Contest: Twisted Keywords



  • Okay, thank you all for your submissions! This contest is now closed for judging.
  • I forgot to use this:
    Tribute [mana] (As this creature enters the battlefield, an opponent of your choice may pay [mana]. If they do, add [mana].)

    Or even:
    Tribute [blank] (As this creature enters the battlefield, an opponent of your choice may pay [blank].)
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    Okay folks! Sorry about the delay, but judging is now complete! Let's do this!

    First, an Honorable Disqualification:


    Equimetal Enhancement, by @Gelectrode

    This is a really cool mechanic, but it has a whole lot of elements that really make it distinct from Auras or Equipments. It's not just a twist on a single keyword. As such, even though I really like it, I didn't consider it for further judging. I'd love to see more of this, though!

    And now on to the regular Honorable Mentions:


    Infected Bite, by @MrPirate89 : Splice was a mechanic that didn't really get a fair shake in my book. Your variant of Splicing onto a creature type is a clean, logical extension of the mechanic that encourages tribal play without being parasitic. That art though is a little too gruesome (and risqué) for regular Magic.

    Standing at the Concession/Plotting His Oppression, by @KrampisZman : I thought it was clever how you applied the Partner mechanic to other card types. I like the idea of the narrative it creates of one story leading to another. But I don't think you really costed them appropriately, given that they create a lot of card advantage between them searching for each other, filling your hand, and locking down creatures.

    Hellish Legion, by @TheAltRick : Fusing Kicker and Buyback makes for a neat effect and a great name for a mechanic. Unfortunately your execution and formatting for the card itself was a little sloppy, and it's definitely too good for common. The kickback cost is going to need to be higher at that rarity.
  • And now on to the Top Three!

    In third place, Announcing Consort and Denouncing Consort, by @Faiths_Guide


    Soulbonding with creature types is simple, clean, and flavorful. However, like with @KrampisZman 's partner pair, the ability to keep tutoring for multiple copies of these ladies (and to push them out of your hand without paying mana) makes them pretty oppressive and undercosted. Still, I like where you're headed here.

    In second place, Cathia, Twisted Irritator, by @sorinjace


    Amplify was a hell of a mechanic to call back to, and this is definitely a fun twist. I like that the choice to Simplify makes her sweeper ability more powerful, but also makes her easier to remove. That provides interesting gameplay tension. I think this might be my favorite design of yours that I've seen. Good job!

    And in first place, drumroll..... Mayael's Crusader, by @bnew07


    This is a very straightforward, attractive design. It's a focussed use of Cascade that fits back in with the themes of Naya. The 2 damage sweep sacrifices your mana dorks, but the aggressive advantage is probably worth it. This one stood out to me right away, and I could easily see this being printed almost word for word in a future Alara expansion. Excellent design.

    Thanks again to everyone who participated! Honorable mentions will get their entries liked, and the top three will get that as well, plus 3/2/1 additional faves delivered on request. If anyone has an questions or would like feedback on a particular card, just message me and I'll be happy to talk shop. By folks, and see you again next contest!
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    Thank you @Platypusburger heres my 2 faves requests please favorite:




    I wasnt sure exactly if it was 2 or 3 favorites but you can favorite whichever ones youd like @Platypusburger. Btw I plan on making a card of you soon as well, got any color(s) or creature types you enjoy playing? Ok well ttyl thanks for the contest congrats to the other winners as well!
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    Well done @everyone!
    Congratulations other @Winners and @Mentionables! Thanks for the contest @Platypusburger. Did I earn faves?

    And ya, I totally wasn't thinking about running the Consorts in multiples. Oops.
  • Oooh, I'm dishonorable! Haha, thanks for highlighting my Augmentation mechanic (a work in progress since colored borders) and congratulations to the winners.
  • @Faiths_Guide , yes. Third place gets you one extra fave.
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