The Great Battlebond Challenge!

Battlebond spoilers are being released!

So now is our time to be creative with what has been presented, in this contest I will be rewarding those who can create the best card for any of the three categories! (Look up the abilities on magicspoiler or mythicspoiler)

1. Create two cards that have "partner with ".

2. Create a card with "assist".

3. Create a card that just works well in a team game (two headed giant or battlebond, or even an impromptu 2v2 commander). For example,


The Rules.

Entries into the first category must be in pairs.

You can submit any number of cards to any number of contests.

Each card can be in any number of categories, but it must apply for each one.

Judging and Prizes!

Judging will commence for each category on the 8th of june (the same day that battlebond releases)

The Prizes are as follows;

1st place (in any contest): 5 favourites and a follow. Choice of one honorable mention.

2nd place (in any contest): 5 favourites.

3rd place (in any contest): 3 favourites.

Honorable mentions: 1 favourite.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Good Luck Fellow Cardsmiths!


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