Flash Contest! Let's Show Dechujoh64 Some Love

Guys my good friend @Dechujoh64 is frustrated. He feels his cards are not getting as much recognition that he would like them to receive. We all have felt that frustration. I would like him to keep trucking along, and keep coming up with the awesome, creative cards he comes up with. That being said, we talked this out over lunch and he said he'd like to see people come up with better versions of cards that he has made. I looked at him, and said "consider it done." So, without further ado, lets get to the contest!

In order to win in this contest, you simply have to make @Dechujoh64 happy. Make him smile. Make him say off the wall things like, 'oh my gosh!' and 'ooohh, thats awesome!'

It's simple, really. All you have to do is take a card by @Dechujoh64 and remake it to the best of your ability. He needs to see he is loved here from us, so lets show him that people do pay attention to his work and do take the time to check his cards out. :)

I asked him if I can do an example, he gave me permission, so here is my example: On the left is the original, on the right is my version of the card:


Thats basically it. Heres the rules:

1.) No limit on entries.
2.) Show the original along with the remake.
3.) Entries due by 5/17/18.

Here is the prizes:

3rd place gets 3 favorites of their choice for me to favorite.
2nd place gets 4 favorites of their choice for me to favorite.
1st place gets 5 favorites of their choice for me to favorite.

I will favorite all entries coming in. Be patient if I don't get to it right away, I will get to it ;) Please say some words of encouragement to @Dechujoh64 if you can, it would be awesome to see that from the awesome community we have here.

Thank you much guys, and, as always, happy cardsmithing! :) - sorinjace

Oh, and he doesn't know this yet, but he will be the judge of the entries. I think that makes the most sense since they are his creations, right? :)


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