Joining the Fight

Something that's always fun is when WotC makes cards that allow the player to "join the battle," as it were. Examples of this include Serra Avatar, Form of the Dragon, and Form of the Dinosaur. I want to see how the creative and inventive community here can plunge the player into the heat of the battle. And with that, let's go over some ground rules.

1. There is a maximum of two entries per participant.
2. Entries cannot have been created before April first of 2018.
3. Entries can be edited and swapped out until the due date, which is May 15th.
4. If you do swap/edit your entries, edit your original entry post. Entry edits or swaps anywhere else will blatantly ignored.
5. Please leave critique on the cards as opposed to on the contest thread, as to avoid incidental spam and clogging.
6. Try to be creative with this. Sure, you can do a Form of ___ Template, but it ought to be good if you do.
7. Credit the artist if you are able to.
8. The top three judged will each receive two favorites and a pick of honorable mention. HMs will receive a favorite.

Other than the above mentioned, you have free reign to make the card however you'd like. Final time for entries will be May 14th, 23:59 MST.

(This contest was largely inspired by @ningyounk 's Psylian Avatar. Check it out! )


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