June and the Colored Artifact Borders

June is here! There is a *NEW* Theme of the Month and TWO more Featured Cardsmiths!

Colored Artifacts Have Arrived!

You've asked for it, and now they're here! Artifacts with colored borders have arrived! So now we want to see what all the fuss is about! (Don't worry, we know what the fuss is about.) Show off some of your best custom Artifacts with your favorite color identity and you could find that card Featured this month!

All you have to do is Create them and then Post them HERE!!


  • @Corwinnn, I really like the lighter colors for lands which have a color identity and for blue cards - the border reminds me of early prints such as Arabians and Revised. I’ve switched over to mostly using the artifact borders for these purposes.

    But to be clear - you want artifacts with color identity here, yes?
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    So pretty!
  • @Scott_Anderson - Whatever YOU want to design in that design space works. Color identity makes the most sense, but we're not limiting creativity either.
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    Alara has a lot of great examples (in the colored artifact theme), but don't forget about new cards like Gearhulks!
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    Old card? What? I would never just submit an updated version of a card from August 1st, 2016, don't be silly... This is "100% new..."(Or not...)
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    Made this before i knew of this discussion, how many are we allowed to submit here? :)

    Dimir Pride!
  • @KrampisZman - Edited and New versions of Old cards are acceptable.
    @sorinjace - I didn't see a limit.
  • @Corwinnn But I definately didn't edit an old card. As I said, "100% new..."(Or not...)

    Lol, I'm just kidding.
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    Steam Juggernaut
  • Shadow123 and Falx!

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    Quick entry: (It's 1:00 a.m. and I probably shouldn't design cards at this hour, I'm probably going to be horrified by what I've done tomorrow morning xD)


    EDIT: Indeed I am horrified XD I try to fix the execution of this otherwise intriguing concept a few posts below ^^

  • @ningyounk it's an interesting mechanic. I noticed some folks playing in the "equip a player" space this week.
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    @ningyounk that card is dreadfully overpowered.
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    This is my coloured artifact
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    Coming back with the player Equipments, here is a cycle:

    The main two twists I included since the last version are:
    - Increasing mana costs for about everything. For the protection effect I based myself on things like Protection of the Hekma but for the effect that punishes creatures that deals damage to you I honestly had no idea how much it should cost without playtesting it, though I know revenge effects are also in white's part of the colour pie.
    - I gave a reason to equip multiple times, so you can't do all of those effects with a simple enchantment. It still would definitely not be worth it to add all those rules to have equipments doing what an enchantment could do, but it's mostly for the flashiness of the effect that it's interesting.

    I like the whole concept for the colour pie weirdness it creates:

    1) Both giving power (punishing creaturs that hurt you) and toughness (preventing damage) are strongly tied to White's part of the colour pie.

    2) Each of the additional effects have the colour associated with that effect if it was on a creature... except thy create really weird colour pie bends when they go on a player x) I had the choice of putting either the true colour of the effect or embrace the weirdness of the colour pie strong bend that it created. Obvisouly I went for the fun choice >.<

    a. BLUE's players with flying can only be attacked by creatures with flying is the weirdest because that's not part of any colour's part of the colour pie. It's anthetical to GREEN's ability to have "Creatures with flying can't attack you" like Sandwurm's Convergence . Maybe blue is actually the right colour but there's really no precedent.

    b. BLACK's player's with deathtouch is basically "destroy creatures that dealt damage to you this turn" and is very white.

    c. RED's player with first strike is basically "deals damage to attacking creature" which is also a very white effect.

    d. GREEN's player fighting creature is basically "Deal N damage to a creature, you lose life equal to its tougness" which I believe would be a black card.
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/sheoldreds-chosen?list=set&set=31654

    Though I have no clue how to put the image on here, here's one I made recently. Sheoldred above all others!
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    @ningyounk I like the concept, but I think the execution is slightly flawed. It doesn't flow with existing magic cards. Rather than give a player power or toughness, just work in the means existing cards do. Such as ....

    image image

    Also if you are going have it equip on a player, make so you could equip it on a planeswalker or player instead to give something existing artifacts don't already do.

  • @shadow123

    Oh, why thank you! I'll be sure to check that soon and edit my post when I can. :)
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    Here's two
  • @ningyounk I absolutely love Persona Equipment!
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