blade that was buried deep into its skull. It was dead. Walfur soon landed not far away and approached them. He helped Zenaida with Basil. Soon later, the captains and some surviving soldiers appeared and even later civilians.

    Hours later, Basil woke up in some bed. His body was in pain. He looked down and saw that his arm and other wounds had been bandaged. Planks outside of the room squeaked by someone walking. “Hello” he said. No one answered and the squeaking moved further away. Basil lied down and looked out the window. The sky was dark and the moon shined through. In the corner of the room someone had put his sword. Soon later, the planks began to squeak again followed by the door opening. Zenaida stood in the doorway for a short moment with a bowl and towel in her hands. She stepped inside, walked to Basil, and put down the bowl on a board beside the bed. She sat down on the bed and began to remove the bandages except the arm from Basil’s wounds and clean them. The wounds were already cleaned so it felt redundant but he did not resist. It felt nice so he sat there silent. She let her hand move through Basil’s hair as she cleaned his face. When she was finished she put on the bandages again. She held Basil’s left hand for a moment as she sat there, silent.
    Basil thought about moving his arm around her but she stood up before he could decide. She moved to the door without the bowl. Instead of going out she closed and the door and walked back to Basil. She did not sit down directly on the bed. Instead she stood beside the bed and took off her clothes. When she was completely naked, she went down into the bed with Basil and moved closer to him.

    Basil woke up in the middle of the day thereafter. The room was empty again. Zenaida was gone. He put on a couple of clothes that had been left on a table and took his sword before he stepped out of the room. “Hello?” he said. No one answered. He walked into the main room and kitchen but there seemed to be no one home. On the table was a note, one word written in Evilerian and a name. “Farewell Basil”. Basil took the paper and put it into a small bag that was attached to his shirt. He stepped outside of the house and saw some guards working with some rubbles. There seemed to be only soldiers left in the town. One familiar guard shouted as he came running towards Basil. It was the large guard that had messed with him two days earlier. He shook his hand and led Basil to the stable. On the way they met many other soldiers that wanted to shake Basil’s hand and some that cheered “Halden!” as they saw him. The guard took out a beige horse that looked exactly like the one that the other guard had taken care off. The horse had already two bags on it. The guard looked as if he was about to cry as he prepared the horse. A clear and familiar sign for Basil, he did not need to ask even if he could.

    The guard gave the horse’s reins to Basil and then shook his hand. “Viel Dan” he said. Basil paused for a moment. Viel Dan? Did he say that in Evilerian or did they have the same word for good-bye?
    Basil responded with the same before he mounted the horse. Basil then set off. Now he could finally search for Antonio, Alice, Magnus and Helen.

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  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 24: The mountain fortress, Beldon part 1/3

    “South and east? From Lalden minor.”

    For weeks that turned to months, Basil traveled from town to town, searching and asking as well as he could. The words he knew in Dormanian expanded for every day but to gain any information at all was almost impossible. Commonly those he asked did not know anything or rarely they took Basil for a Lisakdonian spy and called for guards. Basil most often managed to escape but a few times, he had to fight to get away. Then one day he came across a large city o the name Archenti. Basil had tried to avoid the cities as well as possible but he began to realize that if he would ever get the chance to see his friends again he had to take the risk.

    He walked through the city’s busy streets at the docks in an attempt to find some merchant that could have knowledge about the Lisakdonian army. He managed to find one old and slightly fat man. The man however did not even speak eastern dormanion but some of the southern languages. Basil tried to communicate by hand gestures and showing his emblem. The man, confused thought that Basil wanted to buy leather and silk or color powders. Basil tried for a few more minutes but it became meaningless as the man began to become annoyed. Basil continued through the city looking for someone else to ask. He walked past a couple of markets, some chapel, an armory and a blacksmith, a butcher’s house and much other. Basil stopped after a while. Something had caught his eye earlier so he walked back again.

    He walked to the blacksmith he had earlier seen. On the walls were a couple swords, axes, spears, some armor and shields. Most of the shields were either kite shields or more rounded shields but there was one of a particular and very familiar design. In the corner hung a praestodum, a Lisakdonian army shield design. The shield usually had a Lisakdonian red bird on it but this one had a yellow horse. Basil walked and began speak to the main smith. Basil pointed towards the praestodum while he mentioned it by name and the Lisakdonian army. The smith asked Basil for gold which he did not have. The smith burst out with angry insults indicating that Basil was wasting his time before he returned to his work. Basil, now also angry turned around and walked away. In that moment he heard some bucket fall over in the blacksmith and the old man screaming out in fury towards someone else that agreed shamefully.

    Basil turned around and soon saw a young dirty man with an empty bucket walk towards him. The young man took Basil’s arm and led him away into an alleyway. “You’re Lisakdonian?” the man asked in Evilerian as they stopped. Basil looked confused for a few seconds before he almost shouted out. “Ehm yes! Are you also Lisakdonian?” He had not heard anyone speak Evlierian, at least in mother tongue for half a year. The young man lightened up while still being quite stressed. “What, what happened at Lalden? Is Lisakdonia coming to save us? I want to go home.” the man continued to speak out in such haste as his eyes began to tear up. Basil was shocked. He had not expected this reaction. He had to lie and told the man that Lisakdonia were indeed going to save them. He could not bear to tell the truth that he did not know. Also now he needed as much information as possible from this man, breaking his hope would not help.

    The man lit up with tearing eyes as he cheered with his dirty poor hands. “Ha! Haha! i’m gonna go home. Mom, sister, I’m coming home!” Basil put his hand on the man’s shoulders. ”All right, calm down now. They just need a little more time but they are coming to save you. Now I need a little help from you. I need to know what happened to you? Where are everyone else?”

    The man dried his tears with his dirty shirt. “Right, right. We are taken east. Some of us were sent to work at farms, others were sent to work in the iron mines. I was taken by master to his blacksmith. The general, captains and the knights were brought to some place called Beldon. I don’t know why. I could not understand them but they were very strict about them getting there. They also took away our weapons and equipment but the knights’ weapons they kept with them as they continued to Beldon. I also don’t know that. I can’t speak much longer. Master will else send me back to the mines. I must go”

    Basil thanked the man and they did the Lisakdonian army salute before the man ran away with the bucket. Basil began moving back to his horse. He finally had a location.

    A week later. Basil is riding north in the Beldon valley. The Gijora Mountains on each side rises higher than any mountain Basil ever seen before. They reached so far up into the sky so much of them could not even be seen due to the clouds being beneath them. Basil had to keep himself among the trees to avoid the dragons that flew around high above. Some with riders and many without. So many sizes, so many colors and each and every one of them would want to make Basil and his horse their dinner if they got the chance. The dragons’ with riders might be there to control the wild dragons but Basil did not want to take the risk.


    Basil came by a trading village that looked more like a fort than a village in the central opening of the valley. A lake was located nearby and to it lead a river that came from a path in the west. Far in the west in the valley, the river ended up at a huge gatehouse. The gates of Beldon.
  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 24: The mountain fortress, Beldon part 2/3

    The first gatehouse of Beldon led to a wide path that led up on between and lightly around the mountains. The path led to another gatehouse that was as large as the first one. This gatehouse led to a long and huge stone bridge. “The iron bridge” that went over a deep drop where the river was running. In the middle of the bridge was another but smaller gatehouse and in the end of the bridge was another large gatehouse beside a waterfall. The third gatehouse led to another path that also went upwards together with the river. The air became thinner and the clouds above him did not seem as distant. The last pathway ended at the large walls and the gate to Beldon itself. The ends where the walls dug into the mountain sides were constructed with towers.

    The city of Beldon itself was a huge grey and white stone city with yellow/green roofs. The city was located inside a “mountain bowl” with fertile farmland with a small lake in the northern part, large enough to almost alone provide food for the city. In the southwest was the castle of Beldon, which was defended by another set of large walls and towers. In Lisakdonia, Beldon was sometimes referred to as “The city in the clouds” or “the mountain fortress”. A fortress almost impossible to besiege and overtake and neither had it even been since it was formed by the iron king, Zeladorn.

    Basil sat down inside the city. He had to recover his breath from walking up so far. When he had gathered his strength, he began to look around the city. He did not know where to go from now. Luckily, the guards did not seem to be very active in the city so Basil did not have to be too careful walking around. Basil managed to get his hands over a set of guardian attire and equipment as well. The first place Basil decided to search was the second barracks, which also was a prison of some sort. Basil approached the guards who stopped him by holding up their hand towards him. “Efolm akamsur?” they asked him. ”Visi eldi etahor” Basil replied trying to sound as secure with the accent as he could. The guards looked doubtful at first but they stepped back and let Basil inside.

    The barracks were mostly empty except for a couple of drunken soldiers that were singing songs. After some time searching he finally made it to the prison cells. Except for a couple of ordinary criminals and such there were no Lisakdonians there. Basil continued to search around the building for a while longer before he went out. Basil then continued to search the mine, the farms, the markets, crafting stores and everywhere else that he could think of, except for the castle. The gates to the castle were much better guarded than the barracks. Two captains were behind the gatehouse and on top of it was a dragon with its rider. Basil would not be able to make it inside, even with his attire. He needed some distraction, a significant one.

    A little further away from the gate was a tower with a large stable in front. It gave Basil an idea. He waited until dark, which happen quite fast due to the surrounding mountains. Basil walked up to the tower’s base inside the stable. He took out his blade and held it firmly in his left hand. He channeled the white flame so his whole arm screamed in pain. He then swung with all power he had in his right arm into the tower wall. The blade cut through forcefully and left a large cut. Basil, a little dizzy walked away and took a torch which he threw at the stable roof. It did not take long for the horses to begin panicking and some nearby soldiers to shout. Meanwhile soldiers began to show up to put out the fire, Basil had snuck inside the building and stood inside the tower’s circle stairs. He took out his sword again and took a couple of deep breaths. He channeled the flame and struck the middle pillar.

    The walls around Basil quickly began to crack and moment later the whole tower began to move. Basil could hear soldiers screaming in panic further up the tower as it began to fall over. Soldiers at the stable also began to scream. Basil, neglecting the pain in his arm and the spinning head ran out of the building. It felt as if the whole city shook of the impact when the tower collapsed into the burning stable.

    Basil ran towards the gate pretending to be terrified. “Jagran! Jagran” (fire! fire!) he shouted in panic pointing towards the collapsed tower. Soldier were already running out of the game even before he had arrived so he just ran in continuing to shout “Jagran! Jagran!” He continued until he had ran into the first door he could find. It was silent inside so he now pretended to be an ordinary guard. He walked through large white corridors with golden chandeliers. On the walls were a couple of huge paintings of kings and queens, all with very pale skin and light hair. He looked through a large number of rooms, both large and small. He did not know what to look for really. There had to be something here.

    After some time searching, he could hear a large door open somewhere inside the castle. Basil tried to search up the source and found himself in another corridor. There were voices coming from inside what must be the throne room. He snuck up along the wall to take look. There were a large number of people in the room, mostly nobles and royal guards. At the front of the group where what seemed to be the queen and king discussing with some very fat noble. In the group were also two children in royal clothes. A seven-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy. Both had the same pale skin and light hair as the queen and king. Basil noticed one man that brought back memories. Among the guards stood the man responsible for all of this, Ammar Avitus himself. Basil held his hand over the sword’s hilt as he starred on the man.

    “Estir zolnir, con robuz?” Basil turned around swiftly only to find that a four or so year old girl was standing before him. She looked very similar to the other children so she was probably also a child to the king and queen. “ zolnir, con robuz?” She said again now shacking Basil’s tabard. Basil looked around and then at the child. “Ni.. Nikh”. The young girl looked at basil with disappointment. She probably thought he was as boring as any other guard was as she left and walked back to the others. Basil looked at the group and noticed a slightly dark skinned man that he also recognised as they turned towards the girl. The group soon later split up. Basil thought for a short while if he would follow Ammar or the dark man. Basil decided to follow the dark skinned man. The man did not have any guards with him so following him was easy. The man walked until he came to what appeared to be his bedroom. Basil walked in after.
  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 24: The mountain fortress, Beldon part 3/3

    The man who was a Laldenien general that had been at Lalden minor turned around calmly and asked Basil something in eastern Dormanian. Basil drew his sword and grabbed the man by the throat and pushing him into a wall. “Did you betray us!=” Basil said in Evilerian.

    “What? What is this?” the man responded. “Did you betray us at lalden minor!?” Basil said as he hit the man’s head onto the wall.
    “You’re Lisakdonian? No! No I never betrayed you. I thought we would win.” the man said.

    “Then why are you here? You are no prisoner? Why did they take my friends but not your!?”
    Basil drew the blade closer to his throat.
    “No! We are Dormanians, we always were, that’s why we were spared on a ransom. I am here as a simple diplomat to ensure our relations now when Lisakdonia is gone.”
    “So you are a traitor then!
    “I am loyal to Lalden. I do what is best for Lalden. Be it with or against Lisakdonia.”

    Basil, still upset relished the man.
    “I never wanted this to happen, but I have to do the best of the situation.”
    Basil sat down on the bed. He looked up on the man who still stood at the wall.
    “Where are they? Where did they take my friends” said Basil.
    The laldenien man was still shaking and looked like he did not want to answer.
    “They are. They are not here.”

    “Where are they!?”
    Basil grabbed his sword and starred at the man.
    “They. Oh no. no. They. The knights and generals were fed to the imprisoned great mother. I’m so so sorry.”
    Basil felt empty. He stood up and drew his sword towards the man’s neck so close that he cut a bleeding wound. “Is it true?”
    The man was crying of fear. “I have no reason to lie to you. If you don’t believe me. Look in the royal armoury. It is downstairs in the western section”

    Basil withdrew his sword and left the man to grab his bleeding neck. Basil went out of the door and walked directly towards the armoury without caring for anyone that would be able to see him. He walked fast yet it felt not fast enough. His head felt empty yet it was spinning significantly. He could barely focus on the path yet he walked steadfast. Before long he found himself in the armoury. Thousands of weapons, shields and sets of armour were there. He walked through the room looking over all the walls and racks. Basil stopped and his stomach got cold. He grabbed for a sword among other familiar ones. He looked at the sword. It had a green hilt and a name forged into the metal. “Malumion” Antonio’s sword. Basil looked around and he also saw the swords of, Helen, Magnus and Alice. Where they all really dead?

    A bell began to ring further up. A little later another bell began to ring and people, soldiers could be heard shouting. Basil, filled with rage grabbed Malumion and walked out of the armoury. His mind was clouded but he walk straight forward without any clue what to do. He just walked. The sounds of footsteps and shouts began to fill the corridors and soon two soldiers ran out of another path. They looked towards basil and shouted some question. Basil did not listen, instead he channelled the flame and then let the blade find its way through both the soldiers, killing them. Basil almost awakened by the action began to run through the corridors, keeping an eye towards the other paths. When he found a stairway, he ran up. The stairway led all the way up to a balcony of some sort. On the balcony were three saddled dragons kept in cages. Without thinking, basil cut through the lock to one that was sleeping. Before the dragon had waking up, Basil had jumped into the saddle. In confusion, the dragon walked out of the cell and began to fly without knowing it was not its master riding on it.

    The dragon flew west down the mountains. Basil let the dragon fly on its own while he held onto the saddle so he did not fall off. He used this time to breath and try to think but this mind was still numb. He could not think about anything else than Antonio, Alice, Helen and Magnus. Basil almost fell asleep. Then suddenly the dragon screamed as something grabbed it and threw it towards the ground. Basil fell with the dragon for a few seconds and the dragon took the whole impact. All air escaped his lungs for a couple of seconds as he lied on the dragon. Something large landed on the ground. Basil dropped off the whining dragon still holding onto Malumion. “Run miechem edlo osfar. Ofa upach edlo glorn” A man said in threatening tone. Basil looked towards him. It was a large strong man with a large black dragon. Basil took a combat ready stance. The man shook his head. “Ni ekion” the man said just as he raised his large sword. Basil did not have time to channel the flame before the swing came.

    Basil had to block the attack but the man was much stronger so Basil’s whole balance was set of course. Before Basil could regain his balance, the man hit him with his fist. Basil fell to the ground and dropping Malumion. The man grabbed Basil by the hair and pulled him up. The man then pushed Basil towards the black dragon causing him almost to fall. Basil then stood still while holding his hand on Flame Song’s hilt. The man pushed Basil again, now harder so he fell. Just as the man was going to pull him up again, Basil turned around and swung with his burning sword.

    The man’s blade landed in the ground beside Basil. Basil backed off and stood up while looking at the man. In his hand, he held the hilt of the sword and half his face had been cut through, from the shin, through the mouth and left eye. The man coughed blood as he tried to breath. Basil raised his sword and cut off the man’s head.

    The black dragon roared behind Basil but instead of trying to attack, it flew off. Basil stood there with the sword in his hand, just looking at the body of the man. Beneath all the sick feelings he had there was one feeling. A feeling of wrong. Something was very familiar with this man. Too familiar. As if he had killed someone he knew or should have known.

  • I skipped the description of how he made it into the city yet it all became very long regardless...
    Well well.

    As of now, I have 5 or 6 chapters left.
  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 25: Malumion – the monster slayer

    Days later. Basil was walking over a field with tall grass. He did not know what to do anymore. He should have traveled home to Lisakdonia with his friends by now. He still did not know if he should have believed the man, but as he had said. Why would he lie? Basil stroke his right hand over his head. His head was in pain and he felt sick. His body felt fragile and his left arm felt as it had broken into thousands of pieces. He sat down for a while. He did not know if he was about to cry, scream or throw up. Everything felt so wrong, everything was so wrong. Why was he even in Dormania? Why was he here so far from home? He lowered his head into his arms.

    Basil tried to find some answer or comfort in his memories but mostly he saw only death. He remembered his grandmother and Byron, killed by an infected wolf. He remembered his parent, killed by the Margeficus. He remembered Lily, killed and defiled by Philip and his men. He remembered Rowan, killed by Stelladorans. He remembered the people that died in Giern, those that had died in Nadra Vika, Sirdaca, Lalden Minor. He remembered Antonio, Alice, Magnus and Helen, also killed by Stelladorans. He remembered Janet. Basil looked up. His mind became clearer. That’s it. He came here in hope of finding and taking revenge upon the one or those responsible for the Margeficus. At home, Janet was waiting for him. With newly found purpose, Basil stood up and continued to walk.

    Sometime later, A dragon flew past Basil high up in the sky. Basil did not take notice of it until it turned around further ahead. It was a black dragon with someone riding on in. The dragon flew lower as it turned again. It was the same kind of dragon that the man he had fought some days earlier had. The dragon as it turned again flew straight down towards Basil and landed not far away from him. Basil stood still and watched the Dragon and the rider who jumped off. She looked at Basil with an expression that could end up either with her crying or screaming out in fury and anger. She was shaking uncontrollably holding her sword. A tear left her right eye as she spoke with trembling voice. “Eren sky, Eren sky ish dor?” The tall grass was dancing around them. Something was different about her. She held her sword in the right hand and her left hand she held over her abdomen.

    Basil did not answer. He began walk away from Zenaida. “Eren sky ish dor!” she shouted out in anger. Basil stood still for a few seconds while he thought. He then drew his sword and turned around. “Dun” he said. Zenaida was shaking even more as she closed her eyes and lowered head with tears pouring from her eyes. She put one hand on the dragon that began to fly away. She grabbed her sword with both hands and opened her eyes. Her eyes were black with hatred and she breathed heavily. Then she stopped. Basil raised his sword at the same moment as she dashed forward. She swung towards basil’s shoulder from her right shoulder. Basil blocked the attack with his sword. Zenaida pushed his sword with her own and turned around her own shoulder and deliver another attack from her left shoulder. Basil who had his own shoulder in the way to move his sword tried to push Zenaida away. As the sword swung over Basil’s head, Zenaida released her left hand from it and punched Basil’s jaw with it.

    Basil backed off and turned his whole body to gain moment forward with a swing for his blade. Zenaida was already moving away but strains of hair and a little blood splattered as the sword passed her. Zenaida was struck just above her left eye. She had her sword reaching behind and as she moved forward, she raised the sword as she pushed into Basil. She sword cut through the outer layer of Basil’s cloth armour. Basil pushed forward and punched her in her breast so she dropped the sword. Basil then pushed her down as he grabbed her by the neck with his right arm as he moved the sword towards her neck with the left arm. Zenaida took out a dagger from her belt and stabbed Basil in the shoulder. He lost his grip so she could move away. She ran to her sword and took it up. Meanwhile, Basil dragged out the dagger from his shoulder.

    Zenaida held sword at shoulders height pointed forward as she turned around towards Basil. She moved forward to thrust it towards Basil who came swinging in with his left hand on his sword. She ducked beneath the blade but then fell forward and dropped her sword. Basil had stabbed her with the dagger in the chest just above the abdomen. Basil look her in his right arm and lowered his sword. Zenaida held her eyes down into Basil’s chest. She then took the dagger and cut Basil’s left arm while holding his right. She grabbed Basil’s sword and turned around her right shoulder leading the blade straight back into Basil’s own chest. Basil trembled backwards and fell onto the ground.

    Zenaida fell down onto her knees holding her hands towards her abdomen and her bleeding chest. Basil forced himself up on his legs even with the sword piercing straight through him. He grabbed the hilt and pulled. Even how hard he tried he could not avoid to scream by the pain. His clothes were beginning to be drenched in his own blood. Basil held the sword as he limped forward towards Zenaida. Basil stepped beside her and raised the sword above his head turned towards her. The blood from the sword dripped down upon his head. Zenaida looked up upon him. She was still furious but mostly sad.

    “Akonar” she said. Basil starred at her before he lowered the sword. He upon the blade. “Malumion, the monster slayer”. A tear finally broke out of Basil’s eye. Then the Malumion. The sword landed soft in the grass beside Zenaida. Basil then turned around and began to walk away while holding his hands around the bleeding wound. He walked beyond the field towards a river. He began to feel weak and cold. Every step became more difficult than the last. Then he could no longer take another step and he fell onto the ground.

    image image
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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 26: Truth

    “erd’ar avie aliono osh artna oh mana asnie lev’ashi-...” Some voices were mumbling. The voices echoed dull around Basil. He coughed and comforted his fragile body. He felt for the wound but there was nothing there as if he had never received it. Basil opened his eyes slowly. He lied down on some glass or crystal floor. Above the floor was thick mist covering everything else. He slowly went up on his knees and then his feet. He wore his civil clothes from home and the Flame song where nowhere to be seen. The mumbling voices became duller until they disappeared completely. Basil looked around. He seemed to be in some endless field of mist. All around stood metal bowls with stakes. From the bowls, mist sipped out and into the sea of it. In the sky were long stripped clouds and beyond them was what seemed like a burning moon, shining upon it all.

    Basil stretched his right hand towards the moon. He moved his hand and fingers as to visualise him holding the moon. A ball of blue and green flame from the moon fell slowly towards the mist, which began to change colours as the ball of fire came close. A large arm moved around basil and grabbed the burning mist in a bowl. The arm withdrew back behind Basil. He turned around and saw a large deity that was at least four times as tall as he was. The deity moved the burning bowl closer to his head. The mist began to stream up to him and absorbed into him. When the flame was gone, he put down the bowl and looked at Basil.

    “Basil. Do you know why you are you here?”

    Basil looked upon the deity. He thought he would feel awed by the presence but he felt nothing.

    “I don’t know why I am here. You are Decaotus?”

    “Yes I am. You rage through this land, killing people you do not need to kill. You almost even killed an unborn that shares your own blood yet you do not know why?
    ”I was. I am searching for those responsible for the Margeficus. The monster that killed so many, killed my parents and caused all of this.”

    “Basil, do you fear the abyss? Do you fear the destruction and death it brings upon your world?”

    ”Yes? Of course I do. Why would even ask that?

    ”The abyss is growing stronger behind its gate. It leaks into the world in the form of beasts yet it grows to one day break that very gate. You know that already.”

    “Moktaraktus, the day Septhis breaks the gate and brings the forces of the abyss to our world. Everyone knows that and it what we are prepared for. It is why Friyena train us, to be prepared and save the world from ending.”

    “It will not matter how many knights she train, how many soldiers she gather in her army. When the Septhis comes and brings Moktaraktus. The mortal realm will fall.”

    “You know nothing more about than Friyena. She believes we can succeed and we will!”

    “The abyss is like water and the gate is like a dam. Even how strong the dam is it will not hold if the water is not allowed to leak through. When it finally breaks, it will spell doom for everything that lives beneath. Friyena knew this. We had to do something to save the mortal realm. That is why we sent the Margeficus.”

    Basil took a step back. “What!? You sent him!?

    ”Yes. We five decided that it was the only solution. The Margeficus was supposed to create a huge wound in the world where the abyss would fall back and descend into the depths. It would have saved the rest of the world for thousands of years if not forever. Frieyna brought him to us but she could not stand watching him destroy your realm.

    ”You’re lying! Friyena would never release such monster upon us! You’re trying to put me against her just like you betrayed her!”

    I never betrayed her. She betrayed us. She broke the pact and entered the mortal realm to bring down the Margeficus. She has ensured the arrival of Septhis. Even then, she did not save your parents nor did she save your friend, Lily.”

    Basil moved his had to draw his sword, which he did not have. “You’re lying!”

    I never tell lies, Basil. You do not believe me for you see me as an enemy. Go, go south to Swadgena and speak to my brother Terrodus. May his word make you see the truth. Now go Basil.”


    The mist around Basil began to burn in a blue green flame that rose above Basil. Soon after, he woke up in a bed. Beside him sat two priests that had taken care of his wounds. They held a bowl from which smoke rose. Over Basil was a bunch of flower leaves scattered. The priests spoke in some ancient language as they spoke to the smoke it looked like.

    Just like any other Dormanian, these people did not speak Evilerian but neither did they speak Dormanian, at least not the eastern or southern languages. It would probably not have made any difference anyway since they did not speak to Basil. They somewhat knew already what they had to knew. They gave Basil food and clothes and took care of his wounds. In addition to the two priests that took care of Basil, there were nine more of various ages. When Basil was good enough to walk they headed to the northern great lake where they got a small ship. With the ship, they sailed south through the great lake rivers.
  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 27: The gate to the abyss

    When the ship docked at the island of Swadgena, The priests led him far up and into the island. The island was not controlled by any Dormanian kingdom and was home to most of the priests of the ancient. The island was well taken care of and beautiful with millions of flowers, trees and stone white stone structures that followed the flow of the island. Basil had been given attire similar to that which the priests used. A black robe with a white and yellow belt and around his neck, he wore a white cloth piece called an “egritkna” that that covered his shoulders and upper back and chest. They walked up a stone path until they came to a small village of seven houses made almost entirely of white stone. They spent the night in the village together with a bunch of other priests that was there since earlier.

    The day after, Basil and one other priest from the group set off further up the island. They walked over yet another stone path that led up to the temple building on top of the island. The inside was decorated with old images of the gods and many of the walls had shelves with old books on them. Those were not of interest for Basil or the priest who walked to the altar in the middle of the temple. The priest put his hand on the altar and said “El’isna af’ina evonio avan fer’ahan” The altar responded to the priest’s words and began to glide out of position revealing a stairway. The priest walked down first and Basil followed. The stairs led down and into a spherical room with a bowl in the middle. The walls and roof where covered with ancient figures and texts. The priest walked to the back of the room and retrieved a jug. He then walked up toward the bowl and signed that Basil did the same. He began pouring out a dark liquid from the jug into the bowl. When the Jug was empty, he took a step back and opened his arms. Basil took a deep breath and lowered his head into the liquid.

    Basil began to lose the feeling of his feet, legs, body, arms and head as he held his head in the liquid. It began to feel as he was drowning so he began to breath. It felt as he was floating so he opened his eyes. In front of him he saw a lifeless face drenched in a black liquid. The face screamed silently ass it was dragged back into the depth. The person pushed up his hand from the liquid but hit was sounded like thick glass before the hand was pulled in as well. Basil looked around and saw that he was floating just above a large glass gate that separated him from the abyss. He turned his feet towards the gate and landed on it as a platform. He looked around. He was in what looked like the sky. There were clouds everywhere and in the distance was the sun shining upon him. A large deity floated towards the platform where Basil stood.

    ”I would have presented myself but you already know who I am, as you have been come her to speak with me.”

    Basil backed off a few steps to give a room for Terrodus. He did however not land as he continued to float aside the platform.
    “I have come to ask you if it is true what Decaotus says. That you released the Margeficus upon Aveliade. That Friyena betrayed a pact she had with you? Is that true?”

    “Decaotus never tell lies, nor does he always tell truths. It is true though what he says. We did make a monster of the Margeficus. A monster meant to destroy, to save. Because we could not see what Friyena saw, hope.
    Decaotus follows logic while Friyena follows heart. She did oppose the pact we made so far ago, but she never broke it. For she never made the pact.”


    ”When she arrived to us, we had already made the pact. We could not leave her alone so we took her in as one of our own. She never took the pact because she was never one of us.”

    ”What. Is Friyena not a god?”

    “No. She is not. She is something much lesser yet far greater.” Terrodus stretched out his hand and channeled mana through it. A flow of white light gathered in his hand and formed into a blade of light. “A heirloom of her true heritage. A blade of Dawn Silver.”
    The blade dissembled into light again that spread afar.
    “She is not truly one of us so she cannot truly understand our darkness as we cannot understand her hope. We choose to use the magic of the abyss once in hope to save Avelaide and innocent lives were lost for it. Friyena did it not once but twice, and innocent lives were lost again.”

    ”Not a god? She used the abyssal magic twice and innocent lives were lost? Why did she do it again? Basil moved around in circles, conflicted.

    ”The only one that can truly answer for the reason of her actions is Friyena herself. Return to her. The priests will take you back to Lisakdonia. Good bye Basil”


    Basil began to float up from the platform. He began to rise up faster and faster until everything became darker and finally black. Basil withdrew his head from the bowl and liquid. The priest welcomed him back with a bow. They walked back to the village and spent the remaining of the day there. The after they returned to the ship and began to sail west through the long rivers until they reached the ocean. From there they continued west over the ocean back to Lisakdonia.
  • @Jonteman93 As always, I am greatly enjoying your writing. Basil with his lust for vengeance is now something of an antihero.
    One thing that confused me is why Zenaida had sex with Basil. I feel like there's a better way to thank him for saving her village. And he responds by killing her later…kind of weird.
    It would be nice if you could translate some of the Dormanian so we could understand better.
    Lev'foralt Antonio, Alice, Helen, and Magnus.
    Have we seen Lionus before?
  • Basil has had a hard life. He seemed to have a Stockholm syndrome with Zenaida. I don't know who Lionus was, but apparently he was more important to Zenaida than Basil.
  • Does Basil have a card?
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    I realized that I have written some chapter way too fast since I don't have very much time to write. So there is quite many errors hehe…

    Basil does indeed have some kind of Stockholm syndrom för Zenaida after being her prisoner for months. The sex part is not as much a "gift" as it is a cultural aspect. Dormanian culture relies heavily upon the search for a strong partner. Zenaida sees Basil as this a strong warrior and thus she has sex with.
    But it is much more a lustful, loving desire and an intend to get a child than it is a gift. In an non-Dormanian culture this would be seen as kind of selfish but not necessarily in Dormanian culture.

    There is a story I would like to write that is about Zenaida before the battle of Lalden Minor where she lost her dragon. In this story Lionus appears and have very high significance for Zenaida since he is her uncle and the one that brought her as very young to get her own dragon. This story would also explain that a rider and a dragon has a very strong bond that is built upon for years during their childhood. When one's dragon dies it is extremely rare that the rider gets another one. Zenaida took over Lionus' black dragon since they had known each other for Zenaida's whole life. The bond is almost complete already between them and she can ride a new dragon.

    That she got so furious is partly because she hate losing what she really love but also because she had built a trust for Basil who then killed Lionus. That after she had "given" herself to him. To say that she felt betrayed would understate her feelings. Yet she still had some love for Basil and he would become the father to her child.

    Basil never killed Zenaida. He stopped his blade when she called him "Akonar" which means "monster". Malumion, in the hands of Antonio would destroy monsters to protect the good. In Basil's hands it was almost the opposite and he realized that by her word. Thus he dropped the sword since he had betrayed the memory of Antonio and did not deserve to keep it anymore.

    Basil does not have a card (yet).

    I did not manage to write the last three chapters before I move so I will write them at my family home instead. This means that it will take some time longer to fix and post them.

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  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 28: A night to remember

    It was an unusually cold winter in Crastine. Snow was falling gently over the city that rarely has to see any frost at all. The streets and inner water canals were covered in thin layers of ice. On almost every street were tracks from the carts that had been transporting firewood around the city. The streets were much less trafficked by citizens that preferred to stay at home or at the taverns. Those that were moving around the city held their arms towards their chests to keep their heat. The sun had almost disappeared beneath the western mountains behind the grey sky. Most of the direct light that touched the city’s stone streets and walls came from the buildings themselves.

    Basil stood at the southern harbor watching in over the city that he had left more than half a year ago. It was his home yet it felt different. He remained there for a rather long time, almost half an hour. He just drifted away in his thoughts. The last time he had been here he had been here with them. All of them. Antonio, Janet, Alice, Rowan, Magnus, Helen, Aelia. Are Janet and Aelia still here? Basil looked up towards the huge palace. Friyena had her chamber there within. Had she really done what Decaotus and Terrodus said she had done? Had she seen the destruction and still sought the abyssal powers to create another monster? Monster? Basil held his hand over the eagle pommel of Flame Song. His thoughts turned back to Zenaida as he turned towards the ocean in the east.

    No, they deserved what came to them. They must have.

    Basil stopped thinking as if his mind resisted his own thoughts. He stroke his right hand over his hair which had been covered in snow. For a second he wondered if Janet would even recognize him. What if she doesn’t? Maybe she has accepted that he is gone forever and thus forgot about him? Maybe she found another. The thoughts within Basil began conflict with each other so he just shook his head in an attempt to remove them as he began to walk forward.

    Basil walked over the thin snow towards the eastern gate that leads to the palace stairs. The gate was closed and before it stood three palace guards dressed in what looked like wolf fur. As Basil approached them one of the guards raised his hand and said.
    “Halt there. The palace is out of reach for anyone unauthorized during the night.”

    “I am a knight of Friyena. I seek an audience with her.” Basil responded as he stopped before the guard.

    “Rank?” The guard said.

    ”Field Knight” Basil answered.

    “Your rank is too low to meet Friyena. Also she is not here this evening so you need to come back tomorrow anyway and try again then.”.

    ”Why did you not say that in the first place?” Basil said.

    ”New rules. Unspecialized knights are unauthorized to meet the lady.”

    “What? You say that I cannot meet her? I was trapped in Dormania after the battle for over six months! I have even slayed an Akon beast to save a town and you say that I am not allowed to meet her?”

    The guards now looked at each other while mumbling confusedly. The guard turned back to Basil after a short moment.

    “If it is true as you say then return tomorrow and the order will see to it that you become rightfully promoted. You might also meet the lady then. Now good night sir.” The guard said before turning his back to Basil and returning to his post.

    Since there was nothing more Basil could do there, he began to walk towards the order’s barracks. He did not stop until he could see the top of the building appear before him. He approached the gates and stopped. He looked up towards the windows of the end of the third floor. A light came from within. Would it really be wise to see Janet at this time? Basil stood there for a short while thinking before he decided it was best to wait until after. He turned around and began to walk to his own home.

    When Basil came close to the building where he lived, he noticed a dim light escaping from the windows. There were also a set of footsteps at the door. Two sets to and one set from it. Someone had taken his home from him. It made him furious. The home that belonged to his mother and father. Instead of walking away, Basil drew out his sword and approached the door. He quickly opened the door and stepped inside with his sword before him. On the table in the outer room were a single candle, a couple of letters and a fur coat. Basil turned his sword towards the door to the other room as the housebreaker stepped forward with a sword ready in hand. They both stood there for a few seconds that felt almost like minutes.
    Janet lowered her sword and walked towards Basil. She embraced him as he did her. “ I thought I would never see you again. I thought you were dead Basil.” Janet said from beneath Basil’s beard at his chest as tears were filling her eyes. Basil buried his nose in Janet’s hair. Memories of them dancing in the ball bloomed up within his mind. A feeling of soft and warmth overwhelmed him as he had not felt such feelings for so long so he also began to cry. Basil cried so that he began to laugh. “What is so funny?” Janet asked as she also began to laugh. Basil did not answer and instead began dandle around as they had done during the dance half a year ago. They laughed even more as they swung around gently.

    When they stopped laughing, they continued to dance around gently and tightly together. Warmth grew between them. The dance turned to a kiss and even lust. A lust that would not have grown so easily half a year ago but now burned like through them. They went to bed together and their lustful feelings just exploded.

    2 chapters remains
  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 29: William, part 1/3

    The sun began to rise up over the snow covered Crastine. Basil sat at the side of his parent’s bed looking at Janet who was sleeping deeply. He let his hand stroke over her shoulder and her soft blonde hair before he stood up from the bed. He dressed himself and took Flame Song before he stepped out of the house. The streets were mostly empty and shiningly white from the sun’s early light touching the snow. Basil took a deep cold breath before he began to walk towards the palace.

    The gates were open and only two guards were position beside it. Basil walked straight by them and up towards the stairs. The stairs were rose long and tall over the rest of the city to the central platform. Flags and banners were resting upon their poles decorating them red and white. A large number of servants were working on the platform to remove the snow from the colored stones. Basil only gave a short look towards them before he walked towards the palace building. The entrance to the palace was decorated with eight marble pillars with a palace guard in front of each. The guards stopped Basil as he approached and asked his ground of visit. Upon answering the question, the guards called for their captain, one of the guardian knights to which Basil showed his emblem and sword.

    “You have been expected Basil, slayer of an akon as the rumors says. The lady has been asking for you so please follow me.” the guardian knight said as he began to lead Basil into the palace.

    “Excuse me but I must say that you look particularly young for have been defeating an akon on your own. Forgive me if I ask but how old are you actually?” the knight asked as they came into a large open hall room with many doors on the sides.
    “I became twenty years old past autumn and I did not really defeat it by my own. The town that was being attacked was still fighting against the monster when I arrived.” Basil said while looking around on the tall royal decorated walls of the hall.
    “Even with the help of an army, to be able to slay an Akon at your young age is a feat beyond incredible. Unbelievable even but we have all seen miracles happen before, haven’t we?” the knight said.

    Many of the doors on the side of the hall lead to corridors or stairs but the large ones lead to significantly important locations. To the right was a large door that lead to the Vearone’s throne room. A door to the left lead to some kind of meeting room and another lead to what looked like a lecture hall. At the end of the hall where three doors. The left door was closed but held the sign of the order. The right door was also closed but Basil knew that it lead to the order’s headquarter and the seats of the masters and Letholdus. Between them was a large white door with Friyena’s symbol upon it. It had earlier led to the temple of Friyena but since the Margeficus attack it had been remade. Basil and the knight stopped before the three doors.

    “I will go and tell the masters that you have arrived. You do as you want if you want to answer the lady’s call now or wait and do it after the meeting with the masters. See you later.” The knight said before he went into the right doorway. Basil now stood alone before the mighty white door that lead to Friyena’s chamber. It felt strange have been called for by her now. If it had happened earlier he would have entered with pride and joy. Now he stood there with no pride or joy but fear. Not a violent fear but a gentle fear that is telling him to leave it, to walk back. But if he turned back he would never know the real truth. Maybe that would be for the best. Basil began to turn around when a small, cold and yet familiar wind moved past him and the white doors began to open. Basil turned towards the opened doors for a few seconds and then he stepped inside.

    The doors closed behind him as he stepped a few steps up into a large circular room with an altar in the middle with flowers and candles upon it. The walls were filled with banners, paintings and other decorations. The paintings illustrated all from Friyena as a god to her fighting and defeating the Margeficus. From the roof hanged a large silver chandelier and from it hanged vine looking strings with blooming flowers.

    ”Basil, I am back here” Said a woman from a room in the back.

    Basil walked around the room to the left side and through an opening. The other room was much larger than the room before. It was twice as tall and had a roof of both uncolored and colored glass. The floor on each side of were filled with planted flowers and other plants of all possible colors. Between the flowers ran small paths of waters that spread around the whole inside garden. Around the walls stood half pillars with bowls with fire on them. Between the flower gardens ran a pathway that led towards the other half of the room that were a couple of steps up. At the back of the elevated floor stood a white golden throne that was filled with flowers and on its back stood a white sheathed sword. The floor in front of the throne was large and open. At the side of the room at the wall stood a single knight in complete body covered armor, William. At the throne in a white and gold dress stood Friyena who just put aside a jug on the throne.


    “Welcome Basil. You wanted to see me?” Friyena said with a gentle smile. A smile that used to make Basil warm but this time it did not. Basil walked up the few steps and then stopped.

    “Yes I did.” Basil said.

    “Is something wrong?” Friyena asked. She had noticed that Basil had not gone down on his right knee nor did he bow. Even if Friyena never asked nor demanded for such acts the knights always did so by their own code of honor and decency.

    ”When I was Dormania I encountered Decaotus. He told me some things. He said that you and they created the Margeficus. That you let the monster kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people. My mom and dad.” said Basil as if the forced himself to say it.

  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 29: William, part 2/3

    Friyena lost her smile and looked upon Basil with concern. “Basil, I…”

    ”I spoke to Terrodus as well. He said that you had created another monster after the Margeficus. He said that even more innocent people had died because of you.” Basil said as he interrupted Friyena. Basil held his left hand over the pommel of his sword as he looked at William who stepped a few steps forward towards Basil while holding a hand over his own sword.

    “Basil you should…” Friyena said.

    ”Did you do it? Did you create the Margeficus?” Basil said as he interrupted Friyena again.

    William now stepped and stopped in front of Basil turned towards him, still holding his hand over the sword. Friyena was speechless and almost chocked. She looked at Basil who was very upset and shacking uncontrollably. He would not leave before he got an answer nor would he accept a lie. Even if it was best for him.

    “Yes Basil. I helped them trap the Margeficus to create an incomplete akon vegrin.” She said

    Basil felt cold in his whole body upon hearing it.

    ”Did you let my mom and dad die by the monster? Did you let the monster kill Tengil so the Kilmaeren could roam freely and kill Lily? Did you let Margeficus weaken us so the Stelladorans saw their chance and declare war upon us? A war that took the lives of Antonio, Alice, Rowan, Helen and Magnus?” Basil said as his eyes widened and he took a firmer grip on the handle of Flame Song.

    “I did not want anyone to die Basil” she said

    “But you let them die! You could have saved them.” he said.

    “I wanted to save them but I could not betray my brothers and sisters. I wanted to stop the Margeficus but I did not find the courage to break the promise until I was shown the bravery that humans possess and I decided to break the promise. Enough people had died.” she said.

    “But enough people had not died. You created a second monster and more people died because of it?” He said.

    “You should leave, Basil.” she said.

    William now drew his sword and pointed towards the door behind Basil. Basil did not turn. Instead, he drew his own sword and stood face to face with William.
    “Do you even seek to protect us?” Basil said.

    “That is my sole purpose.” Friyena said.

    William now walked towards Basil and grabbed his should to force him out. Williams grab held much strength behind it and something else that Basil felt. The feeling turned to cold fury and Basil turned around his right shoulder as he raised his sword and swung it towards William. William got hit on his helm that moved slightly out of place. It was strange. William was supposed to be one the best knights of them all and yet he fell for such simple move.

    “Stop it!” Friyena now shouted.

    William recovered very quickly, raised his sword, and moved forward towards Basil. He tried to punch Basil with his left fist as he swung the sword with his right. Basil easily dodged the punch and raised his sword to block the attack. He almost fell back as the sword hit with an inhuman strength. Basil took a step back, channeled the white flame through his sword, and stepped forward for another attack. William was very fast and raised his sword to block the attack as he punched with his left fist. Basil let the blade glide against Williams as ducked beside William. From his low stance, he turned around his left shoulder with blade in both hands and raised it up towards William’s head. The blade got a direct hit on the helm that moved it even further out of place. William should have fallen over by that hit but he just backed a few steps. His helmet now revealed a slight gap at the neck but something looked strange about it Basil felt. As if the armor was burning inside.

    “Stop now! I order you to stop!” Friyena shouted.

    William did not correct his helmet and instead dashed directly back towards Basil with sword raised. Basil stepped forward with his right foot and held his left foot back. When William’s attack came, Basil forced it down into the ground with his own sword as he moved beside William. As he turned he grabbed William’s helm by the neck and pulled as he could until it came loose. He threw the helm to the side and turned back towards William. Basil looked upon William. His hair was grey as ash and his skin was black and cracked as coal. Smoke elevated from the armor and around his head. A slight dim glow escaped from the cracks. William turned around and revealed his eyes. They were black and seemingly dead except for the slight dim glowing purple eyes. Basil did not know what to think. He was not really surprised but he had never thought Friyena would have created a monster of a human.

    “My mission is to prepare the world for Moktaraktus. I love seeing the humans’ dance, sing, play and love for life. I want them to be happy forever without the fear of the abyss. I will do whatever it takes. I will do the most honorable and dishonorable things. I succeeded and I failed with so much but everything I do is to prepare for the day when Septhis arrives. For when Moktaraktus arrives, when Septhis brings the abyss we shall be ready and we shall destroy Septhis so that life will continue and the world will go on without fear. I will do whatever it takes Basil, I will even put you down if that is what I must do. Is it what I must do, Basil?” Friyena said

    “How can you seek to use the abyss after you saw what the Margeficus did?” Basil said as he raised his sword that began to burn and glow even more.
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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 29: William, part 3/3

    Black smoke and dim black flames began to arise around William’s blade. William moved forward determined with his sword in hand. He raised it and struck down towards Basil who swung up his own sword. The flames of the swords collided and sparks and smoke began to spread. William’s attack was strong when he swung again he swung his blade even faster than before. The attacks were many and carried much strength. Basil had difficult to repel each attack. His defense began to falter and finally William managed to cut open a wound in Basil’s thigh. Basil screamed as he feel back. William did not swing another. Friyena expected Basil to give up and go home, but he did not.

    Basil tore a piece of his cloth and wrapped it around the wound before he stood up. His leg hurt but he would falter again. Basil channeled more of the white flame so that his left arm began to hurt. He attacked William with flames widely spreading from his sword. William easily blocked it as he was still much faster but every strike from Basil seemed to burn onto his armor as the white flames overtook the black. William’s sword began to burn even more and more smoke left it. But as he channeled strength, so Basil. Basil channeled a flame stronger than he ever had before as he continued to attack William. The pain was screaming in his arm but he ignored it as best as he could.

    The white and black flames twisted around them in the dark smoke. Drops began to fall onto the floor around them. Basil noticed his left arm had begun to bleed, heavily. The pain grew deeper and became more difficult to withstand. Basil was then pushed back by a kick from William. Basil coughed blood onto the floor before he stood up again. He did not his limits so he did care to follow them. Basil channeled of the flame as he possibly could. The pain felt as if his bone began to break into thousands of pieces inside his arm. The blood even began to burn up on the outside of his arm. Basil took both his hands around the blade and dashed towards William.

    A sound echoed through the room. It sounded as if something cracked or broke. Basil just continued forward towards William. Basil struck from his left shoulder and down to his right hip. William swung towards Basil at the same time. Basil swung the blade and fell to the ground. He dropped the blade somewhere that he could not see. His head was spinning, he was in pain and his left arm was so numb it felt as if had been cut off. Basil looked towards Friyena who looked upon him in almost shock. Had he killed William? A few seconds passed before he heard the sound of metal walking over the stone floor. He then saw William walking to his helmet which he took up and put on. When he turned around, Basil saw a huge white glowing cut in breastplate. William then proceeded to walk towards a door in the back of the room.

    The moment later the door in the front opened and the noise from many metal boots running on stone floor could was heard.

    ”My lady. What has happened?” said the guardian knight from earlier.
    Two guards helped Basil up on his legs.

    “This knight here. He raised his sword towards me.” Friyena said while looking at Basil with pity in her eyes.

    “What? This knight? … Then the procedures shall be taken. Unless you wish otherwise my lady.” the knight said with a voice very doubtful. Friyena turned towards Basil.

    “Basil. I give you this chance. Forget all of this and forgive what have happened. Plead yourself once again to me. If you do that, I shall let you go free. I will even let you leave the knighthood if would want.”

    Basil looked upon Friyena without saying a word. Friyena understood his eyes clearly. She looked down in disappointment.

    “Take him away” She said in an almost sad voice.

    “You heard the lady. Take away the traitor.” Said the knight. Basil was led away and soon he was chained as well. Just before they left the room, he looked back and saw Friyena move aside the flowers from the throne and sit down. She lowered her head into her hands. Then the doors closed behind them.
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    Thus only one single chapter remains... of act 4.

    This chapter took a very very long time to write. Too long.
    I want to make a card for William but just as the story, his design has changed rather significantly so the artworks that were plausible earlier are not viable anymore. I will see if I can find any artwork for him.
  • The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 30: Nameless, part 1/2

    Where had he gone? The sun was heading down in the west. Janet had been searching through the harbor, the barracks, the training grounds, the order’s library, stables and any other location she could think of for Basil but he were nowhere to be found. After she had searched for so long she began to believe that he had just been an imagination of her missing him. It had felt so real. Could it really have been her imagination? Aelia was probably right. She worried so much that she lost focus on reality. That made her think. Maybe she should speak to Aelia, she was quite good at getting her on her on other thoughts. So Janet began to walk back to the training grounds where Aelia was supposed to be training her soldiers.

    As Janet was heading back towards the training grounds she was met by a couple of other knights that were walking towards the western plaza. They seemed worried and angry about something. Janet hurried up a little. She did not get very far to the training grounds before Aelia appeared before her. Aelia also looked worried and deep in thought.

    “Aelia! Has something happened?” Janet almost shouted as she approached Aelia.

    “Janet, You don’t know? A messenger recently came by and told us someone in the order had raised his sword against Friyena. He has been declared a traitor and is about punished for it.” She said.

    Janet froze up. What if it’s Basil?

    “What? Who? Why? When did it happen?” Janet asked worryingly.

    “That was what we were told. We were not told who did it and why nor when.” said Aelia.

    “Does the people know?” asked Janet.

    “No but they will soon. This stuff will spread faster than fire.” Said Aelia.

    Janet and Aelia continued towards the western plaza and spoke only a little during the way. As they came closer, more citizens began to crowd the streets in the same direction indication that what Aelia said was true. When Janet and Aelia came to the plaza, the people had already begun to gather. The so called traitor had not been brought yet but at the stairs stood a couple of knights, priests and some workers. At the sides of the stair platform the bowls had already been lit. In the middle of the platform stood a large black bowl with a small wooden platform behind it. On the sides of the bowl were two metal rings. More people arrived at the plaza and the shouts from the crowd became louder. “Bring out the traitor! Let him pay! How could anyone turn against our savior?” shouted them. Even the knights joined in the crowd for it was their order that being harmed by the traitor. Aelia wanted to cheer as well but resisted as she saw Janet’s worried expression.

    Not before the crowd had reached tens of thousands spectators did the doors to the mansion behind up the stairs open. First came a captain of the palace guard, followed by two guardian knights, the high priest Kostavus, the royal family, the masters of the order and some other people with great power. The royal family and the masters of the order took their positions almost at the highest point of the stairs. Kostavus walked down in front of the black bowl.

    “Citizens of Crastine! It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that this morning. A noble and honorable knight of the order of Friyena broke his eternal oath and raised his sword towards the lady. Never have a crime of this magnitude occurred within the order itself. The order and her knights stand as beacons of light in this time of darkness. They are the sword that cuts through the monsters of the abyss and they are the shields that protect our people, our kingdom and our realm! The order has and will always be fighting for our sake.

    The knight knew his honor, his oath and his purpose from the very day he bowed and received his blade. At the very moment he raised his sword towards the lady, he broke his honor, his oath and the perfection of the order that has never betrayed us nor the lady. Death is not a punishment for such action. There is only one punishment worthy of such traitorous act. The traitor shall be not be named for he does no longer deserve to bear the name he was given. His name shall be removed from the records and all mentions of him shall be destroyed. He shall become nameless as he and his name will be forgotten. His soul shall not go to the afterlife for he does not deserve death.
    Bring out the traitor!

    Upon his command, two priests stepped out of the doors holding some special kind of jugs in their hands. Behind them came four guards and in between them walked Basil, chained to his neck and arms.

    “Basil!?” Janet almost shouted.

    “Shhh! You should not speak his name anymore Janet. He is nameless now.” Aelia said also a little confused.

    “What are you saying? He is our friend. We both know him. He cannot be a traitor.” Said Janet.

    “Whatever he did, whatever reason he had, he knew the rules, the oath. He knew what would happen to him. It is his own fault and now he is nameless and a nameless does not have nor deserve friends.” Aelia said.

    ”I do not believe what you are saying. How can you say that? There must be some misunderstanding. Where is Friyena? She can stop this.” Janet said in denial towards Aelia as she backed away from her. At the front on the platform, the guards were just connecting the chains around Basil’s arms to the rings at the sides of the bowl and the chain around his neck to a ring at the bottom of the bowl. Janet looked towards Basil and then she turned around and began to run the quickest way towards the palace. She ran through huge crowds of people heading in the other direction. She ran straight towards the stables where Nadja was, she unleashed, and mounted her before she rode straight towards the palace as fast as she could.

    On the way she accidently knocked down a couple of people that did not move out of the way fast enough as she shouted. When she approached the gates to the stairs, the guards raised their hands to make her stop. Janet did not stop so the guards had to jump out of the way as she rode straight past them and up the stairs. “Stop right there! Intrusion! Intrusion!” the guards shouted behind her. Janet rode up the stairs and then directly towards the palace. When the palace guards noticed her they tried to make a shield wall but as the horse came closer they jumped aside as well.
    As Janet rode through the hallway, the guards shouted behind her. Soon guards began to run out from the different doors and hallways, trying to stop Janet but without succession. Janet rode straight up ant through the doors to Friyena’s chapel that were open. Two persons that stood in the room shouted as she rode past them and up through the left door into Friyena’s chamber.
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    The boy who met seven gods – Chapter 30: Nameless, part 2/2

    “Friyena, you must stop them! They are about to send Basil! Janet shouted as she jumped off Nadja and continued to ran towards Friyena who stood in front of her chair. William stepped before Janet and grabbed her while the guards streamed into the doors.

    “I’m sorry my lady. We tried to stop her but we will immediately bring her away.” said one of the guards.

    “Leave us.” Friyena said.

    “But my lady. She’s an intruder.”

    “Leave us!” Friyena now shouted at the guards.

    “Eh, of course, of course my lady.” The somewhat confused guard said before he ordered all the others to leave as well.

    “You also William” Friyena then added when the guards were leaving.

    William released Janet and walked to the door in the back of the room. Nadja in the front of the room had just begun to drink from the water canals at the flower garden.

    “Friyena. They are making Basil to a nameless. You can stop it. You must help him.” Said Janet.

    “I’m sorry Janet but I can’t save him. I tried to make him save himself but he refused.” said Friyena.

    “I don’t understand. Why would he refuse to save himself?” said Janet.

    “Something had happened to him in Dormania. His eyes spoke of meaningless murder and hatred. I thought I could save everyone from their hatred but I could not save him. If he had not turned against me he would have turned against someone else that he had sworn to protect.”

    “Then why send him, why make him nameless. Why not just take his knighthood away from him?” said Janet.

    “If the people found out that a knight had broken his oath and was among them. They would begin to question if any more people, powerful and dangerous as him would be among them. They would begin to doubt the order and the knights. The people need to trust their knights through everything.” Friyena said as she picked up a sheathed sword from beside her chair.

    “But why making him nameless? Why not just execute him. Letting his name and memory remain?” said Janet.

    “We never thought anyone would ever break the oath. We made sure that no one ever would. We were naïve. The people had to trust that no knight would ever betray their oath so the punishment for it was set as the most crucial possible. Because I thought no one would ever go through it, to become sent and nameless. I am sorry Janet. Basil was given his chance to redemption but he refused.” Said Friyena as she approached Janet and laid her hands around her.

    Janet embrace Friyena. “I will never be able to forget him. I don’t want to forget him. I don’t care if he becomes nameless. He will always be Basil for me.”

    Friyena let Janet embrace for a longer moment before she released her. She raised up the sword she had in both hands to Janet. “If anyone has the right to remember Basil then it is you Janet.”

    Janet looked up at Friyena and at the sword. She would recognize it anywhere. The Flame Song. Something looked strange about it though. Janet took the blade and felt a strange feeling, as if the blade was burning even though she did not channel any flame through it. She drew the sword out of its sheath and saw that the blade had been seemingly broken into tens of pieces but each piece was being held together by streams of white glowing cracks that began as one large at the base and spread out into many further out.
    “What happened to it?” Janet asked.

    “Somehow, Basil’s flame was so strong that it broke the blade without destroying it. Not even I know how he could do it.” said Friyena.

    Janet channeled a slight amount of the flame and she felt how the it spread through the cracks and left a more focused and stronger flame. Janet sheathed the blade and reached it to Friyena.

    “The sword is yours by right. May it serve you well.”

    Janet held the sword in her arms and brought it closer to her breast. There was nothing she could do now to save Basil. All she could do was to remember him so he did not turn truly nameless



    The crowd were shouting and pointing towards Basil. He did not listen as he was looking out over them, trying to find Janet. After a while he found Aelia who looked back at him but he could not see Janet. Did she even know or was she keeping away to avoid see what would happen to him? That she was not there made him more happy than sad. He did not want her to see him. The high priest continued to speak his speech but it sounded just like mumbling to Basil. “Nameless” was one of few words he caught but also “savior Friyena”. Basil got enough of the lies so he shouted out.

    “Friyena is not a savior! The gods does not care about any of us! They wanted to sacrifice us! It was they who sent the Margeficus. It was them who killed all of your loved ones! Don’t trust the gods! Don’t trust Friyena!” Basil shouted in anger.

    The crowd was shocked but the high priest quickly began to speak. “Don’t listen to the traitor. He betrayed the goddess and he would betray any of you! Silence the nameless traitor and let his punishment arrive!”

    A guard wrapped a cloth around Basil’s mouth and then the two priests arrived beside him with their jugs. The high priest began to speak in ancient language “Efilmi’ara ashnio ofur ochu aha’kon efuri eshurien. Verfuru eshun et’efor vahu esun eri akon’foralt. Akon’foralt.” The crowd cheered “akon’foralt” over and over. The two priests removed screwed off an iron lid from the jugs and began to pour a black liquid into the bowl while the crowd still cheered. The high priest raised his hand to silence the crowd. Zieaka don, Zieaka aeston, Zieaka kisaron, Zieaka akon he said.

    The priest now poured more black liquid but over Basil’s head. As soon as the liquid touched his head he screamed of pain. It felt very cold at the same time as it burned through his flesh. The liquid burned his skin as it streamed down his face, leaving a burned grey black surface. Black smoke began to rise from him. The black liquid in the bowl now began to crawl up the chain and onto Basil, burning him. The liquid spread over him, burning his skin black, his hair grey, his clothes dark and his eyes began to lose their colour. Basil felt his life trying to escape but it was trapped by the liquid. Everything began to turn silent and dark. Then when He was not strong enough to stand against it anymore, he fell forward down into the bowl and sank until he was gone. Trapped in the abyss, forever.


    The End of act 4
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