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Primalia - The Caveman Set!

The time has come!....

This is long overdue. A primal set is the linchpin this community needs to launch itself on a new level. This had to happen sooner or later, so here we are!

We are looking at the moving-out-of-Africa sort of time period, but this world's humans will obviously be far different. They will have to adapt to the peculiars of this realm (which are still up for debate)

The color themes:

White - The Social side of early humans, token spawners (like tribes and whatnot), caveman leaders and priests, that sort of thing.

Blue - The Cognitive revolution. How people dealt with this new plane of intelligence they had. Just flat-out blue spells in their most primal form. Intelligence FTW!

Black - The Holistic medicine and voodoo kind of side. The ancient humans had some weird ways about magic, and this world will have even weirder views (cause, you know, magic's real... Cause's that's the title of the game...) and you bet black will be there to exploit it!

Red - The Cultivation of fire. Self-explanatory. Make humans taming fire to overcome their animal side.

Green - The Wild side of ancient hoomans. The savage side. The primal side. They only evolved from high apes a couple thousand years ago.

Any cards you have, post them here. If I approve them, add them to the spreadsheet here:

We are still in the brainstorming phase, so don't worry about making a balanced number of commons-mythics and a mana ramp. That will come in future steps.

I won't declare any awards or prizes... at least for now. This is a community project, not a contest.

Right now, just go wild and create cards for the set. Good smithing to you! Live long and prosper!


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