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Well I'm trying to be on here just picked out another hobby of blogging in heath food. So I won't be on here as much as I keep saying. More and more stuff keeps coming up. My nephew is allergic to EVERYTHING (not everything). Trying to help his Mom out with foods he can eat. Very ecxited about my block but now I'm going to be on here far less.

If any of you would like to help you can give me some ideas on what to give him.

He's allergic to

Egg White

I know this is way off topic but I'd like to help my sister out. My nephew is 3 turning 4.

He can have banana flour which can be a substitute for flour.

Also any veggies that are not related to the ones he is allergic to would be great to know.


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    My baby son loves some veggies popular in Japan, like daikon. It's a big white radish but with a gentler taste than the red ones in the states. Boiled and mashed, or in a simple soup with some hot water. Might be hard to find.....

    Fish is great too, try tuna or salmon with the daikon. Dipped in tartar sauce or mayo. pretty fun for kids I think.
  • Has he tried dragon fruit? That's pretty fun to eat. He can est chicken too? Many things he can try made with chicken. Can make chicken parmasen with the right kind of cheese made out of goat milk or something else.
  • Dragon Fruit is great
  • With the Eggs there are these things called vegan eggs that aren't real eggs. My sister who was allergic to eggs until she was 5 ate those instead
  • Try cucumbers. They're a tasty snack.
  • Zucchini pasta, if he’s able to have it, makes for an excellent substitute in addition to being both delicious and healthy.
  • Thanks @Lujikul for the tip I just looked up zucchini pasta. It looks great!
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    Here's my blog if you have comments or suggestions.
  • @saveria201 Just found out I can find Daikon at a major store in the us called meijer. Both my local stores have them in stock.
  • Some employers and health care providers offer access to nutritionists, and if yours does, I would definitely look into taking advantage of that. They would probably have some really good insight.
  • Great @Aryanf I'm happy you found it! Its really good boiled and mashed then garnished on top of chicken breast or strips. Just another idea.
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    @Ranshi922 Here is the link to the site. I just started it but there will be more.
  • Oh Jimminy Christmas thats a lot of allergies
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    Update found a flax milk called good karma that is gluten dairy but and soy free.
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