Mechanix Challenge #30



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    Entry 11


    I used

    Ritual by TezzeretofCarmot21
    Ritual {cost} (You may pay {cost} and sacrifice a creature rather than pay this spell’s mana cost.)

    ????? storm by Tomigon + Retribution by Dechujoh64 =Retribution Storm
    Retribution (Whenever a creature you control dies, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature.)

    Entry 12


    I used

    Rehearse by KrampisZman
    Rehearse (At the beginning of your upkeep, put a verse counter on this creature.)

    Etherialize by ManaChrome
    Etherialize [Cost] ([Cost], Exile this card from your graveyard: Create a token that's a copy of it, except it's a 1/1 blue Spirit '__ceature types__' with no mana cost and has flying.)

    Entry 13


    Hex by Lujikul, modified by bnew07
    Hex [Cost] (You may cast this card face down as a 2/2 creature for {3}. You may cast it from the battlefield any time you could cast it from your hand by paying its hex cost.)
  • My 15 entries, using all mechanics except "Quality" Storm, Thorns, and Trust of the Council. The mechanics below we all modified as follows:

    Restore: Changed from "may" ability to mandatory.
    Hex: Modification by @bnew07
    Etherialize: Added "only as a sorcery"
    Forge: Named token "Kopis" for flavor.

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    Entry 14.. I haven't quite hit 15 entries, but I used all 15 mechanix by card 13 since I like to over lap them.


    I used

    Psychic by someguy
    Psychic (If this creature would deal combat damage to a player,instead that player puts that many cards from the top of their library into their graveyard.)

    Etherialize by ManaChrome
    Etherialize [Cost] ([Cost], Exile this card from your graveyard: Create a token that's a copy of it, except it's a 1/1 blue Spirit '__creature types__' with no mana cost and has flying.)

    Entry number 15


    No not really....This old card, but it was so perfect for this contest heh. Tomigon has already seen this card it was in another contest of his... your saviour has arrived. I used 3 of the mechanix (Just didn't name the effect restore) without knowing about this before hand. Mind you two of them are mine, so makes sense I used them.



    I used

    Restore by sorinjace
    Restore N. (Shuffle up to N cards from your graveyard into your library.)

    Insular by KalamMekhar
    Insular - If you spent only ____ mana to cast this spell, *(effect..)

    That is my 15 Entries, and I will await the finale.

  • Amazing works!
  • @Tomigon, and @Tigerfang8 said 15 was too many hehe. We'll see if anyone else maxes out their entries.
  • @Lastjustice do you mean besides @bnew07?
  • @KrampisZman Yeah besides @bnew07. May be someone gets inspired and go for broke.
  • @Lastjustice I never said it was too many, I said it was a lot.
  • Just playing @Tigerfang8 , people make however they like. I'd rather someone make 5 good cards than 15 bad ones. I just try to experiment with each choice and see what I can come up with.
  • Speed Bump in the Night!

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    Entry #3:

    Using Restore by @sorinjace:
  • First entry
  • Thanks for your entries @everyone!

    Your Hexweft Arcanist uses action keyword like keyword ability.
    Action keywords are something like scry, proliferate, manifest, investigate,, they are all used in cards' texts.

    So your card should probably read:
    "When Hexweft Arcanist enters the battlefield, restore 5. If a Demon card is restored this way, search your library for a Demon card, reveal it, put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library. (To restore 5, shuffle up to five cards from your graveyard into your library.)"

    Also this is not a big deal but its activated ability should be
    "{b}{b}, Tap an untaped Demon you control: ..."
    *Spell and ability's costs don't target anything.
    *You can tap your creature infinite times unless it says "untapped"
    *Subtype in card's text is capitalized.
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    There seems to be a couple different templates for legion lying around, I went with the "doesn't have legion" one cause it lets me do this with eternalize (The HOD mechanic, not the custom "etherealize" just to be clear).

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    Entry #2:

    Using Insular from @KalamMekhar

  • @tomigon can we submit old cards?
  • Entry 2
  • @shadow123
    Sorry, only new cards. If we allow old cards, creators of the mechanics have advantage.
  • @Teacup
    When you said you like prowess you were not lying!
  • Hex:
    I really like morph, so I started with hex - which, with the modification by @bnewo7 is morph for non-permanents. I started with one to test the waters, then made a cycle of cards that are better when you 'cheat', with both hex and flashback. I made a small change to the reminder text on hex, though, replacing 'cast from the battlefield' with just 'cast' to simplify it slightly.

    My only other concern would be the interaction between a 'hexed' spell and cards like Ixidor. I'm just curious as to whether it should be handled like a manifested instant/sorcery (Reveal to show it can't be flipped, then put it back) or if a new ruling should be made to have any hexed permanent immediately cast with no cost when anything flips it, and the hex cost is the cost to flip it. While the second way may be more fun, it's quite a bit more complicated and would take some re-working of the whole mechanic. Anyway, cards:
    First Hex:
    Cheater Cycle:

    There's been a series of tweaked clones going around (In real Magic), but was thus far missing a W/U member. Legion felt like a white ability, and then I added the flicker for a little extra synergy. The costing here may be too low, though. I was having fun.

    I had an idea for an aftermath card called Dress to Impress, and Forge fit right in for a 'Dress' ability dealing with equipment. For clarification, I used the swords/shields version:
    Forge N swords (Create N colorless Equipment Artifact tokens with equip {1} and "Equipped creature gets +1/+0.")
    Forge N shields (Create N colorless Equipment Artifact tokens with equip {1} and "Equipped creature gets +0/+1.")

    Also, I had an idea for an odd tweak on Aegis (by @Lastjustice). Rather than have it be Aegis N = Pay {N}, what if it were 'Aegis [cost]'. Then 'Aegis 2' would become 'Aegis - {2}', but you could make things like 'Aegis - Discard a card' or 'Aegis - Pay 3 life'. Just a tweak to add some more design space.

    That's all for now, but I may be back later for second helpings.
  • @CastorCrozz Yeah, we could definitely add some different flavors to Aegis costing cards like Reality Smasher does, or hurting them for it like Thunderbreak Regent .
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    I've never thought about what happens when hexed cards are turned face up by other effects. I think it would be handled like a manifested instant/sorcery, but you are free to make new rules for custom mechanics in this challenge.
    Very nice works!
  • Two Legion designs;

    A mono-black squadron of discard.

    But why restrict Legion to creatures?
  • Entry 1, using Insular:
  • Entry 3
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    Entry #4:

    Using Psychic by @Lastjustice:


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