Reactivation Challenge #45 - Unicorns!!! XD



  • Okay, the contest is CLOSED FOR JUDGEMENT.
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    Hi folks! Judging is complete and it's time to announce the winners!

    First some Honorable Mentions! Each of these HMs will get their entries liked.


    Chasing Unicorns, by @ningyounk
    This is a classic over-the-top style of green mythic that I love. It's a lot of fun to just dump the field full of Unicorns!
    Enchanting Krasis, by @TheCenterOfTheUniverse
    An interesting design, granting both a draw engine and a growing threat if you can reliably untap. That is the challenge, though!
    Blood Unicorn, by @Corwinnn
    It's a Blood Moon stapled to an unblockable 2/2! What's not to love? It's a bit much, but it's certainly fun. I feel like you missed the opportunity to call it Blood Moonicorn, though.

    And now on to the top three!

    Third place goes to Gladeward Mare by @Faiths_Guide


    A solid 2-drop, disrupting your opponent's early plays in an interesting way.

    Second place goes to Dampened Spirit by @Gunnarinator


    This was submission to the original contest, and I'm not sure if Gunnarinator is still on the site. Nevertheless, this card is a cool design, a scalable body that also makes for scalable removal. Very neat.

    And finally, first place goes to Hunted Colt also by @Faiths_Guide


    A great callback to a favorite creature cycle of mine. It's got a lot of flavor, and it's quite strong, but not terribly OP. Definitely a fun card for Commander.


    Congratulations to our winners and honorable mentions! Gunnarinator gets two favorites, available upon request, and Faiths_Guide gets four faves. Also, as per the rules of the challenge, Faiths_Guide gets to be the boss for Reactivation Challenge #46! Thanks to everyone old and new who submitted wonderful stab ponies!
  • I was going to call it Blood Moonicorn, but I backspaced it because I thought it would be just one step too far!! Thanks for the HM!!!
  • Thank you for the Honorable mention!
    Congratulations to all the @Winners and other @Mentionables!
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