My Fake Cube Has Been Completed

This is the whole reason I made my Cardsmith account was to make a fake cube. It's taken months and I think my more recent stuff is better than the old. Anyone who wants please take a look and tell me if anything is too powerful, too useless, or if you just like something. Thanks.


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    There are a few wording errors:

    Pagoda Trap should say “power 5 or greater.”

    Creating Drake gains unblockable until the end of turn.

  • How do you put a fan favorite?
  • After the tap symbol comes a colon
  • Definitely going to have to check that out further when I get more time. I so far have seen the first two pages and a few here and there as you have created the cards. Nice work @East2West! :) I'll be faving cards as I look through them for ya.
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