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Innistrad Story set

So I've been building a set of cards for a new Innistrad story.
The story is that Ashiok was drawn to Innistrad because she senses the extreme amount of fear caused by the eldrazi invasion. Taking advantage of the situation Ashiok channels the fear and uses nightmare magic to recreate the god Cacophony, who was previously destroyed on Theros. Chandra is searching for new power and meaning after her defeat at Bolas's hand, and ends up on Innistrad in her journy. Seeing the chaos and fear on the plane she decides to join the cathars in an attempt to fight Ashiok and her nightmare creatures. Aided by the few remaining and weakly organized angels and a rag tag group of Cathars, Chandra learns the true meaning of Honor and Unity.

I'm making a r/w Chandra, and a ore powerful Ashiok. My plan is to eventually create a full 250 card set, but first I want to finish the story. I don't know what I want the warewolfs to be doing, what the situation with the vampires will be, etc. any suggestions? Want to see the cards I have so far?


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