Expand the Cycle (Closed, results posted)

After competing in a number of challenges here, I decided to make my own!

For this challenge, you are going to take a five-color creature cycle from Magic's past and expand it. Preferably something big and splashy. This means taking something like the Titan cycle from Magic 2011 and creating a multicolored titan.

1)Limit of 5 entries per cardsmith. Cards can be edited or swapped out any time before the contest ends.
2)No old cards please.
3)Entries can be submitted until May 1st.
4)Suggestions welcome and appreciated!

Other cycles include:
The Primordial cycle from Gatecrash
The Maze creature cycle from Dragon's Maze
This may give you some ideas if you can't think of any.

-5 favorites to 1st place
-4 favorites to 2nd place
-3 favorites to 3rd place
and 1 favorite for everyone who enters!

Good luck!


  • I'd recommend changing the cap to five cards, so people can make a cycle if they wish.
  • Can you take a smaller cycle, such as one of four like the forerunners from Ixalan and expand it?
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    That's a great choice. Finishing an incomplete cycle is definitely welcome.
  • imageimage
    **A completion of the Serra's Sanctum/Tolarian Academy/Gaea's Cradle cycle from Urza's Saga**

    **Two of the incomplete Allied Swords Cycle (Enemy Swords from Mirrodin Blocks)**

    **A Sixth member of the Core Set Titan cycle--I felt it was more appropriate to have the subtype-Eldrazi than -Giant**
  • Because the world really needed more titans...
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    Because they do...






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    Here is the original card:


    Here, we complete the cycle.


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    I actually did a recent legendary creature with Flagbearer, though I made it a keyword instead of a creature type for the last mechanix.


    I also did a complete set of ally colored swords, but those aren't my entry, as I am bumping this for my set of Titans I just finished.

    Bonus round (not entries)
    image image image image image

  • @lastjustice I didn't make Flagbearer a keyword since there are only two of them and they work differently. It's an interesting idea.
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    I figured it was only two creatures with as a type, and felt more natural make it a creature type like soldier since it would get more synergy that way, and it was going need text explaining it's deal either way. Putting the type in the creature space didn't save any text really. I made a creature as a legend who would act as a lightning rod for spells and not die easily since it used two mechanix that made it harder to kill.

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    @lastjustice did adjoining color titans, so I thought it best to do opposing color titans. [evil guffah]

    image image
    image image
  • Good call JoeMoose , I thought about doing a full set, but ran out of ideas, and made more sense just stop at 5 for now.
  • Original Card, turning it into a cycle.

    Red version

    Green version

    White version

    Blue version
  • Reminder that contest submissions must be entered before May 1st.
  • Submission deadline has passed
    Judging is underway. Results will be posted by next week.
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    Results are in

    1st place: @Lastjustice
    2nd place: @MrPirate89
    3rd place: @bnew07

    Additional awards for:

    Best Individual Card -------- @JoeMoose with Titan of Complexity

    Best Complete Cycle -------- @LastJustice with his allied color Titans

    Best Cycle Finishers --------- @bnew07 with his three cycles

    Most accurate to theme ----- @MrPirate89 with his Shepard cycle

    Best flavor text --------------- @Scott_Anderson with Goblin Flagbearer

    Check your inbox for your rewards!
  • @Scott_Anderson entered cards that are creative and well-designed. The flagbearers vary from the original design and each card is a good representative of its color

    @Bnew07 has solid, well-designed cards. All fit their theme to a T. Very creative with the colorless Titan and land cycle. His sword cycle shows excellent potential. Very solid flavor text.

    @Lastjustice has a perfect understanding of how the titans work. Each has a keyword ability and an ETB and attack ability that really matches the color.

    @JoeMoose took a different approach to the titans’ abilities. The cards are solid and the flavor text is fantastic.

    @MrPirate89 created an excellent well-balanced cycle from a single card. Each a solid card and together make a great cycle. Love the flavor text too.

    Thank you to everyone for participating!
  • Thank you for judging and thank you for the critique.
  • Thanks for the critique! :D
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    Because this is still open, and I wanted to show off I did the WHOLE THING, the extra complete cycle hehe.

    image image

    image image

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