Goaltsea, the Hunting Plane

I came up with the idea for this plane last night. It is a vast, open plane filled with wild creatures beyond your imagination, dense forests, flat, open plains, enormous mountains, and beautiful lakes and rivers. It contains no cities, for the people believe that a city would ruin the feel of the plain. It instead has a few hunting cabins here and there, and many Elf and Human hunters.
But in recent times, Goaltsea (the name of the plane, based off of Dovahzul "Goltseah", or "Place of hunting") has been invaded by a Lich Planeswalker, Pyk'zaad, and he has begun making an undead army, mostly consisting of the Forbidden Area of Goaltsea, which contains the most fearsome creatures of the plane.
This is all I have for a story for the first set, and I am working on cards as you read this. Any help would be appreciated, including art. Thank you!


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    Pyk'zaad, Lich Lord Elf Tracker Blue-Fire Archer
    Here are the three cards I have for the set so far. The hunter creatures feature a new mechanic called Hunter. The animal and wildlife of Goaltsea cards will feature a mechanic called Hunted. I haven't come up with the ability for it yet, though. Any input on Hunted would also be appreciated!
  • Maybe

    Hunted ( If this creature fights target creature with Hunter it gets +0/+1 until end of turn)


    Hunted (Whenever this creature is dealt damage by a creature with Hunter draw a card)


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    I like the first ability for Hunted, I never thought about something like that, though I might change it to +0 +2. Otherwise I like it, Thanks!
  • No Problem
  • I would say you could bring back Enrage from Ixalan
  • I did, actually! I put it on the only card with Hunted I have so far.
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    Enraged Horn-Head Here it is, the Enraged Horn-Head! (It may be edited, I haven't decided if I that version of Hunted is final or not)
  • I'd recommend not having mechanics that depend on one another to function, it's incredibly parasitic. As is, no one would run hunted creatures unless one was good enough to be maindecked or as sideboard cards.
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    Would you recommend Hunted like this then?:
    Boar Serpent
  • I feel like that would work if you had a multitude of cards that cause fights other then hunter in the set
  • It would need to be a “fight matters” set, which would be pretty cool.
  • Put in garruk!
  • fight matters sounds cool
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    Put Garruk in and make stuffs that can make creatures to fight since "hunted" is dependant on it.


    Hunting Season
    Enchantment (Rare)
    Creatures you control have "When this creature enters the battlefield, it gets +2/+2 until end of turn and it fights another target creature an opponent controls." The same is true for creature cards you own that aren't on the battlefield.
  • Thank you all for the help, I was certainly going to put in some other planeswalkers into the next set, and I guess I could fit a Garruk in. I will definitely make this a "fight matters" set.
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