The least un(bear)able contest!

Bear with me now because for two weeks we will seek through our bearings for what kinds of bears we can find.

In this contest I want you to create bear cards.
With this I refer to cards that have a mechanical connection to bears or maybe a bear planeswalker.
These cards can be bears themselves or something that either create bears or have interactions with bears.

Some examples
image image image

* Up to 5 entries are allowed
* Up to 2 entries may be old cards, the rest must be new cards. (old cards are cards made before the 28th of May)
* Follow the rules of the forum
* Credit the artist or provide a source for the artwork

The top three will be given a place in the hall of fame!
First place: 4 favorites of your choice plus a follow or 4 favorites of your choice and 1 of my choice.
Second place: 3 favorites of your choice
third place: 2 favorites of your choice
Honorable mentions: 1 favorite of my choice

Deadline is the 15th of June

Happy smithing!!


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    Ummm unless you're hoping a bunch of time travelers want to join this contest I assume you meant June 15th, not May 15th @Jonteman93?

    Here's my first Entry in anycase, the Lord of Hatebears

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    My first entry, this one uses three of the custom mechanics I've created. As such it's impossible to tell how balanced it is. I'll admit the mechanical connection to bears is fairly weak... on the upside it does make bear tokens (copies of itself).

    And a second entry. This one cares about bears... and also zombies... and also 2/2s.
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  • @Lastjustice I always hope for a time traveler to approach. I always hope.
  • New


  • @DeepSky Phantom Bear is amazing!

    @Jonteman93 I will be back to enter this, as I do love Bears!
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    Old card 1, entry #1:

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    2) old card 2, entry #2:

  • I cannot Bear the fact that this contest exists. Oh well, I guess I can just Claw my way to the top. I mean, I have all of the Koalafications to win...
  • @KrampisZman
    What a grizzly outlook.
  • *cough* Koalas are not Bears! XP
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    Entry #3:
  • These puns are just terrible
  • We'll soon need to take these unbearable puns into court!
    There, no matter what right or koalaifications you have to bear arms.
    Trust me. I will deal with terrible puns with my bear hands.
    When you are caught it will be impawsible to get away.
    The last one bearly survived. (It was me...)

  • This thread is getting gummed up with bear puns. And most of them are terrible. They are...

    (paws for effect)

    ... bearly funny.
  • My 5 entries:

  • When I was in college, Puns were my Ursa Major, and Dad Jokes when my Ursa Minor.
  • Couple old ones:
    image image
  • I present the ultimate Bear power!

  • "Bear seek seek lest"
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    Bump. 1 week remaining now!
  • This contest ends in 12 hours.
  • I was able to bear through and come to a conclusion.
    It was not as easy or as bearable as I had thought but I made with my bear hands.

    Ok enough with the terrible puns and lets get into the rankings.
    First the honorable mentions of which I choose forebears.

    @DeepSky with Phantom Bear & Teacup, Sunsinger
    @Faiths_Guide with Sheltered Wanderer
    @bnew07 with Bear Necessities
    image image image image

    3rd place
    @sorinjace - Armel, King of Bears
    The bears shall lead the charge so that it become unbearable for our opponents to withstand.
    What I like the most about Armel is that he/she makes the bear that are so known for being weak or average into fearsome creatures that make any army a threat.

    2nd place
    @Teacup - Yoga Bear
    This cards makes me wanna start doing yoga.
    I would probably need yoga.
    I really like the creative use of the level up mechanic but without it actually level up. The bear benefits highly from being played in a very green deck but requires blue for it to fully function beyond any normal forest bear.

    1st place
    @Faiths_Guide - Ahrdj, Clairvoyant
    This card was difficult at first to validate since it is a 3/3 for 2 with direct downside but an upside. I did make some research however and realized that threshold might not be that easy to achieve at the same time as Ahrdj is available. Where I like Ahrdj the most would be in commander where he is a clear powerhouse but also an obvious risk to play unless controlled since the graveyard can be so fragile to contain. I would say. The more reliably you make him the more fragile you make him. Or you could just throw him into any spirit deck which includes green. He is a little like Atraxa. Very clear in purpose yet open for many strategies.

    I want to remind you that these rankings are made on my own preferences and my own interpretations how the card keep up to the given instructions.
    Thank you everyone for participating in this contest!

  • Congrats other @Winners and other @Mentionables! Thanks for the contest @Jonteman93 :)

    I got 5 favorites then?
  • Sweet glad you liked the card @Jonteman93! Here is my 2 fave requests please thank you:



    Congrats to the other winners and honorable mentions! I really liked this contest.
  • Cub-gratulations to ALL the Winners and Mentionables!!

    It was great to see all the cards you had bruin for this contest!
  • Great job, you furry punsters! Congrats to the winners and a hearty Bronx cheer to the weiners with their unbearable puns!
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