Overcome this, Challenge

Don't know how well this will be received but it was a fun challenge that was pretty popular when I first started here. The idea is that I'm going to post a card that people will need to beat, and by beat I mean create a card that will take it out. Sometimes I may post restrictions like; it has to give you tempo, or must have lifelink, or can only contain prime numbers. After a few days I'll select a winner and post another card to beat (if enough people are interested).

You will be judged mainly on how realistic the card is, how well it does the job, and how creative it is. Bonus points awarded based on fluff, art, correct wording (as per wotc "standards"). Sure you can make a creature have first strike and the same power as the toughness as the monster you are trying to kill but where is the fun in that? Be creative with how you nullify the challenge.

So here's the first card...


1. Your entry may not have a Black or Green color identity. (Reminder text doesn't count)
2. If the entry is a creature, must contain exactly 1 keyword ability (real or made up).
3. If not a creature, must keep Deathspore Ravager on the battlefield (but nullified in some way), or put him on the bottom of the owner's library.

Have fun, contest closes on monday and I will select a winner. Prizes to be determined vased on the number of entries (# of favs)


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