Mirrored Pairs **Circuit Challenge**

Hello, everyone. This is my second Circuit Challenge, and I'm really excited. I'll get right to the topic at hand.
This contest is all about MIRRORED PAIRS.
You may wonder, What exactly is a MIRRORED PAIR? Well, the definition of a MIRRORED PAIR for this challenge is:
a) Two cards that are functionally identical except the colors are reversed. Ex. Red Elemental Blast / Blue Elemental Blast. White Knight / Black Knight.
b) Two cards that have the same mana costs but opposite abilities. Ex. Chief of the Edge / Chief of the Scale. Veteran Swordsmith / Veteran Armorsmith.
Guidelines for this contest:
1. Two mirrored pairs per user. (Four cards total.)
2. WORD YOUR CARDS PROPERLY. If you're not sure how to word your cards, find a card close to the card you want to make on Gatherer.
3. For type a mirrored pairs, they should be in different colors, preferably enemy colors but anything goes. For type b, they should be in exactly the same colors.
4. Keep the art and names appropriate. I'll accept any art, even existing art, but no big-breasted anime girls please.
5. I will automatically disqualify any card that I deem has inappropriate art, names, or flavor text, or terrible wording.
6. Any card types are allowed! Mirrored Planeswalkers or Artifacts would be craaaazy.
7. The deadline is May 10th.

1st place - 1 Circuit point and 6 faves.
2nd place - 3/4 Circuit point and 4 faves.
3rd place - 1/2 Circuit point and 2 faves.
Honorable Mention (2) - 1/4 Circuit point and 1 fave.

All right... let's see what you can come up with, MTGCardsmith! I am a very tough judge (secretly, I'm Dovin Baan) so send only your best.
- TezzeretofCarmot21


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