Creativity Contest

Simple! Most creative card wins. However, this cannot be an old card, and cannot use a mechanic/ability/effect etc you or someone you know of has already made before.

One entry per person.
Deadline is the 30th of May.
Make it look professional.

Winner wins 5 favorites.
Honorables win 1 favorite.

And to clarify what I mean by creative, it has to be a completely new idea that will wow you. This can be executed through new mechanics or flavor, or by the card presenting a new way to play the game. Such as Doran, the Siege Tower or Liar's Pendelum. Measure of Wickedness, City in a Bottle, Battle of Wits, that kind of stuff.

Good luck guys! I'm super hyped to see what you guys make.


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    Challenge accepted.

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  • Reminder text is probably off and there's bound to be rulings conflicts, but here we go!

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    This is not to be in any deck, rather, it's a style of play. Some friends of mine I used to play magic with when I first started to play came up with this idea, so it's really them I would give the credit to, however the card I simplified dramatically because the original is really from a 20 sided dice (thats too much to put on a card here, so I simplified it.)
    Nothing can effect it, and it starts immediately. You roll before your turn starts, then you do your turn. Whatever you roll you have to do, if it has no effect, then it has no effect, hence the name 'chaos magic'. I tried to pick the 6 that I thought would have the greatest yet simplest effects in the game. The only thing that annoys me is that he rolls two dice, which is obviously the thing that makes most sense, but you only need 1 for the card to work. Oh well. the art is pretty sweet I think.
  • Warp Rift was updated ^
  • I've been sitting on this design for some time, and this is exactly the type of challenge I was waiting for.

    Examples of things it works with: Scry, Anticipate/Sensei's Diving Top-effects, any tutor or fetchland.
  • @destroyer153 yes, that was part of my inspiration, but Panglacial Wurm is outdated for two reasons:
    1) A 7 mana 9/5 trample is just too hard too cast, and a lot of ways too search your library require you to already spend mana.
    2) More importantly, WOTC has decided to stop printing as many direct tutors because shuffling slows down the game, so this card takes advantage of the "tutor the top X cards" that are becoming more and more common.
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    @DoctorFro Great card, just two things I want to bring up;

    1) That is the art from Mutual Epiphany from Planechase. (Art change would be cool, but I won't disqualify you or anything.)

    2) Just to be clear, does the third ability mean that you would draw from either players library?
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    Thank you I couldnt find which card art it was from so I used but I will change it soon
    @ThyMaster any players library
  • @DoctorFro Got it. Thanks
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    Made for a Conspiracy draft environment.

  • image

    This okay?
  • @ThyMaster does the card have to work within the black border rules?
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    Such card like that would only apply to un-format or won't even be legal at all since it can mess with the ownership of the cards.

    What if you and your opponents have the same cards? Should you really mark every single card of your own so you won't lose the sight of it?

    It is like 'Switch your library with your opponents' but in more convoluted ways and make everything more messy'.
  • @sanjaya666 idk I just made it based off a sub game me and my friends play
  • This was hard to make from all the text, but here it is:
  • Directly damaged means from an attack or a spell/ability targeting them.
  • @mtgpdude361 - I don’t think you need the reminder text. It is evident.

    I’m not sure what else directly damages a player besides spells and creatures?
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    I'm pretty proud of this Monk's design. But is it too powerful?

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    I understand if this doesn't make any sense. I have a situation that this card is meant for in case I need to explain it, though it might not need one.
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