Unique costs of keyword abilities

Some keyword mechanics have their costs. Normally they are just mana, like Dash {2}{r}, Overload {3}{u}, Morph {2}{b}..
But did you know that they can have more costs other than mana if you use hyphen and period? Check out Deep Analysis.

In this challenge, I'd like to see cards with "keyword abilitiy" — {mana cost}, ______. (You can put anything in ____. You can remove {mana cost}.)

Here are examples I made:

Presentation, art selection, templating, spelling, balance, creativity and flavor.

No limit of entries.
(Edited) You can submit up to 2 old cards.
Reminder text isn't necessary.

Deadline in 1 week: April 25

Top 3 winning cards will get a super amazing -TROPHY-, and added to -HALL OF FAME- !


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