May **Circuit Challenge**

What this is
- The more circuit points you earn, the greater a chance at fame and a featured card!
- You do not necessarily need to create cards specifically for this challenge, but certainly keep it in mind and submit any cards that happen to fit the challenge as you create them over the next month.

- 1st Place: 1 Circuit Point
- 2nd Place: 3/4 Circuit Point
- 3rd Place: 1/2 Circuit Point
- Honorable Mention(s): 1/4 Circuit Point
- Each day, I will include a method to receive bonus prizes and other fun goodies.

- Unlimited Entries (Let's make it simple!)
- You can always edit.
- No Spotlighting for this contest :'(
- Keep it clean, no 5-minute fighting majors.
- Check back daily to see if it is a day that I will allow old cards as entries. Otherwise, new cards only!

The Challenge: Background
- I've noticed over the years a rather picky balancing issue with the cool people over at wizards. In each color exists common combat mechanics that are highly associated with that color (i.e. Green and Trample). I've noticed a phenomenon, however, that we are going to tackle with this challenge. In each color, there exists a mechanic that is abundant in all rarities except for mythic rares of that color. This means that there are lots of commons, uncommons, and rares that use the mechanic within that color, but almost none (2 or less) or absolutely no mythic rare creatures in that color have the mechanic. For example, there are plenty of rare, mono-green creatures with flying, but there are no mythic rare mono-green creatures with flying.

The Challenge: Objective & Options
- You are going to create monocolored mythic rare creatures. You have 5 options (You do not have to mention the option with your entry.)

- Mono-White Option: Create a mythic rare, mono-white creature with trample.
- Mono-Blue Option: Create a mythic rare, mono-blue creature that can't be blocked.
- Mono-Black Option: Create a mythic rare, mono-black creature with first strike.
- Mono-Red Option: Create a mythic rare, mono-red creature with first strike.
- Mono-Green Option: Create a mythic rare, mono-green creature with flying.

Judging Criteria and Tips to Consider:
- Obviously, wizards has opted to stray mostly free from the cards we are creating. There are reasons for this that we don't need to get into. All we need to keep in mind is:
- Balancing is key
- Formatting is essential
- Mythic Rares are not always Legendary Creatures.
- Mythic Rares are not always almighty.
- Consider creature type.
- IMPORTANT: The creature must have the ability to begin with. It cannot gain the ability via an activated or triggered ability.

Deadline for this contest is May 30, 2018
- Multiple judges possible
- There will not be one winner for each option. Options will be graded as one.



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    Tuesday, May 1st
    - Let's kick it off with something simple and not so mysterious.
    - Today, any entry that you post will receive an instant favorite!
    - You may submit one old card today.
  • @jpastor the answer is probably no but can the creature gain the keyword via static ability like this card
  • Nope, must be on it by default @bnew07
  • Gotcha
  • Here is my green flyer!
  • A white trampler:

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    A black first-striker:


    EDIT: I figured out the owner shuffles their own library.
  • @jpastor since when has white been allowed trample?
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    White has trample. Not a lot of it. There are 21 white cards that have or grant trample.
  • Actually, only 17, because 4 of those require another color to have trample or give another player something with trample.
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    A blue unblockable!

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    Exalted anyone?
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    First Entry- Mono White with trample


    2nd Entry- Mono Black with First Strike

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    Entry 3- Mono Red


    Entry 4- Mono Blue
  • Going for the whole set- Mono green Flyer

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    Wednesday, May 2nd
    - Today, when you submit your entry, you have a 1 in 6 chance of getting X favorites of your choice, where X is the number of entries that have been submitted before you today.
    - You can submit only newly created cards today.
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    this card has been removed from the contest.
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    Made this one yesterday, sorry didn't get a chance to post it until today I was still tweaking it:

  • @KrampisZman I did my research for this challenge. Thought these mechanics all fit the same theme.
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    A White Trample.

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    A Black First strike.

  • @Scott_Anderson As seen in the cards Acquire and Bribery, that player (its owner) shuffles their (singular form for a person of unidentified gender) library.
  • @Yururu thanks for the tips on my card you left, I applied it to the card and I went to go favorite and follow you for a thank you and saw I was already following you, so I went and favored some cards of yours. Thanks man. I don't know where my head was at yesterday when I made those batch of cards, they was more on the creative side then the technical wording side. Big thanks man!!
  • Awesome work people. There are two daily prize winners so far. Prizes sent via message.
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    My 5 entries:


    1) Balanced Noelia, Chronomancer Elite to ETB tapped and be legendary to prevent potential infinite turn combos. They are still possible, but require two actual copies of the card and no disruption.

    2) Mitigated the color pie break on Rotburrow Wurm (green creature with flying) by giving the opponent a choice to remove flying in a green way.
  • @bnew07 Noelia goes infinite with herself:
    1) Play Noelia
    2) Untap with Noelia, attack, pay 2 to take an extra turn and return Noelia to your hand.
    3) Before the end of your turn, cast Noelia again.
    4) During your extra turn, do steps 2-3 again.
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