Meme the Gathering

I'm going to just make a frick ton of meme cards. I've been doing literally just that all day because this website is a Godsend, and for the time being I'll slow down cause one got deleted for some reason. The only reason I can think of is I'm making and posting too many too fast, or someone didn't find the meme funny, which means I should def revise that one in specific. : ' (

I'm postin it here because it's memes, and memes have a tendency to veer extremely off topic. I intend to make and work on this set so that it could theoretically be played. Just wanted to make a thread about it, in case y'all have any interesting suggestions.


  • Cards typically get deleted for Terms of Use violations. Nudity, Language, Drugs & Alcohol among the biggest offenders, so if your card had any of that, then that's probably why.

    As a side note, MTGCardsmith has a "Download" feature, so you can make ANY card you want, but any card you publish has to stay within the terms of use.
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    Ah, yeye. I did read through the ToS before posting it. Perhaps the sole fact that there was maybe a firearm in the card was what got it taken down, because that's the only thing I can think of that broke the ToS, if those things you listed are the most common offenses. I'll be a lot more wary from this point on for publishin.

    Also ye, I plan on just downloading the majority of them that I make, and uploading like, a few of the good ones. Ideally I'd like to publish them all but I might end up just making an Imgur album or something for them. ;<;

    EDIT: Oh wait i just realized, it was probably alcohol referencing that did it. oops. noted. Okay that makes a lot more sense.
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