Summer Cartoon Challenge

When I first got on mtgcardsmith, some of my 1st cards was Masters of the Universe cards. I deleted them a long time ago lol but i had fun making them when I first made them!

If you like cartoons this may be the right contest for you. If cartoons arent your thing, thats ok take the challenge and try to drop an entry! Its all in fun, not everything must be super serious all the time. Thats why i created this challenge. Fellow cardsmiths, I present to you the

Summer Cartoon Challenge!!

1)New or old cards allowed. Editing is allowed.
2)No limit on entries at any time during the duration of this discussion throughout the summer.
3)Cards can be any type of card but has to be themed around a cartoon featured during that week.
4) Spotlight Friendly! I will spotlight cool cards that fit each week as well to move the contest along. New and old cards can be spotlighted and each card you spotlight also earns you 1 'toon' point! (my spotlights wont count as well, just using for fun and bumps.) When you spotlight, please tag the cards cardsmith so they get recognition for their work.
5) Not everyone is hip to your favorite cartoons. Please specify what cartoons your entries are for.
6) As long as there was a cartoon made of entries and/or requests, it qualifies (for example you might say Batman. Yes Batman is everywhere but has at least 1 cartoon made so it qualifies.)
7) NO BROAD REQUESTS. If you say for example "FOX" or "DISNEY" it wont count as a request. You need to be specific.
8) Cartoon requests/entries can be of movies they dont have to be just tv shows.
9) Max of 3 requests for the summer please. Anything more and it will count towards the playoffs in september. First come first serve!

This week the 3 cartoons you get to choose from are:
1) Masters of the Universe
2) The Simpsons
3) Animaniacs

Example card:

Masters of the Universe



To all of you that may be new to the forums, welcome! Here is an example of a spotlighted card:

Fixing It by @9zap:

The Simpsons


The cartoon options will change weekly. Each week there will be 3 cartoons to pick from. Dont be afraid to speak up! If you want a favorite cartoon of yours to be included in this contest, post it here or send me a pm. Chances are great i will include it in the following week or asap depending on amount of requests.

Prizes will be usual favorites, follows, i am keeping track of entries as well. Each card entry earns you 1 'toon' point. At the end of each week there will be a 1st place winner whom receives an additional 'toon' point. Depending on amount of entries that week there may be more points awarded for a 2nd and 3rd place contestant. At the end of each Summer Cartoon Challenge Week I will post standings on here.

At the end of summer there will be a match-up playoff challenge for the top cardsmiths and there will be secret prizes awarded to winners of the playoffs, stay tuned!

I'll drop cards time to time as well that won't count towards the contest, I just want in on the fun as well. XD

Over time i wont be able to edit the rules. If any changes need to be made later they may be posted in the discussion itself.

Oh yes, almost forgot. Happy cardsmithing! - sorinjace :)


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