Possible Blog/Newsletter

I've wanted to write more lately and I really love Magic so if I made a blog/newsletter would any of you be interested? What sort of things should go into it? Where should I post it? I'm still hammering out details obviously but I'd like to gauge general interest.


  • Keeping updated on cards that are banned in commander/edh format can be tricky, but it'd be nice to see something keeping up with that in that style of play along with other formats, so I guess that is somewhere to start!
  • @East2West what I mean is that there is stuff that keeps up on it, but nothing here, and it'd be a lot more convenient to find it in one place.
  • @sorinjace
    So you mean you'd want to see the posts go out on Cardsmith with a focus on commander?
  • only for people who actually would want it of course because not everyone plays commander/edh. i'd be interested in it though!
  • Should I just release it under Off-Topic Chat?
  • I believe so @East2West. When did you want to start it?
  • @sorinjace Soonish. I'm trying to plan this around some trips so it's variable rn.
  • Cool ok give me a heads up.
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