Running out of room

So I'm sorta back. Still recovering from some stuff but I have enough time to make the odd card or two now. The fake cube I made this account to make is almost done and I'm working on the tokens for it now. Only issue is I think I might run out of space on my account soon. Is it considered rude to make a second account if I run out of space or is it better to just cull some cards?


  • @East2West
    It's fair to make a second account for sets for example. So don't worry too much!
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    @East2West that sounds exciting, when your cube is done, can you post somewhere what cards you have decided to put into your cube? It'd be interesting to see what you decided to put in your cube. I may want to make one for my friends as well of cards of my own making and possibly theirs if they want it in the cube, you'd have to let me know how your cube works out for you and your friends, this may help my decision to make a custom cube or not.
  • @modnation675 Thanks! Okay that's good to know.

    @sorinjace Aye! Will do.
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