Lickety Split!

Hello fellow cardsmiths and welcome to my Lickety Split contest! Lets quickly cut to the chase!

I would like to see you guys come up with 'split second' cards but with a key word not normally found on cards with split second (for example a split second card with overload.) The keyword can be custom even if you wish!

Here is an example for you guys:


Here are the rules:

1) Maximum of 5 entries per cardsmith, you are allowed to pull submissions or edit submissions, but make them count!
2) All types of cards allowed. If you can think of different ways to use split second, then go for it! (This rule has been edited from only allowing instants and sorceries.)
3) Credit the artist name please.
4) Only new entries please. If you have a card that qualifies that was made on or after june 1st 2018 it counts as new towards this contest!
5) No magic the gathering art, especially art already used on split second cards.
6) Submissions due by Monday, June 18th 2018.

Here are the prizes:

3rd place recieves 3 favorites from me and gets to pick 1 honorable mention.
2nd place recieves 4 favorites of their choice for me to favorite and gets to pick 1 honorable mention.
1st place recieves 5 favorites of their choice for me to favorite and gets to pick an honorable mention.

Each honorable mention gets a favorite on their card and a favorite of their choice.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be mentioned in the Hall of Fame as well!

Now quit sittin' and get to cardsmithin' :)


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