Like a wrecking ball ~ make a noncreature permanent destruction card (RESULTS POSTED)


For this contest I'd like you to design a card that destroys ANY PERMANENT other than creatures!

✧・゚:* RULES *:・゚✧
1. Any color or combo of colors allowed
2. Any card type allowed
3. Up to two entries per participant
4. Card made by May 1st now ACCEPTED .
5. Art, templating, format, balance, etc. all weigh equally on whether or not your card will win! I love nice flavor text, abilities that work together flavorfully and interestingly, etc.

✧・゚:* PRIZES *:・゚✧
1st place wins PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION and 7 favorites!!!
2nd place wins 5 favorites!!
3rd place wins 3 favorites!
Honorable Mention (5!!) win 1 favorite!

Additionally I will favorite every entry I like, and follow anyone I'm not already.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Sunday May 13th, midnight
Winners announced soon thereafter.

Good luck, be creative, have fun!


  • I just made this card this week, I feel it's new enough.

  • @Lastjustice I like your card! But please only entries made by May 6th, the day this contest began, are eligible. :( I want to see some really new stuff!
  • @Saveria201, I would call anything that recent a new card being same week and calender month, but you get to make that call. (shrugs)
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    @Lastjustice sorry, maybe it sounds strict but the day the contest begins feels like a natural cut off date to me. It's how I've seen most everyone else decide on cut off dates for contests requiring new cards.
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    There doesn't seem to be much interest in this contest, so I'm judging it a week early, New end date for entries MAY 13TH, MIDNIGHT!!!
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    @strongbelieves HI WELCOME BACK!! :))

    That one's a little bit too on the nose, sorry./s
  • @saveria201 Give it a while. You made this contest, when? Yesterday? It probably will take a while to be noticed by the majority.
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    One unplayable entry:
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    @Tigerfang8 I live in Japan, I made a couple days ago :p OK, I'll still use with current end date but change it back to the longer one if many entries come in.
  • @saveria201 Oh, okay. I am planning on making an entry. Just have to find time.
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    How about this? It doesn't outright "destroy" creatures.

    EDIT: Card fixed.

  • @sanjaya666 sure, I'll accept that one. :))
  • @saveria201 Ok then. Damage fixed a bit if you said so.
  • @Lastjustice since i want more entries in the contest I'll remove the "new" card limit to include all of May. So your entry will be accepted if you want it to be one still.
  • My Entries:

  • @saveria201 , thats cool, I was working my way back to this, I just hadn't found the right art for the concept I was think of for this card. I didn't want to leave this hanging regardless of your choice of how you ruled as I know there was a chance it could go that way. I really don't want to make a habit of buttingheads with people I don't think thats a good way of making a good impression with the judge or with the community as a whole.

    I'd recommend putting a date instead of new for the rules, so we don't have any confusion to what the cut off is in the future. Not everyone has the same idea what new means, so using a date is the safer option. Or simply put nothing before the date of this contest. The other thing is if you want some more entries, may be bump it to 3 a person, as I know I can definitely come up with more than 2. It will keep the thread moving back to the first page and get you more action and visiblity if you get repeat offenders heh. Just a thought.

    Anyways my card for this. Always more room for things that take out planeswalkers heh.

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  • 2nd entry.

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    Goblin's Sabotage {r}

    Multikicker {1}

    Up to three times, roll a six-sided die until you get
    a different result for each time this spell was kicked.
    Then, destroy each artifact with converted mana
    cost equal to one of those results.

    Perhaps? I guess you'd still have to limit the kick to 3 somehow.
  • @Faiths_Guide
    Thanks for the idea, but is my wording wrong? My wording seems more simple to me.
  • edited May 2018
    Nothing wrong, it just made me think of multikicker when I saw it. "X can't be..." as the first line looked weird.
  • @Faiths_Guide
    I'm trying to be creative! XD

    Some suspend cards say "X can't be 0." So I thought this might work.
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