Reactivation Challenge #47- Mirrored Pairs (Awarding prizes)



  • Option A:


    Option B:


    I have done what I call a Reflected Trio where one card belongs to a mirrored pair of both types. The trio is Natural Enforcer - Augmented Assassin - Augmented Aethermage.
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    For the subtheme luck vs. skill (and the challenge itself!)

  • Not for the subtheme, just happened to make these:
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    We had two players in the game for Luck and Skill

    @shadow123 , I liked your spells, but you made them both luck based. Skilled shock should had spell mastery or some other means of boosting it's damage that thematically implied skill instead of a dice roll. You still get one favorite of your liking for choosing for playing along.

    @MonkeyPirate2002 - You stuck to the theme a bit better, as the Chronomancer definitely takes skill to use properly as that's a quirky but interesting card. Your Rabbler is balls to wall Luck, either he does damage, or goes down in flames. I award you 3 favorites of your choosing. You've had a good run so far.

    @TheCenterOfTheUniverse , thank for including your spells. They are cool, even if they aren't for the subtheme. Always good see more quality cards get in the mix.

    Okay, so we are at the final leg of this contest. This is not a preplanned theme off my list. (that would have been power and wisdom.) I decided to make the last theme something else. The final Theme is Victory and Defeat! ...though I will still accept cards using the original planned them if anyone wants that option for the subtheme. Since this the final I will be awarding 5 favorites to it's winner, and 3 to the Runner up to finish strong.

    This is the Final Countdown!!!!!!!!!

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    This is (not!) my final entry. I am doing the subtheme too, just so you know.

  • All favorites accounted for. I increased the entry limit to 10, so people can take part in the subtheme and make whatever they may have planned to do prior.
  • Today is the last day, as I will be passing final judgment in roughly 24 hours...or so. (nothing every exactly on time.) I will accept any entries till I post I am done. So if you don't see me toss out one of my cards signaling it's done, slam it in here before I call it.


    As a reminder, there will be a month of premium award to the winner.

    May the odds ever be in your favor...

    On side note I have another contest idea coming so, something that has never been done before far as I can tell. More about that later when I unveil it, as I've been planning it for a bit.

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    A pair for the Victory and Defeat theme:


    Life and Death golgari pair:

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    For no subtheme in particular, just some tricolor fun.

  • So who wants a Premium?


    I will call it soon, then decide the subtheme, and sometime after that the over all winner. So if you like I want to WIN!!!...then give it a shot. Otherwise we got a good batch here, I won't be taking judging lightly. Or who gets to host next, and do the correct thing heh.
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    End of the line!!!

    So I am going pick my winners of the 3 Subtheme players....

    @fiskerton - You are the Winner of the final subtheme, 5 favorites of your liking are yours.

    @MonkeyPirate2002 - You are the runner up, and get 3 favorites as promised.

    @KalamMekhar- You get 2 favorites of your choice since this the final round, and you didn't even know you were playing when you made your jaws of defeat and victory, as it works perfectly into the subtheme.

    ...Ok the big decisions I will leave till later. I find that in the near future.


    So Stay tuned, as we call the ultimater winner of Reactivation Challenge 47!!! No more entries will be accepted as of now!

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    Ok, This going be truly rough. With pairings, it really increases the difficulty to weight what the cardsmith makes, since you need factor two cards and how they mesh.

    The 10 top pairings are.... I favorited all cards I am selecting here.

    10th place @sorinjace (1 favorite of your choice)
    image image

    Could have placed higher if they fit closer to the contests designs, but nice nonetheless

    9th @KalamMekhar (1 favorite of your choice)
    image image

    Nice simple spells, with some fun word play.

    8th place @Djayhero (1 favorite of your choice)
    image image

    Was nice to see some walkers paired, as we got some diverse entries for this contest.

    7th place @fiskerton (1 favorite of your choice)
    image image

    These won the subtheme easily for Victory and defeat, and I will gladly honor them again here.

    6th [email protected] (1 favorite of your choice)
    image image

    Some powerful stuff there, as I can only imagine the number of triggers that would result if these went off. I love the actual definition awesome theme and art you went with. I am also selecting you to host Reactivation 48. I feel like you should.

    5th place @kickash (1 favorite of your choice)

    image image

    You definitely embodied the concept of things being mirrored as the with the duality that comes with this pairing. Very good work expressing something we don't see alot of in magic.

    4th Place @MonkeyPirate2002 (1 favorite of your choice)

    image image

    The back side as he was the only one to make flip cards.

    image image

    Everyone in the top four had an argument for being first in my head. You gave me so much in terms of quality, effort and heart. You were the MVP of this contest, and this particular entries definitely tried the hardest of anyone here. I have to ultimately pick who made the overall execution of said idea, as your card while brillant in terms of what you sought to do , but it felt alittle rough around the edges. Don't let that discourage you, as I was impressed by the overall package you gave me. You have the makings of someone who could really do great thnigs if you keep applying yourself like this. I will definitely be favoriting all 4 cards associated with this entry. I know it's not a premium, but I will follow you for your effort.

    3rd place @Teacup (3 favorites of your choice)

    image image

    You make things I like, as I wanted to favorite these as soon as I saw them, but I since I am judging this contest, I don't want to show my interest too quickly. They are simple, but do what they do effectively, have great art for both of them and a flavor text that works well. Only thing that keeps them from scoring first is they don't really help each other as they both want two different things, so they probably wouldn't ever be played in the same deck.

    2nd place @TenebrisNemo (4 favorites of your choice)

    image image

    You really nailed the whole battlebond mechanics. These cards play well together, and while they aren't earthshattering powerful, which fits their rarity of uncommon, they definitely bring enough to the table to be included in a deck that uses equipment or soldier tribal. I like the art, and the use of forge mirrored between them both.(which is yours.)

    1st place @Faiths_Guide (5 favorites and premium to use or gift.)

    image image

    So guess picking me to run this contest was a happy accident for you. (since I totally fudged it's purpose and all.) But on the upside it will hopefully get put in the hands of someone who actually reads fine print and what not. In anycase you made two cards that pair extremely well together, may be even alittle too well that I'd almost suggest they be legendary just keep them from repeatedly chaining with the paired with mechanic. (But thematically they don't have unique names to warrent it, aren't all that powerful solo, and would get rid of your third creature type.) I am fan of knights, and soul bond, as Silverblade Paladin is my all time favorite creature, I approve. The overall package just was tighter execution, had great synergy, and the art connected while including the battlebond pairing. Let me know if the premium goes to you, or someone else. I will award accordingly.

    So everyone in my top ten, let me know what card or cards you want favorited.

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    As for Reactivation Challenge #48 Again @TheCenterOfTheUniverse you are the chosen one for that.

    Read and include this.
    "Years ago a smith created an amazing contest, then another and another. Each new contest more amazing than the last. Eventually someone made what many deemed, the greatest contest OF ALL TIME!! Countless Entries were made, so it would take months to judge... or so it seemed. The community patiently waited for an answer that would never come as it's creator vanished mysteriously without a trace from the pages of history. It was then that Tomigon joined forced with Corwinnnn and they formed the cardwatch. The merry Band of Misfits vowed never again would this happen, and thus the Reactivation Challenge was born! "


    and this

    *Reactivation Disclaimer:
    1 ) An inactive challenge is chosen to be reactivated, it gets posted for new submissions with a new deadline.
    2 ) The new judge cannot choose his or her own submissions as the winner.
    3 ) After the winners are declared, the judge selects one participant as the next host (must be an active member).
    4 ) The chosen participant chooses the next challenge that has been inactive for over 2 months. He or she hosts it as the reactivation judge.
    5 ) The reactivation judge starts this process all over from step 1.
    6 ) New discussion is opened for each reactivated challenge. A link to the original challenge is put there.
    7 ) The alternate judge must type original judge's name after "@" to notice that his or her challenge is reactivated by the alternate judge.
    8 ) The original judge has a right to take over their original challenge or to ask for it to remain open and unresolved at any time prior to a winner being declared and posted.

    ( ^ @NextJudge Copy this disclaimer and the Intro story to your new challenge thread.


    Please follow the rules. You don't want a trip to Walter's F.U.N.N.H.A.U.S.!...That's an Acronym...and you do not want to find out what it stands for!

    Thank you everyone who played along and congrats to our winners!
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    Also for the final subtheme you 3 never picked your favorites

    @fiskerton - You are the Winner of the final subtheme, 5 favorites of your liking are yours.

    @MonkeyPirate2002 - You are the runner up, and get 3 favorites as promised.

    @KalamMekhar- You get 2 favorites of your choice since this the final round, and you didn't even know you were playing when you made your jaws of defeat and victory, as it works perfectly into the subtheme.

    anyone who does not declare favorites in 5 days I will decide for you to square up this contest. I ultimately prefer to favorite what you want instead.
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    @Lastjustice Yay! TY! Oops i didn't realize that they were supposed to be good together in the same deck. Sorry about that:P

    Please favorite these cards.
  • Congrats to all other @Winners! Thanks for the contest @Lastjustice.

    Give me a little bit to come up with favorites, but, since I just earned a couple months of premium, could you give that prize to @Gelectrode?
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    @Teacup, Well only cause this contest had the paired with thing going as well, implying the cards would generally want to work together. Ultimately you still made two really good cards, just I had to make a cut somehow to first. I got your favorites.

    @Faiths_Guide , I am giving everyone 5 days come up with whatever cards they want. I don't like to leave thnigs lingering that I could forget about, which is plenty of time. I will give @Gelectrode the prize then.
  • fave what you would like of what I make today thanks @Lastjustice. will I see anything new from you this week on my contest? Heh. lol
  • I favorited a card Sorinjace.

  • Congratulations to everyone else!
    @Lastjustice thanks for the awesome contest and for letting me host the next Challenge!
    Can you favorite this:
    I will start looking for an unfinished challenge to reactivate!
  • Favorited Bob...and I knew you were the person for the job @TheCenterOfTheUniverse .
  • @Lastjustice, I would actually appreciate it if you could gift the premium to @TenebrisNemo instead. Thanks!
  • I already did it for you soon as I saw @Faiths_guide said to give you it, @Gelectrode . Sorry you will have the glorious burden of rolling premium for a month. Enjoy.

    All your favorites have been delivered as well Faiths_guide.

  • @Lastjustice
    Btw, do you have any input on those cards?
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