A Blast From The Past Part 2

Strangely enough the part 1 was closed before the next could begin so I will be doing each one in a separate thread. For anyone new here is the general information:

The challenge is this: I will randomly select a set from magics past and it is your job to create a card from that set, but new, shiny and (hopefully) better. Please follow the usual rules and try to use proper formatting. You will have 2 weeks to make your card and I am allowing 2 submissions per person.

1st-4 favourites and a follow or 6 favourites of your choice
2nd- 3 favourites of your choice
3rd- 2 favourites of your choice

Now let's get smithing!

The next set is the first set, what else but Alpha!

http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?set=[Limited Edition Alpha]


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    Weird. Here are my entries:

    Ancestral Insight is based on Ancestral Recall, but it has an ante component.

    image image

    Boman's Jet is based on the dexterity aspect of Chaos Orb.

    image image


  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/time-vault-1
    It's actually a nerf, but additional turns are just too good to even play with the idea of buffing.
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    Original mox/ New version

    image image

    Original Air Elemental / New Version

    image image

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    @Bobman111 that link didnt work for me when i tried it for gatherer.wizards.com

    Here is my entry:

  • @bobman111 do you want me to post the cards that my cards are based on, or is it evident?
  • @Scott_Anderson it would help to have the original
  • @bobman111 I have updated my post, above, to show the Alpha cards I used as inspiration.
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    No pun is too cringeworthy for Kalam Mekhar, Humorous Pundit (there's another one...)

    A question: should I change it to "whenever ... is dealt damage by any source, that source's controller sacrifices a land". Then it would be less abusable and I can buff its stats a bit.
  • @KalamMekhar If it were a real card the sacrificing would make it much less busted. That way they can sacrifice a basic instead of losing their dual land just because that creature took damage.
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    @Bobman111: I could also leave it the way it is; if it's meant for Alpha, it's brokenness will make it fit right in. Also changing it might make it less dingusy (to borrow a term from @Scott_Anderson ).

    On a less jokey note, the newer wording would also prevent you from abusing it by pinging it yourself with Forked Bolt and the like. My one issue is that saccing a land feels less red and more black.
  • Also, a question. How exactly are you evaluating this? Do you want us to make cards that would fit into Alpha, or just Alpha inspired cards?
  • @KalamMekhar It is meant to be alpha inspired. But if you want to take the time to make something that would fit into alpha, be my guest.
  • I'd gone with a Dingus Omelette myself heh.
  • Second Entry
  • I had to do Dingus egg with Demonic Horde
  • you're all big dinguses!
  • Look for the Speed BUMP!

  • @Lastjustice and everyone else who participated in this. Unfortunately I will be stopping this here as some pressing personal matters have made it impossibe to run a contest. As thanks for your participation you will all be receiving 1 favorite.

    My humblest apologies,
    The Hydra King
  • Sorry here that @Bobman111. I had fun coming up with cards for both your blast from the past. Thanks for hosting what you could. I hope whatever situation you're facing resolves in a desirable manner. Best of Luck to you.
  • @Bobman111 may I suggest my friend @TemurGideon to guest judge for you until this contests scheduked end date to save the contest? He's relatively new to the forums but his knowledge in oldschool magic the gathering vast, he and I talked he said if your willing to have him take over since he hasnt participated as a contestant yet that he would set up his own scoring system on how he judges the entries. Please tag him here to let him know. When is the end date?
  • Hi, friend-os! I am the dread TemurGideon! Beware my wise and just judgement!
  • @TemurGideon I would be absolutely happy to have you judge this contest. You have my blessing. The end date can be whenever the new judge decides.
  • The new end date is July 12th, a Thursday, and my criteria has been decided.

    Inspiration- If I think a card could have been reasonably inspired by the Alpha card posted, you get a rating.
    Balance- I have two criteria here: Balance as compared to Alpha Constructed and Commander. So there will be two scores.
    Cool Factor- If I think the card is cool, it gets a score. Highest total score per Cardsmith determines ranking, unless a cardsmith has only posted 1 card, whence it will be rated an additional 80% of base score.
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