Aryanf and Dechujoh64 Show! Winners posted!

For the next four weeks we will be focusing on the Tertiary area of the color pie or third area as you call it.

"Tertiary—This is the color (or colors) that get the ability occasionally. It's not every set. For some abilities, we could go years without seeing a tertiary color using it. Tertiary colors can often come with rules, meaning it's a very narrow subset that makes use of the mechanic. For example, black is tertiary in first strike and gets it primarily on Knights, most often when paired against a mirrored white Knight." - Mark Rosewater

Unlimited entries!

Must be realistic. No jokes.

Any kind of card as long as it is a Tertiary card.

Mono colored cards please.

Does not have to be mythic.

Must be new cards as of May 30th one old card my be submitted.

Ends 20th of June noon est usa.

There will be three Winners!

I have spoken to mtgcardsmith about giving a donation to give out booster packs or gift cards to obtain booster packs.

*Trophy* for the winners.

Three honorable mentions will receive 3 favors of their choice. Dechujoh64 will pick these.

Me and @Dechujoh64 will be judging.

Flying Green Creature.

Flash in White.

Haste Black.



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