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  • @sorinjace thanks a lot for the feedback. I actually started it out at 1R and then moved it to 2R just like you mentioned. And for Tera, Evolving Empress, the first ability should read "Whenever a counter of any kind would be placed on another permanent, instead put that many +1/+1 counters on Tera, Evolving Empress.
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    Interesting mechanic!

    If it says "Stockpile only as a sorcery.", it should be activated ability mechanic.
    Also all effects in the reminder text is named as Stockpile, including casting cards from exile. So if it has "Stockpile only as a sorcery" clause, you can't use it on instant like Recurring Retort you made.

    How about something like this?
    Stockpile {r} (Exile this card from your hand: It gains "{r}: Put a cache counter on this card. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery" and "You may cast this card from exile. It costs {1} less to cast for each cache counter on it.")

    Giving abilities to exiled cards is possible:

    Just a flash thought and there might be some mistakes. If I get better idea I'll let you know.

  • @Tomigon thanks a lot for the feedback and revised wording! Your rules text is definitely better so I am going to use it.
  • @bnew07 Thanks for the advice, my dude.
  • @bnew07 I also want that to include "poison" counters to players so it can't restrict to just permanents. No counters anywhere but on her, that's pretty sweet I think! Thanks though for checking it out
  • Who is next? What card shall we critique?
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    Scott_Anderson ok I'll post this one.
    Is this broken?
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    @Tomigon it's delicious and I don't think it's broken because there are only so many cards you can cast. In addition, there are always graveyard hate spells nowadays.

    Plus to cast the first flashback spell each turn, you need five or six mana. The second one makes seven to nine. So it's unlikely you're going to "go off."

    If you put it in a color where the sorceries and instants aren't killers, it could even be cheaper. I think 3GG (artifact or enchantment) would be OK.

    Here, try this card:


    I am really shaky on the second ability. Is it costed right? Is it too good?
  • image

    This is a darker version of another card I created
  • It seems right to me. The last ability has a cost and an effect that are not separated by a colon, but should be.

    I also think the last ability is a little wonky, but there's no obvious problem with it.
  • @Scott_Anderson I like your card, the last ability I think can be lowered to 6 instead of 7. @pjbear2005 your cards are getting better and better, why don't you put periods on the end of your sentences?
  • @sorinjace
    Would you please post a card here for the next fave/comment?
  • @pjbear2005, Cursed Blessing seems like a very clunky name. Might I suggest 'Burden?'

    Also, why both Hexproof and Shroud? Hexproof is redundant here.

  • Pretty gimmicky, fitting for a fun rare but I doubt I'd play it in most circumstances because it's just too slow. @Gelectrode

    Anyway, here's mine
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    Sorry I forgot to post a card @Faiths_Guide. Here is a new one I made for @Tomigon:


    How do you guys feel about this ability? it is supposed to be an opposite to a card I like in the contest @East2West just made, I feel it's pretty good and it'd be fun to play.
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    Please comment and/or fave on both and Then, post a link of your own!
  • Hello, is this memetic enough?

  • @Sylux @sorinjace commented on your cards
    Thoughts about power level and possible wording mistakes? Aiming for modern strength, but not busted
  • I love this idea, @Faiths_Guide!
  • I've commented on your Maiden, @TheCenterOfTheUniverse.

  • @Gelectrode gave input to help in refining the card:

    Feel free to skip the comment/fave step and request input on anything.
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    You don't want to see me try to skip. It isn't pretty.

    I like this, it's very flavorful. I have a fondness for cheap cards that you don't really want to find in your opening hand; this one isn't totally useless in the early game (in fact, it strips your opponent of whatever quick ramping critters he was trying to hurt you with very nicely) but it's just lovely later. I for one would greatly enjoy weighing a Gideon Planeswalker creature down with five dead bodies and then purging my opponent's deck of any pesky copies, all for one mana. That's efficiency.

    I'm mulling over ideas for a kind of Invasion-rematch custom set, pitting Phyrexia against another rainbow coalition. In the wake of New Phyrexia, i want things-all-the-same-color to be a Phyrexian deal, and things-being-all-colors (keyword: Prism) being for the good guys. It occured to me that a cute design space that I don't think has been explored yet is Auras enchanting play zones:

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    You must comment on or fave it to link a card of your own. (I left a comment on your card anyway.)
  • Ahh whoopppppppppsssss!
    @Pauli I feel like this needs an ETB trigger and a separate one for when they enter the graveyard they become the chosen color and lose all other colors.
  • Thanks, @jpastor.

    Post a card you'd like a comment or a fave on and leave a comment or fave on this:
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    i decided to make some cards based on the greater evils of hell from the diablo series im curious as to what you guys think.
  • @Djayhero - I've commented on your card.


  • Dreadful? Is that new?
  • @Scott_Anderson - It's an old mechanic of mine.
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