Making planeswalkers on Android and ios

edited June 2018 in Tutorials
So not all of us card smiths have a computer available to us so i wanted to highlight a few ways us tablet smiths can make a planeswalker of our own, if you have an android tablet theres a chance that you have a usb drive somewhere on it, if you do just buy a mouse and you're good to go, get smithing. However some Androids dont have a usb drive and same goes for ios so i would suggest the puffin browser now honestly i still prefer chrome but puffin does give you access to a trackpad mouse last i checked it was available on both google play and the apple store. And with that im done hopefully I've helped some people out.


  • I'll check out puffin browser. Ive never once been able to make a planeswalker because of the ios limitation.
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