Battle of the Leagues! (Return to Return to Return to Ravnica)

The time has come, my brothers... The time has come to rise up, and fight for the pride of your league of Ravnica!

I think MTGC was waiting for that a long time, and I am going to give this to you. Factions battle to the death!

No rules, no restrictions. Nothing but a mindless, yet thought through, flux of cards and utter destruction.

Fight for what guild of Ravnica you believe is worthy of your fandom.

There will be 3 rounds, but this might be cut short or enlarged based on what the public thinks.

The only limit is - you are only allowed to paste 6 cards, only for one guild. At least one of them has to be an instant, one has to be an enchantment, one needs to be an artefact and one needs to be a creature.

The deadline for the first round is the 25th of April, so pick a side quickly!

At the end of each round, the focus will be which guild won, but I will also comment 3 cards which I think were decisive in the guild's victory. Rewards will be stretched and bent by my own whims (mua ha ha ha ha ha ha), but I will fave each card that was made for the winning side.

Get smithing!


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