Weekend Warriors

That's right, you may have guessed it, but we hardly get as much activity on the weekends on the forums here as I believe we can get. That's why I made this contest, this is strictly for the weekend warriors of mtgcardsmith!

Each week during the rest of May 2018 I will post a challenge for you guys to create card(s) for during that weeks weekend, eastern standard time, USA. You will have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to submit your entries. You can create them during the week if you choose, but submissions are only allowed on the weekend.**Cards can be old or new alike!**

Each week there will be a different challenge posted for that weekend. This gives you all week to get what's in your noggin out on a card(s) so you got time to be creative and edit your entries before posting for that weekend.

The point of this contest is to get activity moving on the weekends on here. Sure, the site may be slower on the weekends, but for the weekend warriors, this may be the contest you may want to partake in each week. :) I will post the challenge each week within the contest thread. Have fun, and as always, happy cardsmithing!

Each weekend the contest reopens for entries as each weekend the challenge changes. This contest gives you guys something extra to check out for the weekend. This is a trial run to see if there is enough interest for a weekend contest thread. If enough people participate it may survive past May 2018.

Favorites will be determined by amount of entries. Normally it will be 3rd place gets 2 faves, 2nd place gets 3 faves, and 1st place gets 4 faves. If anything new comes up it will be mentioned, stay tuned.


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