Coffee (Unnamed Spells-Matter Set)

Greetings, humans. We hope you are all existing.

I am on vacation right now, but I had an idea while durdling around in my hotel room, and I wanted to make it known before I completely forget about it.

This as-yet unnamed set takes place on an Aetherpunk world, similar in concept to Kaladesh. However, the aesthetic is much less ornate and much more traditional (Geistflame as a whole from Innistrad comes to mind).

This is meant to be a spellslinging/discard matters set. As usual, I have a few possible mechanics. It's completely possible that we don't end up using any of these.

Flashback: Reused mechanic from Magic's past. This allows a spell to be cast an additional time for a cost.

Stutter: This is basically fixed Storm. It caps at one copy, and it checks for only Instants and Sorceries. If anyone can help with the wording, that would be great.

Impulse (Cost): You may cast this card by discarding a card and paying its Impulse cost. If you do, its targets are chosen at random.

Instant/Sorcery Creatures: These creatures may be cast as creatures, but you may sacrifice them as they enter the battlefield to get an effect. This would be similar to Evoke, but it would trigger ETB, Dies, and Instant/Sorcery triggers. This will likely be the first mechanic to change, simply because of how similar it is to Evoke.

As always, cards, art, and any other contributions to discussion will be greatly appreciated! I'm very excited to see where this set could go.


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    Stutter (If you've cast another instant or sorcery spell this turn, copy this spell.)

    Traditional steampunk aesthetic will be vastly easier to find, which is a plus on the art front. However, you've got to be careful about how you incorporate each color, because "spells matter" mechanics have always traditionally been red and blue. You'd need to make sure the you can incorporate it into green, black, and white safely.
  • @Lujikul

    I agree that finding unique ways to use the theme in each colour would be difficult, but I feel like we could make it work. The only theme/mechanic I'm considering that feels exclusively Izzet would be Impulse, but even that could fit into Black for discard synergies.
  • Or sounds fun
  • I meant Oh
  • Seems pretty cool.
  • Nice idea! How about the Spell Mastery mechanic? It would be interesting to even see it on permanents in the set!
  • I’m making up a set that’s all sorceries - 60 of them.
  • @ManaChrome

    Spell Mastery is fun, but I already have a returning mechanic. I try to avoid having more than one.
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