Dominaria's New Flavortext Separator Bar


That thing over there.

After seeing @Krepe 's Depressive State ( I also decided to try it out. This is what I came up with:

Using underscore (kudos @Krepe):

Around 36 for Large Text: ____________________________________
Around 41 for Small Text: _________________________________________

(It might be useful to use a little less to make it similar to Dominaria's, but beware if you add more, for it'll go beyond the card text's space)

Remember that, as the bar is made out of underscores, it will be closer to the flavortext than your actual card text. So, in order to compensate for that, be sure to leave an additional blank space between the bar and the flavortext. As such:

a thing,

a flavorful thing

Resulting in something like this:


Always open to suggestions from other experimenting cardsmiths. As always, happy smithing.


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