Legendary Tribal Instants with Partner **Circuit Challenge**

About a month ago, I suggested that @MTGCardsmith add Legendary Instants, Legendary Tribal Artifacts, Legendary Tribal Enchantments, Legendary Tribal Sorceries, and Legendary Tribal Instants. On April 24th, they obliged! With the introduction of these new card types, tons new possibilities were created... and then pretty much nothing was done with them. It's about time we change that!

Right now, there is no in-game meaning for Legendary Tribal Instant/Sorcery. Theoretically, the "tribal" card type could be used as a rules modifier, like the "Legendary" card type on Legendary Sorceries. Here is what I have come up with:

(You may cast a legendary tribal instant/sorcery only if you control a planeswalker, legendary creature, or SUBTYPE OF SPELL.)

This new rule should become our new standard for making Legendary tribal spells. That's why this contest exists. However, I recognize that there isn't a whole lot of design space for this new mechanic. So, I will be using some of Maro's new "batching" technology to include my new noncreature partner card rules!


Partner for Noncreature Permanents:
Partner with CARDNAME (When this permanent enters the battlefield, target player may put CARDNAME into their hand from their library, then shuffle.)

(This is a keyword triggered ability)

Partner for Instants and Sorceries:
Partner with CARDNAME (Target player may put CARDNAME into their hand from their library, then shuffle.)

(This is a Keyword action)

Yeah, sure, it's a bit weird to have the same mechanic work differently depending on whether it's attached to a permanent or a spell, but, it works.

First Place - 1 Circuit Point and 5 Favorites and 1 Month Premium Features!!
Second Place - 3/4 Point and 3 Favorites
Third Place - 1/2 Circuit Point and 3 Favorites
Honorable Mention - 1/4 Circuit Point and 1 Favorite
(I'm not ripping off the Flash Contests at all here...)

Rules and Regulations
1. Cards should be new.
2. Cards must either be Legendary Tribal Instants/Sorceries or have Partner With.
3. Legendary Tribal Instants/Sorceries must use my Tribal Legendary Spells Rule.
4. Partner Pairs do not need to include 2 noncreature cards, although they should include at least 1.
5. You don't actually have to make a Legendary Tribal Instant with Partner if you don't want to.
6. Maximum Entries: 6. 1 Legendary Tribal Instant (LTI), 1 Legendary Tribal sorcery(LTS), and 2 noncreature partner pairs.
7. If an LTI or LTS is one of the partners, it counts as a partner, not a Legendary Spell entry.

End date: June 21st, 2018.

Any useful resorces?
This for uploading card images and this for forum coding.

Good Luck!



  • I'll enter soon. Love this idea!
  • Amazing bidoof card, @KrampisZman! I'm throwing my weight behind this contest (and these fantastic cards) and also awarding first place a free month of Premium Features!
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    I was actually suggesting people partner sorcery or instants in my contest related to mirrored pairings, you took that and ran with it.

    Anyways here's my first entry!

    image image

  • @mtgcardsmith Wow, thank you!!
  • @KrampisZman how many entries are allowed?
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    Here is mine! I went group hug for this one while also revealing my new mechanic, Invaluable!

    image image

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    Here are my entries!


    With the planeswalker I could not put partner so it is shoved in the first slot of the walker. Also, there are a few grammar mistakes in addition. Hopefully that will not matter.
  • @bnew07 I updated the rules to include an entry cap. 1 Legendary Tribal Spell of each type without partner, and 2 partner pairs, resulting in six total entries.

    I would like everyone making partners to remember that both halves of the spell should be playable without the need for the other. For example, @TenebrisNemo entered a pair of really cool cards, but Moonlit feast is just much worse if you're playing it before Maiko. If you look at the official partner pairs, neither partner is just "worse" if it's played first. It doesn't matter if you play Soulblade corrupter or Soulblade renewer first- playing them in either order is good no matter what.
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    Here's some ideas that came to mind as I read this. And, just for a little clarification, I chose human tribal's as ghoulcallers exist. Makes them more useful I would say.

    (Also, here's what graf does - https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/graf)
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    Not sure how well costed the abilities are, but here's a couple of lands with partner that can work well together if your deck (or decks, in 2HG) are built the right way.

    Disclaimer: I realise I have used the old shuffle wording on one and the new wording on the other. Will repair soon.

    Disclaimer 2: I appear to have cut off target player's hand in Lone Lighthouse. I will stitch it back immediately.
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    I'll start off simple and flavorful:



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    First Entry Creature with Creature
  • Second Entry Land with Creature
  • Third Entry Creature and Tribal Sorcery - The creature is not legendary for a reason of power, but there is still three legendary Treefolk.
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    image image

    (Notice that Captain's ability is worded so that it will make sense in formats with or without teammates.)
  • Fourth Entry Creature and Tribal Instant
  • Fifth Entry Instant and Enchantment
  • Last Entry Tribal Sorcery
  • @Faiths_Guide I mean, you could just word the Captain "your team controls" (as in a 1v1 or Free for all match your team still counts you, with or without a teammate), but that wording works too.

    @WickedShadow196 Cool entries!
  • @KrampisZman
    Yes, but formats without teams don't allude to them.
  • @Faiths_Guide ah, I see, so you designed it so that it could fit into the context of a set whether it includes 2HG support or not. Makes sense.
  • I honestly like these challenges because it gives me something to make besides planeswalkers.
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