A Hexing Matter

Greetings witches, warlocks, and wizards of all ages, shapes, and sizes! As any good spellcaster knows, not every battle is won by throwing fire and lightning at your foes, or stopping everything they do. The tides of battle have turned many times thanks to the simple utilization of a trap or delayed spell leading to victory. As such, show me what you can do with Hexes!


Hex is a homemade mechanic designed to allow spells to be "morphed." You cast an enchantment for later, but your opponent has no idea what it is! They could be walking into a trap, or perhaps it's just a Fireball laying in wait. It's all up to you what your Hexes do! However, there are some guidelines.

1. Keep things appropriate under site guidelines.
2. Three entries each. Entries can be swapped out and edited until the due date of June first.
3. Anything noncreature can be a hex. Yes, this includes your magical artifacts.

Winners will be determined on June first. First place will receive three favorites, second gets two, and third gets one. Entries I especially like will be favorited.

Now, best of luck in creating your daring and tricky Hexes!


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