Reactivation Challenge #47- Mirrored Pairs (Awarding prizes)



  • I got your Porgs @Deepsky.

    Anyone looking make cards for the subthemes, but worried about running out of entries, i will allow you have extra cards if you make one that meets the overall criteria and the subtheme. If you make one that just meets the subtheme it wouldn't count toward the main contest anyways.
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    If you're looking for inspiration, here's another way you could go.

    image image

    Which works toward this contest as well.
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    image image

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    Nice pairing @Teacup. It's been good to see you making more cards recently.

    General info:You have until tomorrow night to make a card toward the Subtheme- Day and K/night , 6/6/2018. Each one will last roughly 3 days if there's not a winner. If it rolls over, then I will keep it open but release the next Subtheme concept and call it if anyone fits it when i judge the next one. In this case I got two I feel fit this already so it will be definitely judged Wed night.
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  • Here's my entries for option A:

    image image
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    This isn’t day and Knight. Is it still accepted?

  • Yeah I will take entries for the subtheme till tomorrow night. Lot's action happening, good to see the turn out so far. I will then post the next one which will be 3 days cycles that will take us all the way to the end on the 15th.
  • imageimage

    Some wordplay!
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    @MonkeyPirate2002 You embraced the theme by far the hardest, and I like what you did as a throw back to the eclipse contest last summer. You win 3 favorites of your choice for the Subtheme victory!

    I will throw a favorite to everyone who got in the action for it though. You can name a card of your choice to favorite.




    So two down, next Subtheme that will last till the 9th is ....

    Cat and Mouse!

    Again, however you want to embodient this theme as your ideas might be radically different from mine. (These are ideas I have for my own pairings laid out that I've put off making.)I know it's a trickier one but It's flexible how you get there, long as it works.

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    How about one of the partner with cards? The cards are:
    Incendrix, Flame Everlasting
    Cryosis, Eternal Winter
    Immolation of Incendrix
    Blizzards of Cryosis
    Somiar, Daybreak Heretic
    Altraum, Luna's Disgrace
    Vrax, the Fallen Engine
    Henric, Renegade Engineer
    You can choose one, whichever is your favorite.
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    I was holding off favoriting cards that are entries since I would favorite ones that win or get honorable mention. I will favorite anything not in this contest or if you made a subtheme card that doesn't fit the main contest.

    @MonkeyPirate2002 I did these 3 cards
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    Ok, so just Vrax or Henric then, since they were not a part of this contest.
  • @Lastjustice what do you mean cat and mouse can you elaborate a little more on your theme please? :)
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    Hopefully this fits your bill of "Cat and Mouse."

  • @Sorinjace, However you want to make it work. Like in a cooking show, I tell you what you have to use for ingredients, then you surprise me with what you make from them. You're a blood hound, I give you a scent, and you take me where you think I want to go.

    The post above, @MonkeyPirate2002 went with a game of Cat and Mouse, as the creature hunts the guy who summoned it as his take.If @Tigerfang8 posted his cat and his computer mouse as cards, that could be his take on it.(I'd hope we aim alittle higher than that.) In Knight and Day, people had actual knights, or things that were of light and darkness. For Beauty and the beast, someone could make two vehicles, one a fancy sports car, and a monster truck because they are a car lover. It's a rorschach test of whatever it means to you.

    Hope that helps. You can do the must literal thing, or you can do something sideways. It's like when I asked my one friend where she wanted to go, since she had been alot of places in her life. She said Pluto...because I didn't specific on earth heh. I tend think more practical terms for what I aim to do, She always did epic as the answer for things.
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    Yeah i know @Lastjustice it dont meet the main theme of the contest, but you said to go with what i thought of when i saw it, guess i got cartoons on the mind! Lol.
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    I had a feeling you'd make a Tom and Jerry card, why i didn't suggest it heh.



    You haven't requested a favorite, so I am going take matters my own hands and favorite a card of yours I like. I know, it's harsh justice heh.
  • @Lastjustice Why am I being tagged?
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    Tigerfang8, You were an used as an example in my piece to Sorinjace, since you are someone who owns a cat.(based off your avatar) Feel free make a card while you're here.
  • Hey i enjoyed making it for you @Lastjustice :)
  • Ill make a more serious entry later sometime promise!!
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    @Lastjustice Okay, fair enough. But whoever said I had a computer? :D
  • You might not , but I was willing risk it for the sake of my example Tigerfang8.
  • I will judge for the subtheme later tonight, and announce the next one. Anyone want to get in on this game of Cat and Mouse, make it happen!
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    @MonkeyPirate2002 are the winner for this subtheme, so you get 3 favorites of your choice.

    @Sorinjace, I favorited your entry for the subtheme.

    My own planned version of Cat and Mouse is a Cat Samurai, and Rat Ninja heh. I will make that in the near future.

    So the next subtheme till the 12th is Luck and Skill!

    However you want to make that into two cards for a pairing. Whether its one had a coin flip of some sort or dice roll, and other does based off skill or simply is a creature type that embodiments skill. However you want to do it. Long as it feels like the theme been captured.

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