Warriors of the Realm

Welcome folks to the first ever Warriors of the Realm tournament!
After the long war between the 5 kingdoms and tribes of the realm peace has finally settled and by popular demand they have worked together to form this tournament.

The rules will be explained below by 1 of our five wonderful judges

You may have up to 2 entries

(Credit to @TenibrisNemo, @kandra127, @dashdo101 and @Jonteman93)


  • "Welcome everyone to this tournament" Said a goblin "We have seen a rise in demand for fighting so we have created this tournament"

    "Yes Yes we are here to present to you the best show you will ever see!" Exclaimed a goblin next to the woman "I am Gribid and here you will see the most carnage, the most drama and the most fun!"


    "Each person sends a champion and the best 16 will be chosen for the tournament and if there isn't enough our clans will send out own champions as fillers" Gribid said excitedly "Duels between competitors and non competitors or duels between two competitors that don't have a match this round is allowed but only with my permission and finally cheating will not be tolerated" Then under his breath he said "If we notice it"
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    Gribid walked up to the stage muttering to himself until he got to the front
    "As you might have seen we are having a lack of competitors a representative from one of our own tribes she is from the monster hunting tribe of the Axen, Alisha

  • It has been less a week dude @pjbear2005 not many people are going to be ready to compete like right now bc tourney champ 2 hasn’t finished round 1 yet
  • Extending the time limit: Due Friday the 18th
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