Something Simulacrum ~ Make an artifact with a triggered ability (results POSTED!)

Like one of the more famous artifact creatures, solemn simulacrum, I'd like you to make an artifact with one or more triggered abilities. To add more challenge: you cannot use more than one of any other category of ability. So any number of triggered, only one of either spell, activated, or static. The focus is on designing an interesting artifact card with triggered abilities.

1. Must be an artifact or artifact creature card
2. Must use at least one or more triggered abilities
3. Cannot have more than ONE of any other type of ability than triggered abilities (static, activated, spell) NEW: exception extended to "equip" and "crew" they won't count toward this
4. Must have been made by MAY 1ST, or later. No cards older than May 1st accepted.
5. Up to two entries per participant
6. Formatting, flavor, balance, templating, proper grammar all matter and will affect your chances of winning!

1st place: 5 favorites of your choice
2nd place: 3 favorites of your choice
3rd place: 2 favorites of your choice
Honorable mentions (2): 1 favorite of your choice

Contest ends Friday, May 25th at midnight.

Good luck!! Have fun!


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