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  • @Sorinjace ,You should probably jam Transformers into this contest at some point.
  • Its on the schedule @Lastjustice! Go check it out
  • Ok, I glanced and didn't see it. I still have my Transformers Lunch box from when I was a kid. It's what I carry my magic cards in. People periodically offer me money, like what would I put my cards in then? It's the perfect size for a couple decks, whatever dice and junk i carry, and something everyone knows belongs to me at the shop.
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    Lol thats cool @Lastjustice. I wish I had my metal Masters of the Universe lunchbox from back when I was a kid (amongst other long gone things I've lost over the years.) Theres a funny story to me and that lunchbox too. I cant believe i still remember this and I have no idea why i did what i did or what provoked me to do this. But when i was in line from recess in 1st grade coming back in they would line us up on the blacktop before going back inside. For some reason i took my lunchbox and smacked the kid in front of me upside the head with it! (He was facing forward) I dont mean to laugh but what the hell did i do that for? Anyways i kid you not the next year was the year the lunch boxes was all plastic they was selling at stores and they stopped making mass production of metal lunch boxes available to most stores, so when I got the plastic lunchbox i remember thinking this sucks compared to the metal ones lol. I always felt like it was my fault they took the 'cooler' metal lunch boxes away. Soooo yeah. Im not violent at all so i have no idea why i did what i did. Im actually upset that i ever did that!
  • You aren't the only kid I've heard use one that way , so probably happened alot to point someone thought, these things need be made out of something softer. My Transformers lunch box is plastic, but it's study enough for what I need as it lasted this long.
  • New week! @bnew07 this means you lol sorry im just excited to see new batman cards from ya.

    This week its batman, thundercats, and fat albert.
  • Fat albert! Yay
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    @Dechujoh64 and @TemurGideon: "Thundercats Hooooo!"
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    the cartoons I watched when I was little were rescue rangers (by far my favorite), carebears, duck tails, tail spin, x-men, and tiny toons.

    My three picks for recommendations would be then...
    Rescue Rangers
    Tail Spin
  • @saveria201 you got it! I loved Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers. Sadly, I'm old enough to remember the nes game when it was new. (I'm 36) I had it and I used to love picking up items using the rangers in the game. It was a fun game. Wonder if there is a mobile app version of it...? lol.
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    The producers wanted NBC to bring Fat Albert to Saturday mornings, but the network programming managers refused because the series was too educational.

    Bill Cosby and a new production company, Filmation Associates, then took the property to CBS. The Fat Albert gang's character images were primarily created by the artist Randy Hollar with the assistance of one-time Disney animator Michelle McKinney, under the direction of Ken Brown.

  • @Scott_Anderson There was a punk/hardcore band that was out in the early 2000's that was named Mushmouth after this famous character, just thought I'd add that.
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    Summer Cartoons Challenge Schedule has been updated and moved to the most recent page of the contest! :)
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    @Lastjustice post 3 favorite requests for week 1
    @TemurGideon post 2 favorite requests for week 1
    @Scott_Anderson post 1 favorite request for week 1

    Please check out the updates on the Summer Cartoons Challenge Contest above this comment, there have been some updates!

    For week 2:
    @TemurGideon post 3 favorites requests for week 2
    @JoeMoose post 2 favorites requests for week 2
    @Ragamander post 2 favorites requests for week 2

    Reminder, you have 1 week from the ending of the week you participated in to claim your 'toon' favorites requests. If you do not request for the favorites during that week, they expire. Like coupons. And we don't like it when we find coupons that could have been used on great things like Arby's or Subway or Burger King expiring. So please get them in!

    Week 1 is expunged from this ruling as the ruling just came up during week 3.

    (Hey @Dechujoh64! Where's your entries? lol @bnew07 that goes for you too! I know you got new Batman cards you are hiding from us all... ;) Just kiddin. No but seriously. drop your cards here, foos!)

    **Just a side note that this rule in the contest of how many favorites I can issue weekly is to follow the guidelines the good mods/fellow cardsmiths of mtgcardsmiths have set up for us all.**
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    snarf snarf!
  • @Sorinjace here's 3 cards to favorite since you want that resolved. (I understand, juggling my own contest with several people still pending....which you are one of them!!)
  • @Lastjustice ah! lol ok how many requests am I allowed to ask for? Its for the mirrored pairs contest correct? That was a hard challenge for me.
  • Well you got a favorite for 10th place. (No dishonorable mentions @Dechujoh64 heh)
  • @Lastjustice The reason why I don't like honorable mentions are when I've had and HM on here #1 I don't know where I placed and I would like to know. #2 Some people when they put them there just grab cards upon which one was the most recently put before the end so I would be in 4th place but be put last in line in the HM's. That grinds my gears.
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    cool. ok so if that is just one than favorite whatever you'd like of my cards I make today:)
  • I am inspired to make Batman villains. Like so.

    image image
  • Sweet entries @JoeMoose!
  • My Batman Entries:

    Gadgets, a new artifact subtype and deploy a new keyword action:

    Assorted Other Cards

    A sidekick and a villain

    ...And the Dark Knight himself

    Batman has a very clear color identity. He is white/blue because he is a hero who fights for the greater good and uses knowledge, forensics, and every discipline known to man to do it. However, to his enemies he has a black persona, embodying the terror the night. I designed my Batman card to reflect that.

  • hell yes thank you for the submissions @bnew07! :)
  • Batman is black. He is a psychopath that hunts other psychopaths. Maybe red, because he was emotionally destroyed as a child.

    Nah, I'm just trolling ya, good job
  • @sorinjace We need:
    Spongebob Squarepants
    Our Cartoon President
    Star Trek: The Animated Series
    Star Wars Rebels
    Star Wars: The Clone Wars
    Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Anime series
    South Park

    And, since we seem to like DC comics...

  • @KrampisZman you got it my man! I'll update the schedule to include your requests give me a few minutes! :)
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    @KrampisZman updated the schedule check it out when you get time, and please make a submission during that period for your requests thank you for checking this contest out! :)

    (Just as an additional thought for everyone checking this contest out:each participating cardsmith gets 3 cartoons to pick from during the summer until the schedule is filled. At this time there are 2 spots left to fill, I will take one of my choices down and move it to the playoffs time to make it fair for the next interested cardsmith. Anything over 3 choices will be allowed during playoffs! I try to spread the cartoons out throughout the summer so everyone gets a fair shot at a cartoon they enjoy. If you have a request for a certain week and it is open or it swaps weeks with another request you already have submitted, post a comment here about it and tag me so I can see what you are asking for. Thanks again guys!)
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    Some suggestion:

    Fate/stay night
    Fate/Grand Order
    Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA
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