Sorinjace's 11th Contest **Circuit Challenge**

Welcome cardsmiths, to my 11th contest!
In this contest, I offer you three options to pick from:

Option 1.) Find a legendary creature card you really like that another cardsmith created on here, and make another version of that creature.

Please be sure to credit what cardsmith the 1st/original card of that creature was made by. Post both cards images when you make your submission(s) please.


Original card by @sorinjace:

New card by @sorinjace:

**When you make your card, make sure you pick another cardsmith's card please, I only did this as an example.**

Option 2.) Pick a legendary creature card you really like that already exists in Magic the Gathering, and make another version of that creature. Here's the catch: The chosen card can only have one card made of them, that's it. The art does NOT have to be spot on, just do your best!
Post the original card and your card when you enter your submission(s). It must be legendary.


Original Magic the Gathering card: Zada, Hedron Grinder


New Card: Zada, Unshakable Crusher


Option 3.) Make a 'Familiar' creature card." Pick a legendary creature or planeswalker another cardsmith created, and make a Familiar creature for that card.

Examples: by @Tomigon)

Original card:
Driku, the Raging Earth by @Gelectrode:

The "familiar" made for the Original card by @Animist:

This option is inspired by familiar cards recently made by @Scott_Anderson and @EthanFlett. Please check their cards out, they have some awesome cards if you haven't already!

Thank you to @Tomigon for the extra help with this option!

Go Ham. Go Crazy. Go absolutely nuts! Jussstttt... don't make your cards too insanely op! Please be realistic.

Here is the rules:

1.) When posting your submission, please specify which option it is for.

2.) Unlimited entries. You can post for each option if you want to.

3.) YOUR cards must be new, not old. Cards submitted must have been made on or after April 26th 2018.

4.) When YOU are creating cards, please do not use art found on magic the gathering cards already in existence. Please credit the artist. The art can be from anywhere else :)

5.) Deadline is May 29th 2018 1pm eastern standard time, USA.


For distribution of favorites!

3rd place for each option gets 1 favorite of their choice.

2nd place for each option gets 2 favorites of their choice.

1st place for each option gets 3 favorites of their choice and a follow. If I already follow you, 4 favorites of your choice instead.

1st Place also enters the TOP THREE and will earn Circuit Points based on their TOP THREE placement. (see below for more details.)

1st place for each option will also be able to choose an honorable mention of their choice. Each honorable mention I will favor their entry, plus receives 1 favorite of their choice for me to favorite as well as 1/4 Circuit Point.
Each card that places will receive a favorite from me as well no matter what! :)

For distribution of circuit points!

Only the top card of each option will get circuit points.
So I'll pick the top three in each option.

1st place in each option goes into the TOP THREE

I put the TOP THREE in order of 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Those three candidates will get to pick ONE HM each.

These six get Circuit points in the usual order as shown below:

1st = 1CP
2nd = 3/4CP
3rd = 1/2CP
HM1 = 1/4CP
HM2 = 1/4 CP
HM3 = 1/4CP

(Thanks again for the clarification @Corwinnn.)

Also... one surprise contender will recieve a 1 month premium courtesy of the good fellows at @modnation675!This may or may not be the winning card, impress me, show me some love, do something crafty or creative with this contest I wouldn't have thought up, you could win this premium. How bad do you want a free premium? (Pretty sweet deal!) Just do your best work as you all do, whatever stands out to me I will hook it up for you. Remember to thank @modnation675 for this kind gesture!

Let's get to the contest! Happy cardsmithing everyone! - sorinjace :)


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